How to Start Blogging? It's Not That Difficult!

How to Start Blogging? It’s Not That Difficult!

How to start blogging? Is blogging right for you?

How to start blogging? it’s not that difficult! …is designed to make your blogging journey as easy as possible for anyone as it’s a step by step process,

Are you one of the millions of people with new found time on your hands due to Covid?  Well, making an extra buck while at home wouldn’t hurt,

especially since it’s very likely you are already spending so much time online anyway…let me show you how to start blogging, let’s make some extra cash!

this post will guide you step by step on how to start a blog with Blue Host, how to start blogging for money, or just how to start any lifestyle blog for extra money.

many people are curious about how to make money blogging on WordPress or how long does it take to make money blogging or even how hard is it to make money blogging?

personally, you have to be determined to write a blog from scratch, having the right mindset and attitude can literally change your life!

confront yourself, ask yourself, self, why do you want to blog?

*Disclosure: This blog may contain sponsored content and affiliate links, which pays a commission, at no additional cost to buyers*


Then feel free to answer yourself…seriously!  get flowing with the answers, write them down,

as this will help you choose your niche and determine whether or not you are ready to start

you should be able to talk about your niche for at least 10 minutes straight, this will show that you are prepared and well versed, then…is it profitable?

Are there thousands of people interested in it?

if yes then you can consider it your niche, or the topic that you will blog about,

to start I will provide the best WordPress hosting providers as well as the best WordPress themes below.

Reasons for blogging

Everyone has a different reason for blogging, here are just a few, for more reasons to start blogging read here

  • Some people, to share their expertise and build authority
  • Some as an outlet for creativity
  • Others for a second income
  • Some companies and businesses to build their brand.
  • And some to help others
  • blogging for affiliate marketing make money together by promoting banners on the blogs

How to make money blogging on WordPress?

there are many different ways to make money blogging whether it’s on WordPress or any other platform,

you will have to implement the same strategies to make your blog successful, there may be slight variances on different blogging platforms,

such as some offers 1-click WordPress set up and others don’t but even if others don’t offer the 1-click set up it is still not difficult to install WordPress to start blogging in a manner of minutes.

Here are #5 different ways to make money blogging

(1) Affiliate marketing – The process of promoting someone else’s products and services for a commission.

(2) E-mail marketing – Make money by promoting products and services via E-mails

(3) Sell digital products – Selling E-books, recipes, printables, and other downloadable products on your blog

(4) Advertising – Advertising through Media Vine, Monumetic, or Google Adsense

(5) Sell your Skills, Expertise – Sell your skills via courses or tutorials or monthly memberships.

these are just a few of the many different ways to make money blogging.

How to make a living blogging

How to Start Blogging? It's Not That Difficult!


many thousands of people have taken up blogging and made a comfortable living from blogging on WordPress and you can too,

many people start by wanting to know how much do bloggers make, well there is no standard amount because it ranges anywhere from zero to millions yearly,

alot depends on the blogging niche ideas that you chose from, as you are new to blogging there are many different blogging niches to choose from,

but my advice would be to look for an evergreen blog niche such as finance, food, love, health, fitness these are merely a few,

there are thousands of these blogging niches you can choose from to start your blog.

The most difficult is to decide your own blog niche that you want to blog on.

related: how to write a blog that converts like crazy!

SEO for bloggers

Here’s just a bit of SEO for new bloggers, tips and tricks, make sure you are optimizing your keywords and your Alt images for google,

do in-depth research on SEO for keywords using SEO tools such as uber suggest and google keyword planner which are free,

long-tail keywords are the easiest to rank for especially for SEO in blogging for new bloggers some are very pricey like Ahref or Semrush,

while they carry different metrics relating to the same keywords, choose one tool and work with that particular tool, they all pretty much do the same thing,

the more expensive ones carry more features, but they’re all good and used to create SEO for bloggers and their keywords optimized posts and content,

long-tail pro is reasonably priced at about $30 monthly, you can start your Free trial here:  longtail pro, Ahref starts at $99 monthly while Semrush is around $99.95 monthly,

either way, you need to be optimizing your post with keywords in your content. This is just a tip of SEO for bloggers who are new to content writing and blogging.

Step 1

Choosing your Niche

Your niche is segmenting the market into a particular area, on a specified topic where you have expertise in that field,

Almost any market can be segmented, here is an example:

you love animals, but instead of starting a blog on a broad area of All animals, let’s segment the animals into domesticated or wild animals,

both are still very broad topics to blog on,

So let’s say we choose to blog on domesticated animals, great, we can further segment/niche down this market into hamsters, cats or dogs,

so we can start a blog on either of these three topics, BUT, these topics can still further be niched down,

into the different breeds of hamsters, cats, or dogs be very careful now on how far you decide to niche your topic as you may very easily run out of ideas to blog on,

or the niche may be too small and your blog may not get very much traffic.

I hope you understand my example of what a niche is, please let me know in the comments below thanks, guys,

Choosing the right niche is very important if you are learning to write a blog from scratch.

Blogging Niches

Here is a list of a few popular evergreen niches,

  • How to make money blogging
  • How to start blogging
  • Health and fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Finance
  • Romance
  • Parenting
  • Food – How to make money food blogging.
  • Fashion and lifestyle

These are just a few evergreen niches, there are hundreds, that are always in demand always in season

Be careful of the niche you choose to blog on and hopefully it’s an evergreen niche,

OK, so we covered your reasons for blogging, choosing your niche and popular niches, let get down to brass tacks!

Step 2

How to Choose A Domain Name

A domain name on the internet is like your “address” where your website or e-commerce shop can be found online,

for your domain name, here’s my two pence worth, always try to have your domain name related to your chosen niche market,

have it be something catchy, that rolls off the tongue, easy to remember, short and sweet,

you get the idea, no more than three words and you’re good to gooo!  Get outta here! …no seriously stay!

I recommend going with, as it’s most popular and easier for customers and viewers to remember

Here are some other tips when purchasing a domain name

(1) It is best to choose a .com

(2) Keep it simple

(3) Easy to remember

(4) Avoid using numbers,

(5) Avoid using hyphens

finding the perfect domain name for your niche may not be easy, get pen and paper and start brainstorming all the names you like best,

bring your kids and family into the brainstorming of names if you can, kids have a different perspective on things and may give great ideas,

you want to have about 10 to 15 names on your list,

then list them in the order of preference you like best then check their domain availability below to see if they are available.

Cost of Domain names

Domain names cost anywhere from $0.99 up to about $15.00 for good measure, some hosting providers offer free domain names on your first sign up with them,

I would recommend getting your domain name from NameCheap, they specialize in hosting domain names,

although they have gone into hosting and some other services, their domain names are very reasonable and remains the same price when you have to renew it yearly.

as compared to some hosting providers who offer free domains but you have to pay for it the next year on renewal,

Check here to see if the name you want is available, type in the domain name you like and this tool will tell you whether it’s available or not.

If you prefer a FREE domain name to start your new adventure, Bluehost offers free domains and SSL certificates,

Found your domain name available??

Click Here to head over to Bluehost then click the “Get Started” Button

How to Start Blogging? It's Not That Difficult!

after you click that button it will take you to this image below, Personally, I chose Choice Plus which is outlined in red, to get the best price choose the 36/month term

because it also came with free privacy security features, so I would recommend the same for you as well,

this plan protects your personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, and such from the public.

How to Start Blogging? It's Not That Difficult!

when you get to the payment section you don’t need any additional extras, the most important “extra” is the domain privacy and you got that Free, thanks Bluehost!


How to Start Blogging? It's Not That Difficult!



Some hosting also comes with free SSL or you may get SSL when you purchase the domain,

there is also a plugin named free SSL that works just fine, so you won’t have to pay for SSL

but this is a necessary option to give credibility to your blog, website or e-commerce store.

Name cheap offers the cheapest domain names and has a great reputation, that’s where I get the majority of my domain names,

but if you intend to purchase your domain names at NameCheap, then move to a different hosting provider,

there’s a catch, be prepared to wait 60 days before you can migrate your domain name to another hosting provider.

Step 3

Best WordPress Hosting

To start you will need great hosting, this is where your blog “lives” for the best WordPress hosting,

always try to choose the best blogging platform, to avoid switching in the future as this can cause unforeseen problems to your blog

here are a few popular sites that are great for hosting, and by great I mean, very low downtime, great 24/7 support, site speed,

and…one-click install for Word press or something like free SSL Certificate.

Hold on, I’ll link you up with details of a couple of hosting providers which you can choose from, so the first option is very popular, Bluehost,

the basic plan offers a great deal at $2.95 per month if you purchase it for 3 years in advance, this is the best deal, so I would recommend it, as you gain the biggest savings.



  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 support
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free domain name+site builder
  • Free domain privacy
  • Beginner friendly, for noobs!
  • One-click install for WordPress


I did some research on the cons of Blue host and some people said they encountered bad support, but I have never experienced this with Bluehost,

other than becoming disconnected while chatting with support but in less 20-30 seconds I am reconnected again

so I don’t have any personal dislikes about Bluehost since I’ve been here but the general cons are:

  • like most other hosting sites Bluehost also has a price increase when it’s time for renewal, so remember that.
  • They charge for site migration, while many other hosting sites do not, this costs about $149.99
  • Their upgrades and add-ons are also costly so if you need to upgrade as your business scales, there are going to be monthly cost increases.
  • USA only servers, which could result in slower loading times to your website for visitors from other countries.
  • I don’t have any personal cons with Bluehost,

to sign up for Bluehost Click HERE: blank

Site Ground

UP NEXT!…. Site ground!…..the second hosting platform I would recommend to you guys,

site ground boasts of superior hosting compared to other platforms and is well known for its speed,

Site Ground is using Google’s SSD persistent storage to optimize speed, and efficiency and also insure against downtime.

Although I am not a techie, even I have a SSD installed in my personal computer for optimum speed and efficiency obviously mine is on a minuscule scale.


  • Free SSL certificate,
  • 24/7 support
  • Stable up-time
  • Super-fast servers
  • 30 days money-back guarantee (shared hosting)
  • 14 days money back (cloud hosting)


  • their cheap plans are limited
  • they charge a set-up fee for their monthly plans
  • strict data over-use policy

A2 Hosting

Comin” in with 20X faster hosting Issss A2 Hosting!….. (says the guy on the mike)

A2 Hosting boasts of 20X faster hosting which increases your website SEO rankings, lowers bounce rates which results in higher conversion rates for website owners!

How to Start Blogging? It's Not That Difficult!

A2 Hosting boasts of 20X faster hosting which increases your website SEO rankings, lowers bounce rates which results in higher conversion rates for website owners!


  • Unlimited SSD space and transfer
  • Free and easy site migration
  • Free automatic backups
  • Easy money-back guarantee
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Speed Optimized WordPress
  • 99% commitment
  • 24/7 support
  • Easy domain transfer
  • 20+ business email accounts
  • Unlimited bandwidth storage

Honestly, I am with Bluehost and everything is great here, customer support and all,  but writing this review about A2 Hosting is making me reconsider!…

fortunately, all is well here at Bluehost, so I will keep my tail quiet : )


  • Higher prices for turbo servers
  • Aggressive upsells
  • Charges for priority support!

If you like A2 Hosting Click Here: blankblank

Host Gator

My final WordPress recommendation for hosting is Hostgator, I had an account with Host Gator a few years ago, I did not like the c-panel much,

but support was always there for me being a noob and all… so no complaints, if you’re a noob like me and not much of a techie,

their support was great for me but the average report says they’re mediocre.

HostGator Web Hostingblank

How to Start Blogging? It's Not That Difficult!


Host Gator offers –

  • A whopping 45 days money-back guarantee!
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Free advertising credit and Word Press blog tools
  • Unmetered disk space and bandwidth


  • Fee for Backups/restoration
  • Mediocre customer support

For Host Gator Click HERE: HostGator Web Hostingblank

Step 4

Best WordPress Themes

Alright, guys, so far we’ve covered, choosing a niche, domain, and hosting, next up… themes, there are literally thousands to choose from,

some free and some paid versions, believe it or not, some of the free WordPress themes perform better than some of the paid versions out there,

let me link you up with some that are light-weight, fast, and functional

It’s best to remember when choosing themes, not to choose a theme just because you like it a lot,

make sure it functions correctly for your blog, and what you want your site to do.

Here are #5 of the best WordPress themes, that are fast, versatile, and functional for blogging or eCommerce.


Astra is a very popular WordPress theme,  if you want to know how to start blogging? using this theme would be a good way to start,

it comes with the free as well as the pro version,

known for being lightweight, and fast, it integrates well with other builders such as Elementor, beaver builder, and Gutenberg.

Astra is also very customizable, well coded, and user-friendly, it can be fully integrated for Woo-commerce.

Astra has a large library of pre-built templates to choose from when building your site and is great to do promotions and affiliate marketing.

Astra pro costs –  $ 49 per year

to get Astra Click Here


Divi is another very popular WordPress theme, although Divi has many features and functionalities,

it is still lightweight and fast it is fully functional with its own built-in drag and drop builder

Another great Divi feature is that it allows you to save your custom layouts you design in the Divi library for later use.

This theme can be used for both a store and a blog using a Woo-commerce plugin.

Divi was created by elegant themes, which provides premium WordPress support for their product.

Divi Pro Costs – $89 per year

$ 249-lifetime access

to get Divi, Click Here

Ocean WP

Ocean WP was built for speed loading and is lightweight, easily integrates with other builder plugins, comes in free as well as a pro version,

The versatility of this theme also allows it to integrate seamlessly with Woo-commerce for your store, blog, or both.

This theme has nothing but great reviews and is currently used on more than 300,000 active websites, with great ratings

On installation, it is easy to use and build your site

Ocean WP Costs – $129 per year

to get Ocean WP Click Here


Elementor is very popular because of its versatility, it is a great front end page builder, so you can see all the changes you are making as you make them,

This theme offers a clean and easy interface to build your website with,

Elementor also allows you to save your customized template within its template library

This is another great drag and drop page builder, with great functionality and addons, Elementor comes with a free version as well as a paid version,

Costs – $49 – $199 per year

to get Elementor Click Here

Generate Press

How to Start Blogging? It's Not That Difficult!

Generate press is light-weight, fast-loading, and easily customizable to suit your website needs.

Popularly known for its clean code and mobile responsive theme,

It is easily integrated with woo commerce and drag and drop builder Elementor

Generate press is active on over 300,000 websites and has great customer ratings

Cost – $49.95 per year

Ok, I hope you found a theme you really like from these #5 themes I personally use Ocean WP on another blog I have,

it is integrated with my print on demand, Printify Store.

to get Generate Press Click Here


I know I said #5 themes, but here is an extra theme that is also great! it’s the Neve theme, this theme is said to be built for speed,

it only has 7 requests, and loads in less than 1 second! It is so lightweight it is only 28KB!

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your blog or business is so very critical, my advice is to make sure that the theme is not bulky,

anyone of the above themes should give you a great start, A bulky theme also slows your site speed down and we definitely don’t want that!

Click here to see the importance of having a fast website.

Frequently asked QuestionsHow to Start Blogging? It's Not That Difficult!


How long does it take to make money blogging?

This depends on whether you are using paid or organic traffic, organic traffic takes a much longer time to send traffic to your new blog,

while paid traffic sends customers immediately, so depending on your target and profiling when you using paid traffic it should convert easily,

and you should be able to make money on your blog in no time. here is a blogger who journals their blogging income online.

How hard is it to make money blogging?

Once you have an established blog it is not hard to making money blogging, initially when you just begin blogging you will have to put in the “leg work” to grow your blog

to the point that it becomes a passive income tool for you to make a living blogging. most bloggers make money online by doing affiliate marketing, creating and selling digital courses,

or simply allowing their platform to be used for advertisements, this can pay very well also.

here is an in-depth article on how bloggers make money blogging by doing affiliate marketing.


I say it all the time, when people ask me how to start blogging? I tell them it’s not that difficult as they think it would be,

just like anything new, it takes a bit of time to get used to it, and when you understand the concept of blogging and all that it entails you begin to gain momentum,

I cannot think of anything that is easy on the first try, when you actually start to make money blogging this will definitely put some wind in your sails and give you encouragement

to start your blog,  It’s very important to choose the best blogging platform to begin with,

I truly hope this post on how to start blogging really assisted all of you who were interested in how to start a blog,

which happens to be one of the most popular blogging platforms, or those of you wanting to know how to make money blogging on WordPress platform.

this post aims to give you the basics details to get you started on your blog,

it is certainly not everything you need to know but it will certainly get you off to a great start, you definitely have #6 of the best WordPress themes to choose from,

also, the best WordPress hosting providers that are also fast and popular. blogging for affiliate marketing work hand in hand together.



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