How to get traffic to your blog like crazy!

How to Write a Blog that Converts Like Crazy!

Make your blog work for you

Here’s how to write a blog converts

Many companies balk at the idea of investing in a blog. Unfortunately, blog posts are no longer optional for any business that wants an online presence.

it’s a must! So how to write a blog that converts like crazy? In my best experience, you need the right kind of traffic,

targeted traffic yields the highest conversions, just as hand in gloves go together

As you’re trying to plan out your blog, here are a few things to keep in mind.

here are a combination of strategies to show you how to get conversions on your blog or website, at least 2 X times the amount of traffic to your blog, website or affiliate offers.

Define what a conversion means to you

A conversion, loosely defined, is an action taken by a buyer (or potential buyer). it can be a download, fill out a form, or survey

Call-To-Actions and purchases are the most common kinds of conversions on a website or blog.

along with landing pages, blog posts, and lead forms are the most popular kinds of conversions in the affiliate marketers world.

A conversion can be whatever you need it to be – so long as it involves an action taken on your website by visitors.


*Disclosure: This blog may contain sponsored content and affiliate links, which pays a commission, at no additional cost to buyers*


Step one should be deciding what action you’re hoping the audience will take. Do you want them to spend more time on your website?

Do you want them to continue reading your blog? Do you want them to download a resource? Do you want them to check out your products or services?

Once you decide the action you want them to take, you can plan on how to write a blog that converts accordingly.

Seed Keywords for SEO

How to Write a Blog that Converts Like Crazy!

Before you invest in blogging, whether it be time or money, you should have your keyword list ready.

The primary function of keywords is to drive traffic via Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and keyword lists are the foundation of your SEO.

Use a tool such as LongTailPro and spend some time building your keyword list. Ideally,

you should have a list of your top 10 keywords, and a list of 50-100 extended keywords.

Use your top 10 keywords, and some of your extended keywords, to put together an editorial calendar for your blog posts.

Two to four blogs a month is an ideal minimum, but the more content, the better.

Then, as you’re writing your blog post, choose 3-5 keywords to focus on. Work these keywords in naturally through the article.

If you need help, consider reaching out to a digital marketing agency that specializes in high-performing content.

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Keyword Strategy

So you have decided on your top 10 keywords, great!  strategic placement of your chosen keywords throughout your post is crucial to SEO,

here are some 6 tips on how to place them in your blog post

  1. Your main keyword should definitely be in the title use (Heading 1)
  2. Meta title and Meta description
  3. Your keyword should also be in the first paragraph
  4. Your Url
  5. Your image ALT Tag
  6. Finally, your keywords should be strategically integrated throughout your content, remember keyword stuffing will ironically work against you.

Advertising your Blog

How to Write a Blog that Converts Like Crazy!

There will be no conversions on your blog without advertising…none! nada!…writing a blog post with all the bells and whistles, clean and filled with great valuable content that millions of people will looove, is crap without advertising!…. I said it! personal experience.

I mean online “every single thing” IS advertising no matter what it is I personally learned this the HARD WAY

Ads are the wind in your sails,  whether you pay for it (traffic)  or it pays you (Commissions, purchases, conversions ) either way!… so let’s chat about it.

Types of advertising

Display Ads

Here is an example of a display ad below:

The three most popular display ads are Banners, pop-ups, and landing pages, these kinds of ads don’t show up in search results,

these ads are mostly used by affiliate marketers and publishers, and can be found on websites and social media platforms,

they are used to redirect visitors to offers and products or in this case your website or blog.

These ads have a 73% rate of conversions, so advertising your blog with display ads will definitely increase your conversions.

Most display ads are charged on a CPC (cost per click) basis meaning the advertiser pays a certain amount (estimated) per click according to the advertising budget.

How to implement your blog in a display ad, well you can do this by using the image or images relating to your main topic on the particular page you want to drive traffic to.

Native Ads

Native ads are completely opposite to banner ads, they do not jump out at you like banner ads, they are inconspicuous like ninjas! Lol

Native ads are what I like to call camouflage-style ads, they’re there but you don’t see them unless you are looking for them,

It takes a trained eye to notice a native ad as the name relates, the ad itself is seamlessly integrated into the content on the website,

how to write a blog that converts like crazy!


Here’s a list of #9 Pay Per Click ads, these are used when you place your ads using an advertising network such as

  • Facebook, Bing,
  • Google ads,
  • Revcontent
  • twitter
  • BuySellAds
  • AdRoll
  • AdBlade
  • Bidvertiser

PPC and CPC are similar but don’t get it twisted, they are NOT the same!

Here is the difference explained, Pay Per Click is definite, you WILL pay $0.50 per click but Cost Per Click is estimated you MAY pay $0.50 per click or there about.

So providing you want to advertise your blog post with one of these advertising agencies you will have a better idea of the difference.

Hope this helps you understand the difference. 

Social Media

How to Write a Blog that Converts Like Crazy!

The big fish!…who is not on social media these days right?  Facebook is the Biggest social media network worldwide!

it had over 2.7B active users this first quarter of 2020 alone!

Let’s imagine a bit here…let’s say 500 thousand of these visitors saw your website monthly,

researched statistics show that the average website has a bounce rate of 30-70% at the maximum that still leaves 350,000 visitors,

out of this amount 30-60% are merely browsers, so 60% of 350,000 visitors brings us to 210,000 eyeballs to your blog monthly right?

so guys out of this amount the conversion rate is only 1-5% max, so to have a minimum of 2,100 visitors convert on your blog you can still eat!

you have to know how to write a blog that converts like crazy! so that when you get these 2,100 visitors to your site,

you will be able to provide the exact service or product they are looking for at that time.

there’s an infographic showing these stats. in the first image on this page.

Using some form of social media for advertising and sharing your brand is definitely going to get conversions for the blogs you write.

especially as people become more familiar with what you have to offer and your brand.

Facebook provides just the right strategies for targeted audience and similar audience who would be interested in what you have to offer on your website or blog,

so that your ads will reach the right people who already show an interest in your website or promotions.

I can sure eat with that, how about you? Let me know in the comments guys

Let’s hear it… not only for advertising in general but for social media advertising!

Instagram is owned by Facebook, so you can choose to show your Facebook ads on Instagram simultaneously as well.

Thing is guys, with advertising you continually have to pay for website visitors, so advertising while building your SEO simultaneously is advised.

This is where Pinterest and social media plays a crucial role in monetizing your blog with free traffic.


How to Write a Blog that Converts Like Crazy!

I am going to say this once, Pinterest converts,

bloggers looove Pinterest, because it works for them, by driving lots of organic traffic to their site,

This social media network, recorded 416 million active users this year, hello…that’s a lot of users and potential visitors to your blog,

Another word for organic traffic?… freeeee! Lol….there’s a knack to leveraging Pinterest to your advantage,

posting on scheduled times daily, posting vertical images rather than horizontal and such.

Remember Pinterest is an image-based social media platform, so it’s all about the pinnable images, and infographics,

remember the graph I shared with you above about visuals, people are 185% times more likely to interact with visuals, (view full chart above) great info.

Visuals, infographics and conversions practically go hand in hand, and this is what Pinterest provides.

By linking images back to your products on your websites, where they can read a more in-depth article about the product and this creates conversions on your blog.

Steps to set up Pinterest Boards

  • If you have a personal account, log out
  • Create your business account (opens in a new window)
  • Click Add a free business account
  • Click Get started
  • Follow the prompts to create your business account:
  • Click the edit icon to add your profile picture
  • Enter your business name
  • Add your website, if you have one
  • Select your Country/region
  • Select your Language
  • Click Next
  • Select one of the options from the drop-down menu for the focus of your business, then click Next
  • Select what type of business you are, then click Next
  • Select Yes or No if you do or don’t want to run ads or select I’m not sure yet
  • Click Next
  • Choose to Create a Pin, grow your audience, showcase your brand, or click the cancel icon to go to your Pinterest business profile
  • This setup guide is taken from the Pinterest help center.

Pinterest Link here

Best Advertising Strategies

For blogging, I would say the best advertising strategies would be to use PPC or CPC banner ads while simultaneously building your organic ads on Pinterest,

and also using SEO and keyword strategies so that your headlines can show up in search results.

this is my personal opinion on the best advertising strategies for creating conversions on your blog.

Cheapest Advertising Strategies

The cheapest advertising strategy is getting organic traffic (free) to your website or blog, this is done via ranking your blog using great valuable content and keywords strategies,

Leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, this takes a few months to a year to accomplish successfully so actually I call it the patient strategy.

Make Your Blog Easier to Read

How to Write a Blog that Converts Like Crazy!You want to write a blog that converts, be your self, write the way you talk to a friend, don’t worry about using “big” words and sounding like a lecturer,

write simple as though you want a 10-year-old to read and understand, which in turn makes it easier for readers to follow and understand you,

people seldom read anymore, they skim, period!

Visitors to your blog is very likely to skim the content looking for what they want,

so make your content easier for them to read, using shorter paragraphs, more outlines and headings,

When writing a blog it’s important to remember that blogs are supposed to have valued content which are different from leisure and romance books,

So write accordingly, making it easier on your visitor’s eyes so that they don’t have to strain or focus so hard to read your content.

Make sure to head each topic, with the content of what’s below to read, adding sub-headings if necessary,

taking this into consideration will really help with conversions, as people will find your content easier to read and understand

even better this will make them want to stay on your blog to see what you have to offer.

Use Tables, Visuals and Infographics

There are basically 3 types of communication

Auditory – learn by hearing

Visual – Learn by charts and graphs and images to visualize the information

Kinesthetic – learn by seeing and doing, and engaging.

I did some research, and created the below chart to show you guys the amount of people who communicate and learn visually,

A whopping 65%

How to Write a Blog that Converts Like Crazy!

Clarify everything with tables, bullet points, Infographics and visuals when possible,  this will definitely help to create conversions when writing your blog,

as the visitor will be more inclined to read and understand what your content is about and whether it is of value to assist their venture or business.

  • Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text as 40% of the nerves and fibers are linked to the eyes.
  • Using infographics/Visuals helps your readers feel satisfied when they leave your site like they have learned something that they were searching for.
  • Further research also says that 85% more people are likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it.
  • Content integrated with visuals increase people’s desire to read by 80% more!…wow
  • People are 185% times more likely to interact and engage with visual posts

No matter what niche you are in, whether photography, traveling, or affiliate marketer using visuals, infographics, and videos on your blog or website

will certainly increase conversions on your blog.

I hope this assists you next time when writing your blog, in showing you how to appeal to visitors and how to write blogs that convert.

Know Your Audience & Address Their Pain Points

How to Write a Blog that Converts Like Crazy!

Knowing how to write a blog that converts like crazy!… first of all, you have to know your audience, you have to know how to get traffic to your website and blog,

and it must be the right kind of traffic, then you can address their frustrations and pain points before you can see conversions.

Who is your target market? If you haven’t yet, put together 2-4 personalities of your ideal buyer.

Then choose one of those personalities to target before you start writing.

Knowing your audience and your target market is crucial to knowing how to write a blog post that converts like crazy!

you don’t want a blog filled with content about shaving products that are targeting children or women,

Another example, if your company sells men’s shaving products, you will likely be talking to men.

Choose a persona that is male and likely to stay clean-shaven.  Next, choose a pain point- something that the persona has trouble with.

This persona- a man who shaves… has probably struggled with razor burn at some point.

He might appreciate a blog topic about how to avoid razor burn. However, ‘razor burn’ isn’t specific enough to your audience.

You’ll want to avoid being general. Eventually, you might settle on “How to Avoid Razor Burn While Shaving Your Face“.

Run your title through a headline analyzer to see how it ranks.

And for your conversion at the bottom? Perhaps an exclusive offer for a free sample of your company’s shaving cream.

Answer Frequently asked Questions

How to Write a Blog that Converts Like Crazy!

answering popular questions by your readers, and finding their pain points or frustrations is another way to find targeted traffic that converts,

you will alleviate their frustrations, and pain points by offering the right kind of offers, promotions, or service that will assist them greatly,

everyone will be happy, assist your visitors and readers by merely finding and answering frequently asked questions, as you can’t answer every one,

your readers will be grateful, and may even bookmark your site for further referencing,

visit places like Quora, Reddit and Google auto-fill to find frequently asked questions in your niche that people are asking alot and Wa-laa!

you have a popular blog title to answer questions people actually want to know or learn.

many website owners and bloggers also visit Quora, Reddit answering questions in great lengths while installing their website or affiliate links within their answers,

leading more visitors to your website. this is another unique way of getting traffic to your website or blog.

related source: #13 Proven ways to drive traffic to your blog like crazy!

Case Studies

How to Write a Blog that Converts Like Crazy!Case studies are based on evidence and facts,

Nothing drives higher conversions than a case study!….case studies is when you take your visitors by the hand and walk them through what an entire project is about,

showing them in detail via a video, or step by step diagram with visuals!

A case study can also be in-depth research of a particular topic to share with your readers along with the resulting information   affiliate marketer

and the proof of how you achieve a task or outcome.

A good case study is based on facts, protocols, and detailed strategies. Case studies of online marketing, blogging,

and creating passive income are usually in the form of step-by-step detailed videos placed in a series of downloadable videos, online login membership sites,

tutorials and many other different ways to promote case studies by affiliate marketers, bloggers, and website owners.

having case studies on a website or blog which has an online login membership is another method to increase traffic to your website or blog thereby increasing conversions on your website as well.


Including a How-to-do video of a project or tutorial as I mentioned above increases conversions by 85%, that’s a lot!

adding this video will also boost your authority within that field and assists your viewers greatly by showing them step-by-step how to go through a particular process

or project of what they are looking to learn on your site, your visitors will appreciate you for this, such content is easily and readily shareable via social media,

Facebook and Pinterest by happy visitors to your blog.

Now if you happen to be selling a product on your site and also have a video of how to utilize that product or showing a walk-through of how the product will assist the person,

personally, I think your conversions will go through the roof!

Add Call To Actions

One of the most important aspects of blogging and increasing conversions is your placement of Call To Actions on your blog,

secondly, the amount of CTA’s, you have on your blog making sure to have more than one and also placing them strategically through your blog,

at the same time don’t use too many either, make sure to use catchy headlines for your CTA’s, and the right combination of colors used to make the CTA’s effective,

CTA’s guide your visitors on what to do on your website or blog to increase conversions, whether it may be to fill out a form, or click on a button.

try using different more radical CTA’s moving away from the generic such as “Click here” and “Sign up here” put thought into your call to action.



Writing a blog can seem like a daunting task. However, when it’s done well, by implementing the above strategies you’ll see great results that will get traffic to your website or blog to convert,

especially if you are an affiliate marketer, you will definitely want to know how to write blogs that convert like crazy! to know how to produce great content

that will have visitors returning for more, this is the kind of targeted traffic that converts easily,  start by deciding what kind of ‘conversion’  you want to happen on your blog.

as an affiliate marketer seed your blog article with relevant keywords. Decide who you’re writing for and write something that addresses a pain point,

promote their solutions, and how you propose to make their lives easier. Finally, end it all with an exclusive offer, a free promotion or a special discount of some kind.

If you follow these best practices, you’re sure to see targeted traffic that converts on your blog or website.

I hope you enjoyed the post, and you realize some new ways how to get traffic to your blog, website or promotions to ultimately increase conversions.



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