Top #11 Proven Lead Magnets That Boost Digital Sales

Top #11 Proven Lead Magnets That Boost Digital Sales

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Are you struggling to generate leads for your business? Do you have massive traffic on your website and yet no sales to match your audience with your marketing attempts?

You are not alone. These top #11 proven lead magnets that boost digital sales will surely give you some take-away ideas, let me know in the comments,

many digital marketers and business owners face these same challenges. But this will be your last time having such worries.

I will provide viable solutions to your marketing problems with our proven lead generation strategies.

As a digital marketer, you may even think of yourself as having great knowledge of digital marketing and enough experience to pull through most of your marketing challenges.

So, why you are still on the failing side of business lead generation?

Obviously, you’re doing it the wrong way!  You have to look quickly and critically into this to avoid further loss of resources, time, and efforts on marketing.

What then should you do?

I suggest that you need a lead magnet, and maybe a better understanding of how to create one that suits your business.

This is because it is not all about creating lead magnets. Rather, you will want to see your marketing baits catch the right preys.

You need an audience that is interested in your offers and promotions, your audience should be targeted, specific.

Now, let’s get to it!

What Are Lead Magnets?

Lead magnets refer to effective strategic techniques you can use to gain a viable prospect’s contact information.

These techniques helps you to reach out to your audience with your products, offers, and promotions at will.

Lead magnets work on the principles of no free lunch – “something for something” so you better step–up your game and deliver something unique and valuable,

that your audiences want in exchange for their contact information.

At the very least, you will be getting the prospects’ email. Both parties win.

still wanna know what is a lead magnet? …The best way to think of a lead magnet is that you are a little salesman with your funnel,

ushering people from the online space into your store.

Remember that people are more likely to come into your store if you are offering them a freebie. This is exactly it!

How To Create Lead Magnets

The best strategy on how to create a lead magnet, first start by creating a list of lead magnet ideas best suited for your blog or website,

by this, I mean making sure it correlates with what the blog offers and promotes,

secondly, it must be something that you think is valuable and that you will charge at least $50 bucks for, minimum, think…whether your choice is popular or trending,

then it’s a good choice, unique is good too but popular means everyone is familiar and would easily exchange their email for your offer.

It will definitely provide you with qualified and targeted leads, this is what will provide great benefits for you in terms of an increase in your sales and conversions.

how to create a lead magnet that will pull in conversions also depends greatly on traffic, if you have the best lead magnets and no traffic you are still dead in the water my friend!

Done For You Lead Magnets

These refer to third-party websites that do the heavy lifting in a short period of time for you, you give the specifications of what you would like to a freelancer or agency,

and someone will create it for you, these are items such as e-books, printables, instructional or How-to videos,

done for you lead magnets saves you a lot of time and resources as you would have the work done by free-lancer most likely on or

How To Convert Website Visitors Into Leads

 First and foremost, each visitor to your site should be targeted, because of your niche and what you are catering to that particular niche,

So converting your offers into leads then becomes so much easier because each visitor on your blog or website is targeted,

and therefore correlates to your lead magnet making them ready to convert into leads.

like many blogs and business owners, you may also have the challenge of converting your website visitors to leads.

I personally have been there, and heard many of the same complaints and I’m baffled by the simple details people are omitting that put them in this situation.

Rather than go into the problems, we will prefer to focus on the solutions.

Here are a list of things to do to turn your website visitors to leads.

 Use Call-to-Action Effectively

Make sure to place more than one call to action on your website in different strategic areas, this will definitely increase your conversion rate,

You need to make your CTA visible for web visitors to access. Also, ensure that it leads directly to the resources or freebie you are offering your audience through the lead magnet.

You can read more on how to create an effective CTA at

  Use a High-Converting Landing Page

You need a high converting landing page if your website visitors must be converted into leads.

Landing pages are used as guides to guide each lead to follow the call to actions,  they are attractive and has content that will appeal to the lead’s psychology,

using colors, sex appeal, material possessions, are only some of the strategies which all depend on the purpose of the offer.

But you have to be very professional in doing so. You can read more from this at

Create a “Thank You” Page

The rule of the game is quite simple. Whoever delves more in the psychology of the audiences wins.

Appreciation is one of the ways you could use to delve into almost anyone’s psychology.

This, therefore, has to be an essential part of your website. You can design your lead magnet opt-in in such a way that when someone subscribes,

they will receive a  “Thank You” page as well as their download product, before officially adding them to your mailing list.

Construct Kickback E-mail

A kickback email is a follow-up message to your leads a short while after website visitors have shared their contact information with you.

You have just started what we refer to as an email marketing campaign. It is meant to begin conversation with leads to keep them engaged with you.

The untold reality is that all the content on your website has the reality to add new leads for your company.

But, you have to understand how you can turn your website into a lead-generating machine with the right strategies, tools, and techniques.

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Top #11 Proven and Effective Lead Magnets

Top #11 Proven Lead Magnets That Boost Digital Sales

I intend to support your digital business and grow its audience base significantly. I also wish to inspire you to generate the best of viable leads for your business.

That said, I will not leave you with just a few words of explanation on what lead magnets are alone.

but rather also nourish you with an elaborate range of lead magnet examples that can be used to grow your business.

I did some research and therefore created a list of #11 proven and effective lead magnets that boost your digital sales.

Emails and Newsletters

Most popular, effective and first thing that comes to mind, I would have loved to separate these two and discuss them differently but they seem almost inseparable in this case.

Newsletters are usually sent via emails. You have most likely received one this week.

That is to show you how important it is to marketers. Although some people say it sucks, newsletters wouldn’t stop bursting such myths,

with massive lead generation and impressive marketing performance.

Email newsletters have a much higher engagement rate than other digital marketing channels. With reference to leads,

email is considered to be 40 times more effective to acquire new customers on frontline social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Emails also drive more conversion than search engines. What about returns on investment? Marketers have reported up to 760 percent in revenues from segmented campaigns.

Like wow!…for real??


Printables being used as lead magnets are the new internet craze,

they are actionable, tangible, and can very well keep your lead motivated,

in your product or offer, at the very least it acts as a reminder of your brand while offline.

Case Study

Depending on your line of business, case studies can be a really good lead magnet for massive sales boost.

This rides on the assumption that people love to see how good and effective something works before spending the cash.

Using the case study approach, you will want to be giving your audience important details about your offers.

You could also have actionable guides on certain features of your products, exemplifying how it works.

If you are in an industry where people are interested in how things work step-by-step, this is the lead magnet for you.

If you want to create a lead magnet that wows your audience, check this online resource for essential guides.

Demonstration videos

Videos sell period…much like case studies, whether the videos are how-to do’s, informative, instructional, or demo videos, the conversion percentage is very high.

This is effective especially if you have interesting services you want your audience to know about.

The trick here is to simply ask your audience for their emails in order to watch your video.

Some companies also use this strategy to inform their audience of the pricing information.

Demo videos basically make great lead magnets because they help you to explain how your products and services solve time and efficiency products to your prospects.

They could as well know the value they will be getting for their money from here.

Free Consultation Offer

Top #11 Proven Lead Magnets That Boost Digital Sales

There is no argument about the fact that people love freebies. Some people also actually get freebies so to have a better feel of what your products and services are actually like.

You, therefore, have to give quality when you are giving freebies.

A free consultation is a type of freebie that could be used as a lead magnet especially for professional service providers.

Law, real estate, finance, and business consulting firms are a few of the long list of companies that are using this technique to generate leads.

It helps to convert the audience to sales almost immediately if you impress.


This is perhaps the most used lead magnet technique. This is so good because you will be giving your audience a highly valuable chunk of information using this approach.

It could however be very difficult to use considering that a lot of researches sometimes go into your subject matters.

This combined with the rigors of writing or expenses associated with it when you are not a professional writer could be discouraging.

But if you can pull through all obstacles, it has proven to be very useful and effective as a lead magnet.

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Webinars allow people to see you as an expert in your field and increase your online authority in your niche,

online conferences, live podcasts, and webinars are emerging as real lead magnet deals.

They are mostly live events your audience may well want to subscribe to because of the benefits they think they may derive from participation.

You will be offering this service for free or almost. You will however ensure that your audience gets to sign up with you stating their email for marketing concerns.

It is that simple!

Webinars are not to be underestimated in lead generation at all! A study has reported that the average conversion rate of their webinar’s landing page is 51 percent.

Out of these statistics, 36 percent of registrants viewed the event live, 54 percent saw the recorded version and 19 percent of attendees joined a product demo at the end of the webinar.

This summarized how useful webinars could be as lead magnets.

Online courses

If you are selling goods or services in a field where people are looking to learn new things, free online courses are a good choice of lead magnet.

If you are selling digital products or delivering online services, online courses explaining the details of offers and other vital information about your product is a good way to generate viable leads. These leads work well and transmit to sales greatly because it is non-intrusive.

This means that only the people that are interested in your products and services would likely subscribe to your free courses.

There could be different levels of technicalities in using free online courses as a lead magnet.

Here is however something to guide you through.

Template/Checklist Resources

This is an actionable type of lead magnet that can be used for any type of business.

The checklist could be any kind of document including a spreadsheet sharing vital data with your audiences.

For example, you can create a checklist of repairs as an automobile company.

This will contain details telling your audience what value they should expect for the amount spent on their service if they were to take their vehicle to a garage.

This can also be done with blogs and websites, offering an SEO checklist to assist you with your blogging and ranking on Google SERPs.

You would however only share this information in exchange for your audiences’ contacts. This will help you reach them back easily with targeting and retargeting.

Cookbooks and recipes

If you run a restaurant or similar venture, there are chances your audience and prospect want to try out a few dishes similar to what your brand offers in their homes.

Enticing them with cookbooks and recipes will not be a bad idea. This is not to mean that you should release your unique recipes and secret sauces!

If you do so, you will be losing your market. You could only line up a few lines of common recipes and offer to give audiences for free in exchange for their email.

Lead magnet does nothing more than this. It positions your brand in the face of interested audiences such that your leads can be converted to sales.

If you are unsure of how to go about this, you can always get writer and designers for your cookbooks and recipes on fiverr.

Online quizzes/Games/Challenges

Finally, this last one of these top #11 proven lead magnets that boost digital sales is somewhat new and has been impressing with lead results. It is equally an entertaining,

educational, and emotional way to get lead subjects for your company.

You will basically create questions, online games or challenges to be solved by audiences.

The height is in the part where you will ask your prospects to release their contact information before being able to see the results of their performance.

This is a strategy used by Facebook and other platforms to harvest the details of their users.

It is simple, can be technical, but definitely brings lead generation results through participation. You can learn how to use quizzes to generate leads here.

All these are proven ways with which leads could be harvested and easily converted to sales across several industries.

You can implement this strategy as well to gain more leads, and an interactive audience, thus, increasing conversions.

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