What is E-Mail Marketing and How to Make it Work for You (2021)

What is E-Mail Marketing and How to Make it Work for You (2021)

How to Grow your E-mail list

Do you want the complete formula for what is E-Mail marketing and how to make it work for you?? (2021)

how to make money from email marketing?… how to get email subscribers?? AND…how to grow your email list??

Keep reading for everything you want to know to about what is E-Mail Marketing and how to make it work for you,

all you need to know to maintain an email list and keep it monitized and much more!.. LET’S GET STARTED!!!

There are so many different ways to grow your e-mail list,  below are not only methods on how to grow your e-mail list,

but also what is email marketing and it’s benefits to you, benefits I am sure you will find are sweet enough to get you determined to give email marketing your all,

as the benefits of email marketing are really great ROI’s (return on investments) this is one of THE best methods on how to make money online.

Did you know having a personal email list converts significantly better than social media ads?

Yup!…for every $1 you spend on email marketing, the average return exceeds $38

Source: blogs.constantcontact.com

Yes, my friend, email marketing results in much higher conversion rates, they are high-quality warm traffic, which derives a higher profit per lead,

What is an E-mail list?

An email list also known as leads is the process of collecting e-mails from persons who visit your blog, website, or landing page,

who has a specific interest in your niche offers, products, or services.

Ooh yes, if you didn’t know it before… ya do now, those newsletters, free e-books, and digital downloads you so gleefully signed up for was a method of collecting your email to market to you in the future.

Did you know, one of the easiest ways to start affiliate marketing is by doing email marketing? it sure is,

Here are #15 benefits to give you motivation:

#15 Benefits of E-mail Marketing

  1. It helps you to build a personal yet professional relationship with customers, they get to know you, like and trust you and your brand, your specialty, and commitment to what you promote which increases conversions.
  2. Reach an already engaged audience. Your e-mail list is created by persons who opted in to being marketed by you and are already familiar with you and your brand.
  3. Email marketing drives revenue, and traffic to your blog, website, or landing page increasing conversions to your affiliate promotions and offers.
  4. It is great for taking advantage of impulse shoppers.
  5. With good and decent product promotions to the correctly targeted email marketing leads will yield high conversions.
  6. It has a much higher rate of conversion, up to $38 for every dollar spent – a whopping 3,800% ROI. source: Hubspot.com
  7. It enables a fast checkout process
  8. The audience is already warm and engaged leading to high conversions.
  9. The audience is targeted rather than broad spending costs on ad spend and marketing.
  10. More economical than using paid ads, PPC, and CPC.
  11. Email marketing is easy to get started, with no startup costs, especially with free entry into platforms such as ConvertKit and AWeber.
  12. Immediate Cash in hand, it has been known that once you have a great email list, within moments of sending out an email blast you can start seeing recipients purchasing or taking advantage of whatever sales, promotions, or offers sent.
  13. You own your own targeted audience and contact list.
  14. It can be used to generate traffic to your website or blog upon new releases.
  15. You can view, tweak, and collect feedback on what is working or what is not in your open rate sent to improve conversions in the future.

Which are the Best E-mail Marketing Platforms?


ConvertKit image
AWeber image







Two of the best email marketing providers on the market at the moment are ConvertKit and AWeber,

they both offer a free platform for new customers and affiliates to try out their services and get accustomed to the new platform

before they commit to subscribing for the monthly periods, isn’t that great?

Both of these platforms offers great features as well as great prices, and the best part – along with using their great services,

you can also be an affiliate for their platform at great commissions rates as well.

 Features of ConvertKit E-mail marketing provider

  • Unlimited landing pages and forms
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Send email broadcasts
  • Customizable domain
  • Automated funnels and email sequences
  • Premium support
  • Subscriber tagging
  • Free courses on emailing

Their monthly prices start at $29 per month

To test out ConvertKit free trial click here:

convertkit sign up image

Features of AWeber E-mail marketing provider

  • Create and send newsletters
  • Email automation
  • RSS to email
  • Drag-and-drop email builder
  • 100s of email templates
  • HTML emails
  • Dynamic content
  • AMP emails
  • Hosted broadcast archive
  • Thousands of professional images
  • Email Split testing
  • Behavioral automation
  • Branded click-tracking links

AWeber also has a free plan, and their monthly plan starts from $16.50

But only for 500 subscribers

If you mean business get their monthly plan here:

Aweber sign up image and link

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How to Make Money with E-mail Marketing

What is E-Mail Marketing and How to Make it Work for You (2021)

  1. Sell your own digital product, ebooks, printables, and digital products related to the targeted niche subscribers.
  2. Upsells, and cross-sells eg. Selling one product and offering a complimentary item that is more expensive or cross-selling buy one get the other at a discounted rate.
  3. Offer coaching/consulting or classes to your subscribers.
  4. Affiliate marketing selling and promoting digital products and services for a percentage commission of the cost, to subscribers in the related niche market.
  5. Rent or sell your email list on Udemi and solo, some people collect targeted leads in certain niche markets and sell to customers looking for email lists in those related fields.
  6. Promote your email provider either ConvertKit or AWeber to your list and teach them how to use it as well as how to promote the said provider to others for a commission.
  7. Sell advertising space on your email campaigns, the ads can be in a related field.

How to Grow your E-mail List

How to grow your email list and how to get email subscribers is not an exact science, it just takes a bit of skill, knowledge and charm,

here are some strategies to assist you in beginning your email journey to collecting and growing your email list below.

  1. Contests, giveaways, sweepstakes, and freebies can lead to engagement rates of up to 5.8% and conversions of almost 34%. Email marketing on its own yields a much higher rate of returns, so adding contests, giveaways and sweepstakes are like adding rocket fuel to regular Boeing planes, profits and ROI skyrocket! source: campaignmonitor.com
  2. The first and most important thing to growing your email list is creating great content that your audience will love, this is a sure way to increase your email list.
  3. Segment your lists, separating your subscribers demographically by age, jobs, location, gender, and such will definitely assist with your emails and promotions being more targeted, thereby increasing conversions.
  4. Exit-intent pop-up.
  5. Create compelling offers in exchange for their emails and ensure you deliver on what you promise.
  6. Guest blogging on other websites with a call to action to sign up for your new letters or marketing campaign.
  7. Social proof, include visitors and customers’ reviews on your website.
  8. How to – do – Videos, converts a whopping 85% more than regular text. Create how-to-do videos that are relevant to your targeted subscribers and use or exchange for email leads. For example, create a How – to do video teaching how to grow your email list.
  9. Placing more than one call to action on your blog or website, increasing the chances of lead capture.
  10. Asking website visitors for feedback, most visitors will gladly contribute asking you to write on particular topics and giving thoughts on what enjoyed about your posts.
  11. Social media posting and promotions, posting about your brand and services regularly to social media, offering helpful information to assist will also create a following.
  12. Build conversion-focused landing pages – for the sole purpose of collecting targeted and specific leads, they can be segmented accordingly in your emailing platform, this increased conversions, open rates, fewer spam reports, etc.

How to Maintain an E-mail List

  1. Keep a routine of days and times when you send out emails whether on certain days or a couple of days per week, also select a particular day to clean up your email list, meaning to remove those persons who have unsubscribed and inactive email addresses, some people do this once per month others once every 3 months on scheduled times, if you notice an increase in bounce rates that a sure sign to clean your list. Some of the processes are to remove invalid emails, remove double email addresses, delete emails with hard bounces, you will get to know when is best for you and your business to attend these matters. This will reduce high bounce rates for you and your email service platform. This can be done effectively using an email verifier tool, there are many to choose from which are effective.
  2. Use double Optin to ensure subscribers are sure they want to be added to the email list to receive newsletters and freebies, this serves to ensure you get the right kind of leads, that the email address is valid.
  3. Make it easy for your subscribers to be able to unsubscribe, if they no longer wish to receive email from you simply make it easy for both parties also they can block you or mark your emails as spam.
  4. Keep your list of subscribers segmented, that way you will ensure greater conversion by sending the right offers and promotions to a more targeted audience. Communication is key!
  5. Send emails regularly to maintain a presence in the mind of your subscribers.

#7 Signs to Clean Your E-mail List

What is email marketing with a dirty list huh?…my friend you might as well cuff yourself in the face!!

it will be better than to THINK you are an email marketer and operating with a dirty list. READ THIS!!  AND CHECK IT TWICE!


  • When you see a much higher than usual increase in bounce rates.
  • When you have a very low open rate, this means subscribers are no longer interested in your offers or promotions.
  • High increase in spam reports
  • When your Click Through Rate is much lower than usual.
  • When you get a high rate of hard bounces of email, hard bounces are when the email is blocked by the client, the domain name no longer exists,
  • the email address doesn’t exist or typo’s in the email addresses.
  • When you have lots of spammy email addresses that look like this:

popeye@yahoo.com,  kde#sa*/3@gmail.com,  nope@gmail.com

Benefits of a Cleaned E-mail List

  1. Fewer spam reports
  2. Increased open rates
  3. Increased click-through rates, follow-through of Call To Action (CTA)
  4. Saves money by reducing the cost of sending to spam and uninterested subscribers, depending on whether your platform by the number of subscribers.
  5. Improved data, and a more accurate showing of how your marketing strategies are performing.
  6. Gives you a better sender reputation with your marketing platform, as high spam and undeliverability rate damages your reputation and send your emails to spam folder.
  7. Increased conversions as your list will be more targeted

Benefits of Segmenting Your E-mail List


It will do you well to segment your email subscribers list no matter how many they are! you really do not want email subscribers sleeping on your list,

this can cost you a pretty penny, it can cost you your good reputation with your email providers, it can also cause your emails to get DUMPED into the spam folder!

I hope you understand now when I tell you to segment those lists even if they are only 50 subscribers.

To give you a better understanding of segmenting your list think of when you come home from shopping and you have the groceries to unpack,

the milk and cheese for the fridge, the cereals and jams for cupboards the meats for the freezer, you get the drift right?…same thing with segmenting your email lists,

you want demographics such as age, countries, engagement level and gender segmented,

because they all shop differently and you want your target audience to be aligned with the right offers and promotions.

so some of the benefits of a segmented email list are:

  1. Relevance – by segmenting your list helps you to send out more relevant and targeted emails to your audience.
  2. Upsells and Cross-sells -Move persons who already converted into a different section of the list, so you can offer them upsells and cross-sells.
  3. Email marketers who segments their list notices as much as 760% increase in profits.
  4. Increased opened rates as the call to action and headlines will be more targeted.
  5. Increased engagement with your audience, as your emails will be more accurate to their needs and wants.
  6. Decrease your spam
  7. Decrease your undeliverables
  8. Decrease your unopened rates
  9. Decrease your unsubscribed rates
  10. Highly targeted Audience
  11. Higher increase in conversions

How to Get E-mail Addresses of Businesses?

There are some apps made to crawl websites and extract hidden emails, personal home addresses, telephone numbers, and such.

Email hunter is one that is popular for that purpose, the app has some great features that complement each other as well such as:

Email Finder – to and find email addresses from CEOs, managers, and other heads of companies that are not made public.

Email Verifier – Used to verify that the emails you found or clean your subscribers list.

Mail Tracker – Used to confirm whether or not the emails you are sending are delivered and it also notifies you when they are opened.

This is a great way to track your open rate percentage.

Google Sheets – Also used to directly download and organize your results.

Chrome and Firefox extensions – this is awesome, when you visit a website and would like to know the email address of the owner of the site,

hunter with chrome extension or Firefox will track that down for you wow! It can extract names, job titles email addresses, social media profiles, etc.

These are just a few of the features of email Hunter you can check them out here and for the moment they are seemingly free to sign up.

Here’s also a video showing you how to use E-mail Hunter.

How Many E-mail Subscribers do you Need to Make Money?

This question is neither here nor there, meaning if you only have 50 subscribers on your email list and they are good leads from a targeted audience your conversions can still be good,

you can very well get 20 out of those 50 subscribers to convert (buy) depending on the price you are charging and the benefits of the offer,

let’s say $30 per offer and no upsells that’s $30×20 = $600 and this is only for 20 people out of the 50 subscribers!!

– providing you understand your audience and they are targeted for your niche and promotional offer.

Remember if your audience, as well as subscribers, know, like, and trust you, they convert even better,

this will even give you a much-increased percentage of conversion if they are familiar with you and your brand.

Ps. Make sure all your leads are targeted to your specific niche, thing is… once you know how to make money with email marketing,

the number of subscribers on your list won’t matter…not at all.


what is email marketing? Having a well-targeted and clean E-mail list is any affiliate marketer as well as any email marketer’s gold mine!!

always remember your GOAL is to relieve your subscriber’s pain points, relieve their stress and save them time and resources,

make life easier for them with your promotions and offers and they will convert like magic! Only then you will see the benefits of email marketing,

I hope you realize this is how to make money with email marketing, by helping your subscribers,  if you sold them a great offer or product before,

they are very likely to purchase from you again. this post covers a great deal concerning email marketing, surely the basics and everything from what is email marketing,

how to grow your email list, lots of benefits of an email list, how to make money with email marketing, keeping your email list clean and even how to clean your email list,

this post “What is E-Mail Marketing and How to Make it Work for You (2021) ” I feel was very in-depth and very insightful please let me know in the comments if you loved it and what you think of it as I really hope you found it helpful let me know in the comments below, give me a shout out. thanks for passing through I appreciate it.


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