What is One Funnel Away Challenge? Can You Do It?

What is One Funnel Away Challenge? Can You Do It?

What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?  Can You Do It?

Darn Straight you can!!!…it’s A new frigging year anything is possible!


as a new affiliate marketer if you are a total newbie this is probably the best place to begin as an affiliate marketer,

you pay $100 to join BUT!  which you get it back with your very first sign up!

that’s correct, if it’s FREE you won’t respect it, you won’t put the effort into it, so yea, show that you mean it, put your money where your mouth is…$100 smackaroos!

now when you recruit your very first affiliate, you will get $100…made your money back 100%

interested and want to do something different for 2021?  CLICK HERE 

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What is One Funnel Away Challenge? Can You Do It?

What is Click Funnels bootcamp?

Click Funnels Bootcamp is training new affiliate marketers over a period of 100 days on:

How to promote the One Funnel Away Challenge by teaching   

How to create leads

– A lead is when someone shows interest in your business or store,

and they give you their email address so that you can let them know of any sales, discounts or promotions, or new items in your business or on your website/blog.

How to create funnels

– a Funnel is when someone shows an interest in your business and you have a system in place to educate and guide them through the purchasing process,

from the entry of the funnel to the purchasing of the final product within the funnel, a funnel may have from two to as many complimentary items as you wish.

How to use e-mail marketing

– the Bootcamp teaches you how to collect email leads, and the process of scripting and sending emails to your prospects.

these are just some of merely some of what is taught in the Bootcamp,  AND they also show you how to recruit with their  Click Funnels Bootcamp!

so you are new to affiliate marketing and want someone to also mentor and train you as well? the One Funnel Away would be the best start,

if you are new to email marketing, read more on two of the best email platforms currently on the market CLICK HERE

How to drive traffic

– driving traffic to your funnels, promotions, and offers is practically one of the most important aspects of the Click Funnels bootcamp training,

One of the best things about the affiliate boot camp is that the skills and principles that you learn, you can literally apply to any other affiliate network,

so you won’t be stuck only promoting Click Funnels, BUT! Click Funnels is so exciting and the commissions are so great, that you may not want to promote on other platforms,

but that’s up to you, so if you choose you can also apply to other affiliate networks and promote many other products in any niche whether,

health, sweepstakes, finance, etc using the methods you learned at Click Funnels Bootcamp.


In-Depth tutorials by proven top Super-Affiliates

What is One Funnel Away Challenge? Can You Do It?

the complete Click Funnels Bootcamp can easily sell for over $2,000 with the amount proven top affiliates (15) sharing their in-depth strategies,

on how they use Click Funnels, how they get traffic, generate leads, promote to their leads, and much more

Ok, let’s get to it, this Bootcamp is NOT for slackers, we don’t want you, you’re NOT welcomed! I BEG YOU…all slackers STAY AWAY!

not to be harsh, but if you are determined you will push through when things get tough, the Bootcamp will try to hold you accountable for your projects,

but in the end, your success is still up to you and how determined you are to change your current situation, to increase your sales, to increase your clients.

this Bootcamp is for new affiliates, persons who are learning affiliate marketing, persons who want to scale their own business,

and persons who want to learn how to build and create funnels right through to the launching of your very own affiliate funnel,

with the affiliate Bootcamp each day you get a new video via email coaching and showing you your next step ahead, and how to go about it –

heads up – if you miss any of the live classes these videos go into the Click Funnels bootcamp video library for you to watch later.

What you Get For $100 Investment

What is One Funnel Away Challenge? Can You Do It?

you get to leave that job you HATE! and your backstabbing co-workers in your farts!

you also get:

30 Days of Missions/assignments

30 Days of Coaching from Stephen Larsen (Millionaire) and Julie Stoian (another Millionaire)

One Funnel Away customized kit (30 Day plan)


(1) 30 Days Hardcover book

(2) MP 3 player

(3) A Physical copy of the challenge workbook

(4) Unlimited access to 30 Days interviews

(5) Behind the scenes two coma club interviews with affiliates turned Millionaires

(6) To virtually rub elbows and get advice from millionaires who once were where you are right now!

(7) Live training sessions 3 days per week with their experts.

these are not all the benefits which are GREAT! but there’s more on the sales page Sign Up Here

“How would you like us to hold you by the hands as you launch your first funnel or the next one”


honestly guys I don’t fancy this very much, while you Do get the guidance, and you DO get coaching,

and yes they Do hold you accountable for daily projects like creating a Facebook group for your own affiliates,

which they are going to teach you how to recruit and train them how to capture leads, create funnels, and convert traffic, maybe I’m just skeptical,

but DO NOT go looking for anyone to do your assignments for you!!!….try and make mistakes,

all your mistakes will profit you!…know this, that is how you will learn much faster,

having a group of millionaires and 6 and 7 figures people willing to help and assist you does not mean they are at your beck and call! period!

ok, guys don’t say Cenantha didn’t tell you this! I just did! so my best advice,

whatever is giving you trouble or stress try to fix it first, then google or youtube it,

Then ask someone also the best part is that Click Funnels has hundreds of videos on their dashboard to trouble-shoot most common issues.


Shopify image

If you have a Shopify or Woo-commerce store and sales are dead or stagnant, or just doesn’t surpass $1,000 max daily?

learn to build and create funnels to sell your products faster and quicker using these funnels,

by focusing on your targeted customers or visitors and guiding them through the entire purchasing process,

without distractions of other products in the store increasing store sales, and totally scaling your Shopify store,

Russel Bronson personify funnels as the best salesman or woman in a store when you have a Shopify or a Woo-commerce store,

the funnel does the selling for you, it nurtures your prospective customers,

guiding them through the process of what they need from the time they enter the funnel unto the payment page,

AND!!….it doesn’t stop there NO!…it goes further and suggests matching or complementary items that will goes well with their initial purchase!!

for example with a print on demand Shopify store if the funnel is designed to sell Tee-shirts when the customer buys the tee-shirt the funnel will further suggest matching leggings,

sneakers, hat, tote bag, etc. at discounted prices if you choose, or at two for one special,

whatever your creative mind can design your funnel to do it can be done! so are you ready??

are you ready to scale that SHOPIFY print on demand store? for only $100?? will the profits be worth it?

if your funnel only sells 5 items will that cover your investment of $100? bearing in mind that a funnel is a virtual sales machine?

only you can know…only you can decide…

If you have any questions feel free to message me through my contact page, or in the comments below, I try to answer all questions.

Frequently asked questions

Image of Frequently asked questions

(1) Do you need to know programming or coding?

No,  you do not, you may be required to do very small bits of coding but don’t worry it’s very minimal,

and may only be required to do to connect two marketing platforms, such as a Shopify store and a shipping app

or another example would be connecting Click Funnels to a separate e-mail autoresponder rather than the email autoresponder already built into Click Funnels.

you would simply need to copy and paste an API code from Shopify into the shipping app or copy and paste an API code from Click Funnels to the external e-mail autoresponder the process should be simple this is what an API code looks like:  API: 4d5d7d55&%d5hg-/*  this code is all you may need to copy and paste.

(2) How do I get traffic to my products, store, or affiliate offer?

No need to worry, this is covered in the Free Bootcamp, they will teach you step-by-step all you need to know from the beginning to the final launch of your Funnels.

(3) I am a coach/mentor/consultant,  how does this help me?

this One Funnel Away Challenge will help you by not only niching down on your prospective customers who show interest,

but it will also show you different ways to capture leads interested in what you have to offer.

and once they are in your funnel, the funnel will walk them through all their questions and hesitations step by step to the final purchase,

doing what a funnel does – sell your products for you saving you time to concentrate on other business strategies, or simply other things.

(4) Who is The One Funnel Away Challenge Suitable For?

the One Funnel Away Challenge is suitable for everyone, the Bootcamp teaches you all you need to know from the top affiliates who have years of affiliate marketing experience under their belt, who are willing to teach you their different methods of in-depth strategies of how they became top affiliates, FREE…you are not going to find this anywhere else on the internet, if you do please let me know in the comments.


In this post What is One Funnel Away Challenge? Can You Do It? I hope to cover at least most of the questions and concerns the average Joe/Jane may have,

if they are considering beginning affiliate marketing or if they are already into affiliate marketing and ready to step up their game!

so just to give you another run-down of the One Funnel Away Challenge, and who can do it, it’s for the Newbies as well as those who are already into affiliate marketing

but want to learn different Strategies from the Top Super Affiliates who have made 6 and 7 figures into the millions doing affiliate marketing.

Personally,  I never know anything, that’s my approach to new things,  because even though I do know how to do something this particular way,

someone may teach me to do it a better and easier way saving me time, money, and resources, thus my approach to learning new things.

Here is a link to give Newbies a better understanding of what affiliate marketing is CLICK HERE

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