What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Start

What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Start

 (What is Affiliate Marketing & How to Start)

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Why Affiliate Marketing? Because…it can be done from anywhere in the whole wide world!

All you need is an internet and a laptop, also….it’s passive income mostly, and…it pays very well, you don’t need a degree,

it can be done as a teenager or at age 90 whether you are able-bodied or disabled.

Once your mind and hands are functional you can do it!

*Disclosure: This blog may contain sponsored content and affiliate links, which pays a commission, at no additional cost to buyers*


Ok guys this post is focused on showing as much as possible all the affiliate marketing basics that you need to know to begin making money online,

Is it really as good and simple to make money off affiliate marketing as people say? The short answer is yes,

but ONLY if you work hard & play it smart.

Despite the fact affiliate marketing is called a ‘get rich quick scheme’ it is NOT!!.

HOWEVER, if you do succeed – it can serve as a sweet passive income which will earn money

for you when you are cooking for the family, out with the family,

Or even when you sleep, it can be very profitable, and addicting as it consists of setting up funnels, email marketing,

affiliate links and doing a series or a process of things in place then leave it,

only checking on it periodically to see it’s progress and how much you have made so far.

This article will only answer some of your questions, as this is such a wide topic,

but it will serve as a great guide for learning

what is affiliate marketing and how to start for beginners.

most affiliate networks will ask for a website, if you don’t already have one,

see here how to get started for less than $100 bucks!  Start here

check your free domain name at Bluehost here

*Disclosure: This blog may contain sponsored content and affiliate links, which pays a commission, at no additional cost to buyers*

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work?

Affiliate marketing is basically the promotion of other people’s products or services for a commission, in essence,

you are helping them to sell not only their product but MORE of their products and services.

First and foremost, it is important to know the role you play and who you will be,

Who is the Publisher

An affiliate marketer is known to marketing networks as the publisher

Your role is to promote the products and create sales for commissions.

Who is the Advertiser

An advertiser is the owner of a product or service, a company or business, for example, coca-cola is the advertiser and you the affiliate marketer is the publisher,

you will promote and make public coco-cola drinks and get a commission for the sales.

Affiliate Network

Intermediates between the Advertisers and Publishers.

Types of Affiliate Networks

Some of the most popular affiliate networks are:


View the images below showing how to sign up for Maxbounty,

Step (1)


Step (2)


What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Start

Step (3)

Step three of how to sign up to Maxbounty, What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Start

Step (4)

Step 4 of how to sign up to Maxbounty, What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Start

this is one of the most popular Cost Per Action/CPA affiliate networks, this network has great quality affiliate offers in every possible niche,

and works as an intermediateary between advertisers and publishers, the company was founded in 2004 by two brothers,

the company vett each applicant to ensure they are using the correct means to promote their products,

there are many ways to promote you can use a good blog giving a review of the product,

or you can also promote via a Facebook group/Facebook page, Pinterest, e-mail marketing, and many other ways.

below are some of the offers on the Maxbounty platform:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Surveys
  • Finance
  • Email submits
  • Biz-opp
  • Real estate and home improvement
  • Dating
  • Mobile subscriptions

these are just a few there are many more, promoting Maxbounty products is a good place for beginners to start.

Click Bank

Here is a video on how to sign up to Click Bank below

– would you believe there are over 6 million publishers on Click bank?  over 200 million customers globally and over 270 product categories? wow… you can sign up as a vendor/advertiser or an affiliate/publisher if you follow #11  easy steps to create an ebook and want to have an affiliate promote and sell it for you,

Click bank would be one of those places you can do that, it’s a great place to sell low-cost digital products,

almost any and everything can be sold on click bank, apps, tutorials, games, and templates click here for more information.

In short yes,  you can make a killing on the network.


see the below video of how to sign up for JVZoo

– this platform facilitates over 9 million products! Similar to Click bank you can also sell as an affiliate or an advertiser on this JVZoo,

although they seem to have a greater focus on digital products, JVZoo usually charges 5% of advertisers/vendors sales,

if you want to publish products from this platform and you find a product you like make sure it doesn’t have a high refund rate,

that’s very likely a bad product, research reviews of the product and how it is doing on the market first.

what I really like about JVZoo is that they have their own academy teaching the users of its platform how to make money online, using the platform.

Commission Junction 

this platform paid out over 100 million dollars last year to affiliate marketers….they’re making a killing over there!

commission junction doesn’t offer training or much support but they have thousands of offers, so it’s best to sign up here when you get the hang of what you are doing,

you have to apply in order to be approved before you can promote, most offers want qualified affiliates to promote their offers on verified up standing platforms,

so when you sign up they ask questions like how many products you have promoted before? how do you intend to promote their products and such.

below are some screenshots of the process to apply to commission Junction

Step (1)

How to sign up to Commission Junction

Here you can choose whether you are an advertiser (aka company) or publisher (aka affiliate) remember I gave the difference above, chose publishers here is the next step below

Step (2)

how to sign up to Commission Junction step by step process, What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Start

fill out this step go to your email and verify then you will come to this page below

Step (3)

What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Start

*note if you do not click on the blue links the “accept agreement ” will not be clickable.

Step (4)

Final step in how to sign up to Commission Junction step by step process, What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Start

great! this is your final step to sign up to Commission Junction, go make some moolah!

There are hundreds so these are just a few, affiliates make a killing with these platforms, many raking in 6 and 7 figures yearly!

just by promoting other people’s stuff.

Affiliate Marketing is a concept wrapped around the idea of revenue sharing.

In simple words, affiliate marketing is a type of performance or commission-based marketing where you promote a company or person’s product or service

and get paid a cut if they make a sale through you.

Today affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing strategies with 15% of the entire digital media advertising revenue linked to it.

It’s a great way to sell products and services, without having to make the product or handle customer support which is pretty sweet if you ask me!

Affiliate marketing is booming and pretty much everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. Statistics show that by 2022,

business spending on affiliate marketing is estimated to reach $8.2 billion in the U.S alone.

Now that you probably have an understanding of what affiliate marketing is, let’s get a clearer picture of how it works.

Once you’ve established that you want to venture into affiliate marketing, you need to choose a network and a product that you truly believe in.

The network will give you a unique link. A distinctive link is necessary as it allows the network to track how many sales you made and then will pay you accordingly.

There are independent tools that allow you to track your own progress as well, which tells you how many people clicked on your link,

how many conversions were made, and even your estimated sales.

Start By Choosing a Network


you want to know what is affiliate marketing and how to start, the first thing to do is to choose a network, after choosing from one of the many networks,

sign up and decide on what niche you would like to promote, whether health,

fitness, weight loss, lifestyle…there are so many categories to choose from, it all depends on which niche you want to promote in,

after choosing a niche, find a product you like, even do some research on it, google the product reviews, youtube it as well

see how popular it is, then get and use your unique link for the product from the network to promote it using one of these channels

your unique link will look like this    >>         https://www.maxbountyuniquelink?cf_affiliate_id=g80f8l9&affiliate_id=4801271

research shows that people will much rather click on an attractive customized link rather than a long unattractive link,

like this, for example,     >>    https://www.maxbounty/pet toys,

or red shoes, customized to the name of the product you were selling, some of the tools used to customized affiliate links are called link shorteners,

such as Bitly, TinyURL, Rebrandly, or Pretty links, Pretty Links is a very popular affiliate plugin for managing many affiliate links right from your WordPress dashboard,

here are their prices below, there is a FREE version that works quite well for newbies with only a few links, but when you are ready to rumble,  you may need a paid plan

image of Pretty links prices

Have you decided on how to promote your affiliate link?  Whether via social media, advertising network, Blog, landing page, or YouTube channel?

it’s time to choose and decide the channels you need to advertise your link and which one you feel most comfortable with,

now remember to focus on one and master it, do not be jumping around from one form of advertising to another like punka! choose one and stick to it…ok!

Advertising  Network


You need to pick an advertising network where you can create a following of a niche audience in order to promote the product you choose.

This step depends entirely on where you think you can create a large enough audience and where you think you’ll be able to find your target audience.

Your choice of platforms doesn’t have to be restricted and you always have the option of maneuvering and finding out what works best.

There are many different networks an affiliate can use to advertise their products and banners to their landing pages, blog, funnel, webinar, or signup forms.

Some free advertising platforms are

Social media (if you have a great following)


Search traffic

Some paid advertising platforms are:

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per View (PPV)

Native ads

Email marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Banner advertising

Social media

Tracking Network

Sign up for a tracking network as well, a tracking network is used to manage and track all of your unique affiliate links,

they show when and how many conversions a particular link has,

and where that traffic came from, affiliate tracking tools are used by both affiliates as well as advertisers,

to give each other peace of mind that no shaving is happening on either side,

what is Shaving? in essence thieving…this can happen when an affiliate sends for example 100 conversions,

but some networks do shaving as a precaution not to overpay so they may set their tracking tools to record 90% rather than the full 100% also,

to be fair some affiliates also send illicit traffic or traffic from there the advertiser said not to use.

Pick a Niche

For newbies – a niche is your target market, it can be to teenage boys who like x-boxes, or to persons who loves dogs – but more specifically a particular breed of dogs would be a better-targeted niche, a better target market, like persons who loves golden retrievers or pugs for example, please let me know in the comments if you understand.

Your choice of niche ideally should be something that you have some prior knowledge about and are passionate about.

However, you also want to pick something more specific and relatively uncommon, as there is a considerable amount of competition out there.

Create Exciting Content

This is the most important role you can play in order to ensure that you are able to draw the maximum amount of traffic and spark interest in your product.

So whether you are using a blog or a landing page makes it attractive, and of great content adding value to the lives of your visitors or customers.

You need to create content that focuses on providing value, some bonuses, maybe some freebies first, THEN selling,

which in return will help establish credibility (so that readers buy from you) and also will help to scale your blog landing page, or Facebook ad,

whichever platform you choose to promote your product,  You also need to make sure that the content you publish stands out from the crowd & is interesting to read.

Consider writing in a conversational tone to draw more engagement.

REMEMBER, everyone hates desperate salesmen so don’t be pushy offer great value and bonuses and customers and clients will seek you out,

when including affiliate links in your content, make sure to only include them if they fit in naturally and are not forced, you want your content to floow

Take Actions to Drive Traffic


Once you’ve created excellent content, landing page, or marketing campaign you need to drive your niche traffic and the right demographics to your promotion.

The right demographic and target niche will not magically find your products, hence make sure to spend more time on marketing than publishing content.

Here are some #6 common ways through which you can drive traffic to your affiliate landing pages or blog posts.

1. Paid Traffic

You can generate paid traffic through pay-per-click ads (PPC).  This is a paid way of boosting traffic to your web pages with affiliate links.

Make sure to only invest in platforms where you believe your target audience is. The best part about pads ads that you only pay for the times your ad was clicked on.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a relatively cheap and effective way to draw traffic to your affiliate link and promote your products.

Through e-mail marketing, you can send your affiliate e-mail promotions to a large number of people along with building a relationship with new and old customers.

For an in-depth review of the top e-mail marketing platforms Click Here

3. SEO

Search engine optimization is probably the most cost-efficient way to drive traffic to your affiliate link, landing page, blog or promotion product.

SEO is using a google search engine to optimize keywords in your affiliate links and content to gain organic (free) targeted traffic,

as this type of traffic is search traffic, which means people are specifically searching for what you have to offer,

they literally typed into the search engine asking Google to provide them with a particular answer and because your content was optimized with keywords,

Google’s algorithm your page came up on the list to choose from.

4. Social Media

Using popular social media platforms are an excellent way to promote and bring light to your affiliate link.

Instagram alone has 1 billion users. Imagine the number of people you could reach and that the amount of traffic you could draw if you promote your affiliate link on social media.

However, initially, you will have to make an effort in order to build a following and a loyal audience.

5. Webinars

By simply going live you can do wonders for the members of your audience. You can simply host a webinar on Facebook,

YouTube, or any other platform and simply talk about your product.  You can even interact with your audience, answer all their queries, and build a relationship with them.

Source: 99firms.com

60% of webinars are geared to creating loyal customers, and communication webinars have a conversion rate of 67.05%

6. YouTube Channel

Research shows that 50% of consumers research a product on YouTube before they make the purchase,

Affiliate marketers can create a YouTube channel to review the products they are promoting, showing the benefits as well as the cons of the product,

depending on what the product is you can do an open box review, showing how to use the product, this can be a simple way to create awareness about your products and drastically increase sales.

 Encourage Clicks

Start by using CTA – call to action letting people know what to do and where to do it, examples of CTA’s are “shop now” buttons,

“click here” buttons, “sign up”, “fill out this form”, “get your newsletter” etc.

This can be done by strategically placing banners and call to action buttons or links on the top or beginning of the content (above the fold),

so that the likeliness of being clicked increases.

Another method of encouraging clicks are incentives, bonuses and giving away extras, who doesn’t like bonus and extras right?

I sure do, offer me a sale, bonus or extra and you’ve got me hooked! lol…

You can even get creative with callout boxes to draw more attention and increase the chances of getting clicked.

Showing people how they can benefit from a product or affiliate promotion will certainly get them clicking away, after all, it’s to their benefit right?

So whether the product is to better their health, make their lives easier, or improve a current situation they will “get to clicking”

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

There are many benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer, here are a few:

  • Excellent source of passive income

It requires a few hours per day and something you can do on the side to make some extra cash

Many affiliate marketers tend to leave their day job as they get better and doing affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing tends to pay better

and has more freedom and flexibility than a regular job.

  • Easy Entry

Unlike other businesses or ventures, the investment cost is minimal or has a low startup cost

no degree, certificate, or former knowledge to start

Sometimes it’s a simple one-time tutorial cost or a monthly membership to start.

  • Expertise

You don’t need expertise, affiliate marketing is something you learn and get the hang of along the way.

The skill of being able to create interesting and quality content is definitely a bonus but it is most certainly a skill that you can acquire over a period of time.

Another method is as simple as to have someone – a mentor teach you step by step, over a short period of time, or by using video tutorials, zoom, and such.

  • Flexible

Affiliate marketing can be done from your bed in the wee hours of the morning or from your hotel room around the world and you are on vacation or touring,

it has very, very flexible hours, There isn’t a fixed time to do anything, you can take things on and do them at your own pace.

You can switch up niches or platforms and invest your time in something that you thoroughly enjoy and believe in.

You can literally work from anywhere in the world! Once you have a laptop and proper internet connection,

you are good to start making some dollars to pay for your next trip.

  • Fixed automatic payments

payments are usually automatic to PayPal upon each sale or can either be weekly or monthly depending on the platform you are using

Disadvantages of  Affiliate Marketing

  • Time Consuming

Depending on the niche it can take a long time to set up as well as to start seeing an income, say blogging for example.

  • Expensive Tools

Affiliate tools can run expensive on a monthly basis

  • Entry fee can be expensive

some entry fees can be a one-time fee but that one-time fee can run fairly expensive.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Start

(1) What is the definition of Affiliate Marketing?

A process through which a business or advertiser pays a commission to an affiliate/publisher for generating sales or traffic through their marketing efforts.

(2) How do Affiliates get paid?



most times someone is looking to learn what is affiliate marketing and how to start, they are trying to get paid! they’re looking for that extra income,

whether it’s beer money, gas money, or the rent, have no fear being an affiliate especially a successful one will more than cover your lack of income,

many affiliate networks pay via PayPal, Payoneer, or wire transfer,

once you reach a certain threshold of about $50 you will be able to transfer your payments to your bank or Payoneer account and collect it at the bank in your home country or via wire transfer, some networks also send a cheque, contact the respective network support for verification and any questions you may have,

also depending on your country you may have to fill out a W-8BEN form declaring you don’t live in the USA,

and a small percentage of fees will be deducted from your gross income by the network.

Payoneer also offers an affiliate programme, they have a great and secure reputation and they also integrate with Fiverr, Payoneer also sends you a Visa Master Card,

this enables you to be able to withdraw your funds from your bank in your country, to sign up to Payoneer CLICK HERE

Affiliates get paid a commission when their banners, affiliate links, or promotional ads get a conversion. what is a conversion?

a conversion is an action taken on your landing page, blog, or your promotional link. For source: Click Here

The commission rate is different in each program and there are no fixed prices as there are millions of different products and services.

(3) How to be a successful affiliate marketer?


Start by signing up with an affiliate network of your choosing, then sign up with an ad tracking network to track your affiliate links and the number of link clicks,

You can become a successful affiliate marketer by simply creating unique and standout content,

having in-depth knowledge about your products, engage with your audience, and dedicating your time.

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel to become a successful marketer, do what others are doing, especially as a beginner.

(4) Do you need to know programming or coding?

No, for the most part, you do not, you may be required to do very small bits of coding but don’t worry even Gran Gran can do it,

an example of bits of coding you may have to do would be to connect let’s say two software tools, eg. to connect Woocommerce to a print on demand store

you would need to copy and paste an API key from print on demand store over to your Woocommerce and visa versa

so that they can be in sync. an API key is very simple looks like this API: xtrubk8%$J9*@gj4  this is all you will need to copy and paste simple!

#7 Top Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Honestly, in my opinion, there are too many good affiliate marketing platforms for there to be top ones, but there are very popular ones,

these will be a bit more friendly for beginner affiliates:

(1) Amazon Associates


What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing and How to become an Amazon Affiliate?

The Amazon Affiliate Marketing program is also called Amazon Associates and is known to be the web’s largest and popular affiliate marketing program.

The reason for its popularity is the fact that it’s free to join and very user friendly. keep in mind you DO need a website to start as they are going to ask you for your link.

Despite the fact that the commission is much lower than many other affiliate platforms. Amazon is great platform for affiliate marketing for bloggers and beginners to affiliate marketing

To become an Amazon Affiliate you simply need to create your website or blog, build an Amazon Associates profile, and then create Amazon Affiliate links.

to the best of my knowledge right now, anyone can sign-up to the amazon affiliate program, ensure to adhere to their rules and regulations,

upon sign up you have 180 days to create 3 valid sales in order to avoid termination, also to show that you know what you are doing,

finally the site you use will be analyzed you amazon’s specialist for acceptance.

as an amazon affiliate, you will be given a unique link that has tracking data also known as a sticky cookie,

the sticky cookie lets amazon knows that the referral purchase came from you so that Amazon will pay the right person,

this sticky cookie lasts for 24 hours. even if the person showed interest on your site for TVs and ended up purchasing a different item

you will still get the commission on that different item.

for more information on how to do affiliate marketing with amazon Click Here

Image of Amazon' affiliate marketing program

How does the Associates Program work?

You can share products and available programs on Amazon with your audience through customized linking tools and earn money on qualifying purchases and customer actions like signing up for a free trial program. Learn more.

Bloggers, publishers, and content creators with a qualifying website or mobile app can participate in this program. Learn more.

If you are an influencer with an established social media following, learn about the Amazon Influencer Program.
You earn from qualifying purchases and programs through the traffic you drive to Amazon. Commission income for qualifying purchases and programs differ based on product category.

Learn how to do affiliate marketing with amazon CLICK HERE

(2) Click Funnels:

Click Funnels image

what is Click Funnels?

Click Funnels is one of the best platforms for affiliate marketers to build funnels and create landing pages,

it is a website and sales funnel builder for affiliate marketers, bloggers, e-mail marketers, Shopify store owners, Woo-commerce stores,

and basically ALL entrepreneurs, Click Funnels has an affiliate challenge which I think is one of the best affiliate programs out there,

even for newbies, it’s a very popular Challenge called “One Funnel Away Challenge” it teaches you how to create funnels from start to finish,

with this program, you also get free access to Clickfunnel’s affiliate marketing Bootcamp where you are taught from the basic affiliate marketing up to the advanced level

which is to source and collect potential customers (leads) how to build sales funnels, and finally how to market to your leads, 

so they teach you from the beginning to the final launch of your funnel which you create, over the period of 30Days,

whether you want to drive more traffic to your blog, to your Shopify store, or to your affiliate products, they give you assignments to complete each day,

such as setting up your Facebook group for your leads early on, they also hold you accountable for your assignments, making sure you are not left behind,

there is an initial fee of $100 which you earn back when you sign up your very first affiliate…yea that’s great right? 

there isn’t another affiliate network I know of, and there are thousands, that teaches you how to create sales on their networks to help you learn affiliate marketing for beginners,

moreover, the affiliate managers barely want to speak to you or give you an idea! so this is how I am promoting Click Funnels  “One Funnel Away Challenge” in the challenge,

if you are interested you can join here, you don’t need a blog or a website as Click Funnels was built for promotions and you can create a landing page on there,

and it may even look much better than this blog, so I hope I answered any questions about what Click Funnels is all about, give it a test drive… SIGN UP HERE

(3) Aweber:

Image of AWeber Pricing page

Aweber is one of the leading e-mail marketing platforms of today, as a new affiliate they also provide video tutorials of how you can be an affiliate for them, also how to use their marketing tools for your benefit, AWeber also has a free account for newbies who are just testing the waters, Click Here to visit or to sign up with Aweber also Here is a link to a full Aweber review  Click Here

(4) Fiverr



this is a very popular freelance digital market place, which can be used by anyone, but more specifically by content creators, online entrepreneurs, and digital platforms to access almost any and every possible software and digital service imaginable, anyone can sign up to Fiverr and become a seller offering their services, such as graphic design, designing tee-shirts, creating apps, programming, coding, voice-overs, and many other digital products,  you can use the many different freelancer services offered on the marketplace. for more information on Fiverr services CLICK HERE


(4) Shopify


Calling all entrepreneurs!!…using the Shopify app you can set up shop in no time literally!

Shopify allows you to sell digital as well as physical products, and is especially famous for its dropshipping features,

the app easily integrates with print-on-demand platforms such as Printful, Prinitfy, viral style, and many more with the simple exchange of an API key, and that’s it, you’re in business BAABY!

one only con with Shopify is that it takes a few other app add-ons to make running the store easier and less burdensome, such as bulk editing apps,

a must-have if you have a large inventory and a few more to ease your stress levels, such as your all-important shipping station.

Once you get on track it’s sweet sailing! make way cuz’ you comin’ thru!

Shopify has totally changed the average Joe/Jane into millionaires, selling simple products, such as lip gloss, wigs, pet toys, pet beds

also bear in mind you can focus your efforts on a one item store,  just make sure it’s a good niche and set your target audience accordingly and you good-to-go…

Shopify also has a great affiliate program, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

(5) BlueHost


Blue host is one of the world’s largest and popular website hosting platform, great for your WordPress blogs and integrated woo-commerce stores,

it also integrates well with printing platforms to do dropshipping as well, please realize dropshipping can be done with any item or product or even a collaboration with a store,

such as Target below. it is a great platform for all affiliate marketers to use rather than a landing page or if they choose,

they can create an unlimited number of websites and matching domains for their affiliate products and still have landing pages!

Blue Host also offers a great affiliate program to persons wanting to promote the company.

check your free domain name with blue host here:





What is builder all? It is said…well more like a whisper…that Builder All is a better platform than Click Funnels,

while the are very similar and serve the same purpose, Click Funnels is a bit more hype as they’re always doing promotions and boot camps as well,

BUT BuilderAll is not to be left out while they offer more software tools and a more modern dashboard and recently revamp the platform

they also have great promotions, giveaways, and competitions as well such as the one in this image above THESE AWESOME PRIZES ARE FOR AFFILIATES!!!

Builder All has lots of built-in video tutorials and if you are still stuck there is the Builder All Facebook group to ask for assistance,

this group is also very active and helpful with any issues you may have.



(7) ConvertKit

What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Start

When it comes to standout e-mail marketing platforms ConvertKit is definitely up there with the best of them, Neck for neck, it is applauded for its ease of use and simplicity, this platform has some great features for collecting emails and I especially like that it has an “if this” then “do that” feature, ConvertKit has an awesome affiliate program as well as a free account for beginners to get their paws wet.

Industries that offer affiliate marketing programs

This may come as a surprise but the majority of industries and brands offer affiliate programs to be surprised that the majority of industries are deeply involved in affiliate marketing programs. Here is a list of affiliate marketing examples or industries in which affiliate programs are extremely common:

  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Beauty
  • Transportation
  • Insurance
  • Telecom
  • Travel
  • Restaurants
  • And so much more


It’s easy to get lost in the deep wide sea of affiliate marketing, as everyone is trying to create passive income from the comfort of their home,

there are so many different ways and avenues people are trying to learn what is affiliate marketing and how to start it can be overwhelming,

my advice is to get into one niche and master it before thinking of getting into any other niche,

which is easy to get carried away by getting caught up in something else related, …let me know if this has happened to you in the comments,

it can snowball so be careful…

I truly hope this blog was a great educational as well as inspirational read for you, I get lots of questions on how to do affiliate marketing on Amazon,

which is very popular with almost everyone, as well as Click Funnels, they are all popular and more than efficient for your affiliate marketing needs, beginner or not

I think it’s safe to say that affiliate marketing for beginners or experts is one of the easiest and safest ways to make a passive income online,

with just a few basic affiliate marketing skills and you should definitely be able to start with one of the affiliate networks I mentioned above.

remember to follow the legal requirements as an affiliate which is to disclose that you are selling the product or service for a commission,

also, if you have a website that you have an affiliate disclaimer page, but it is best to also put an affiliate disclaimer on your page to make visitors to your site aware that you will gain a small

commission with the referral links and banners. Affiliate marketing for bloggers and others using landing pages should be sure to put this disclaimer on their pages.

If you appreciate the information Kindly Share, comment, and sign up for more great posts on affiliate marketing, thank you

There are also unlimited tips & information about affiliate marketing, which will make your endeavor easier and high yielding.

If you have any questions feel free to message me through my contact page, or in the comments below, I try to answer all questions.


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