How to Scale your Blog for Faster Results!-Reality Check

How to Scale your Blog for Faster Results!-Reality Check

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How to Scale your blog for faster results!-reality check is meant to increase everything, your viewers, awareness, conversions, and revenue,

with little to minimal increase in expenses, good thing I paid a bit of attention during college,

enough to remember there is actually a difference between the growth of a business and the actual scaling of a business…sounded the same to me at first,


The difference is that to grow your blog would require additional investment whether it be time, money, labor,

or whatever other resources to be able to handle the increased growth in clients, or services being offered.


However, scaling, on the other hand, is skillfully increasing revenue, conversions,

and income without the additional costs of investments, expenses, and resources, –

maximum income, minimal expenditure this is the definition of how to scale your blog like crazy!.

Scaling process

So now that we’ve established the difference between scaling and growth, we can see where and how brand awareness plays a huge part in scaling your blog,

it’s very important since scaling uses fewer resources and expenses, bear in mind that visitors convert when they know, like, and trust you or your brand,

so brand awareness and scaling go hand in hand. Choosing the least expensive process of scaling is the ultimate goal,

deciding how to go about scaling your blog and the methods and strategies you will implement,

is not only a mental process it may very well take time and additional resources,

your chosen method on How to Scale your blog for faster results! must be minimal and cost-effective

Branding/brand awareness

How to Scale your Blog for Faster Results!-Reality Check

Getting your logo, your name, and face to be easily recognized is first and foremost important on my list of how to scale your Blog for faster results!-reality check,

this is a great achievement and is not easy to do,  this and trusted within a particular niche is everything,

when it comes to branding and scaling your blog, a good example of this would be McDonald’s or the amazon brand,

almost everyone knows these logos without thinking,

So bear in mind your blog, logo, and name of your blog should be distinctive some people use colors to be identified with their brand,

Neil Patel for a good example he uses the color Orange, to distinguish his brand.

Here at the name, as well as the color of the logo matches,

AND visitors get linked up to all the right connections and valued information they need

How to build online authority

How to Scale your Blog for Faster Results!-Reality Check

When it comes to building authority Neil Patel is a great reference not only is he popular and established in his niche, he is Dominates!

“Neil Patel is the co-founder of Neil Patel Digital, a digital marketing agency. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web,

Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies and he is a New York Times bestselling author.

He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations”

Check out some of his most popular companies here   

the secret sauce to becoming an authority in a chosen niche like Neil Patel is to start by posting regularly,

  • Develop a connection with your readers by answering and responding to their questions and comments,
  • Establish what your readers are looking for, and deliver! Quality as well as quantity.
  • Develop a content strategy-blogging geared towards your niche audience
  • Give, give give, help them find what they are looking for in this sea of information called the internet.
  • Develop a formula-like a cycle, create new content, post, marketing strategy, repeat! Obviously monitoring to see if your formula is working.

(illustration below in content image) authority enables you to scale effortlessly, while it may take some time to develop authority,

it comes with recognition, trust, and popularity, when you have authority in a niche you are then searched after,

customers come looking for you rather than you advertising and seeking customers,

advertising is only implemented after to keep and remind customers of the business and what it has to offer,

so to acquire authority in your particular niche will allow you to scale your blog easily, authority and scaling, they complement each other

Tools for scaling your blog 

There are many different tools and software used for scaling your blog and here is a list of the #5 most popular tools:

  • Uber Suggest

    How to Scale your Blog for Faster Results!-Reality Check

Uber Suggest is like an army scissors knife, it has so many useful tools all in one app, it is a blogger’s best friend!

Some of the main uses are to find keywords for search engine optimization, another use of this tool is to “spy” on your competition,

see their backlinks, which websites they are back-linked to, what keywords they are ranking for in search engines,

and also which page is low ranking that you may have an opportunity to rank for that very content by creating longer more in-depth content.

This tool is also useful as a site auditor, a site audit allows you to check your site health,

it covers any possible errors that could damage your site health-related to broken links, loading speed, crawling accessibility,

and produces a list of items to assist with improving Search Engine Optimization and improving website ranking.

  • Hootsuite/Sprout social

Social Media/Pinterest In this era, it’s almost impossible to scale your blog without social media, in one form or another,

Pinterest is a favorite hotspot for bloggers to scale but Instagram and Facebook have proven successful for other website owners to scale as well.

Some tools used to assist with scheduled posting are Tailwind, Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Buffer, and Crowdfire to name a few of the popular ones,

some maybe an investment to the new blogger as some prices are more on the expensive side,

but these tools offer a variety of features such as keyword monitoring, social content calendar,

timed posting or pinning in the case of Pinterest and content tagging

This is a free tool used by designers and bloggers to create images, infographics, and visuals for their blog content.

It is very important to use and implement visuals into your content that relates to the topic you are referencing,

I did a bit of research which shows that implementing images into your blog gets 94% more views than images without,

images also encourages social media sharing which also assists with scaling your blog across social platforms.

including images in your blog allows better memory retention of what you are trying to convey to your readers.

Did you know visuals are processed to the brain 60,000x faster than text?

Wow…they are also used to break up lots of text to give readers a moment to digest the information they have just read.

  • E-mail Marketing

    How to Scale your Blog

E-mail marketing is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to scale your blog, this works much better if you post valuable content on a regular basis,

implementing this strategy broadens your brand awareness and grows your blog audience,

and we all know that a wider audience increases your online authority which in turn helps to scale your blog,

THEN  you can implement e-mail marketing strategies to let your readers know you have new content that may be of value to them,

you can also send your e-mail list a snippet or short summary of what the latest post is about, and how it be of benefit to them,

this is another method of gaining additional visitors to your blog and if they implement any of the valued content on your blog,

they may need some of the services or offers you promote on your blog to do so, resulting in conversions.

Here is a full review of e-mail marketing  

  • Google Analytics

One of the best free tools used by bloggers to track the scaling and progress of their blog or website is google analytics,

this tool is used to view the number of visitors to your blog by demographics such as the countries, age, and gender that is visiting your blog,

google analytics also gives you insight into which platform sends the most traffic to your blog, so you can operate accordingly,

you will be able to see how your target audience is performing whether or not they are converting,


How to Scale your Blog

Posting content regularly whether once or twice a week definitely helps to scale your blog for faster results, not only does releasing regular content builds trust,

it also builds regular readers and an audience that looks forward to your latest releases, to read some more benefits of posting regularly click here

A blog that has regular readers and an audience also follows your brand and trusts your offers and what you promote,

making them more likely to convert on your blog.

So yes posting regularly is great for scaling any blog but my two pence is not only to post regularly but to strategize your posts,

eg. Create sequencing posts, meaning posting part one of 3 parts each more in-depth than the other,

or another strategy relating posts linking back to older posts as well as to other older more established blog posts.


How to scale your blog using funnels

Many affiliate marketers live by funnels! they’d bet their last dollar on it!

Funnels work by having a series of offers, if a person opts into the funnel, then the funnel furthers offers a complementary product to the first offer,

and in some cases integrates with the first offer making the first offer/opt-in product easier to use by the addition of more tools, software, features,

the funnel may then offer more upsells, to complement the others each step making the last upsell easier and adding more features,

products or services which are beneficial to the buyer, making the first product easier to use or scale.

having an online authority and popular brand awareness widens and increases your funnel to your benefit.


This is a great way to scale your blog by sharing your knowledge via paid tutorials or a monthly membership site,

this creates monthly revenue for your blog business, and if you choose to sell your tutorials in a form of downloadable products,

that brings in recurring passive income for years to come, depending on the topic and whether it’s evergreen content.

simply teaching how to scale your blog for faster results, or how to grow your online audience whatever is your specialty,

has the great potential to increase revenue for your blog or website!


Finally, keep tracking your progress to see if your efforts are working, make note of your increased efforts from a set time, to another set time e.g. from June –July – August, etc.

make sure your goals are over a reasonable period of time, it’s reasonable to make 5-20K per month, but much more difficult for 100 – 500K within a said month especially as a beginner.

Use an analytical tool to track your conversions, and the amount of traffic to your blog, any decent analytical tool will tell you where your traffic is coming from,

whether from social media, search traffic, or a different platform.


How to build online authority

Using reach in Facebook ads can assist in scaling your blog by making people aware of your brand and the business you offer,

this Facebook objective is focused on brand awareness and you can set frequency controls so that your brand can be seen more often by your chosen target audience,

the Facebook reach objective can be targeted to reach people within your local area or a targeted niche in another country.

So for example, you can place an ad on Facebook for your specific target audience lets say.. (pug lovers), with a reach objective for brand awareness,

you can also choose how many times your brand or logo is seen by your audience making them familiar and aware of your products and services,

this is efficient for building trust with your target market, this is a very popular method on how to grow your online audience while building brand awareness.

Resources to scale your blog

How to scale your blog for faster results, can further be increased by using Fiverr or Upworks, freelance platforms, to assist you in social media management,

content management, or being your virtual assistant to assist in your online presence thereby growing your online audience,

brand awareness and builds your online authority, while scaling at the same time as the more people are aware of your brand and services,

they will more likely shop with you, moreover, these services are usually offered at great economical prices which will allow you to scale at minimal costs,

(vet your choices first) from graphic designers, social media managers, content writers, researchers,

SEO strategists, and many other freelancers that can assist you with strategies on how to scale your blog fast and easy.

the most cost-effective and economical way of scaling is creating a social media presence, email marketing, building online authority,

and a well-known reputable brand, also guest posting which assists with building your brand awareness, getting your name and face familiar with your niche and target audience.


I hope you realize every paragraph was filled with either the best methods how to scale your blog fast, how to build online authority or even how to grow your online audience, what are the differences, and also the many different ways accomplish any of these at minimal costs and expenses, using free or economical platforms such as social media for building your brand and audience and fiverr for economical resources, are great methods of scaling.


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