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ConvertKit VS. AWeber, Savage Review

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many people want to know which email marketing service provider is best,

this ConvertKit VS AWeber savage review gives an in-depth comparison of two of the best email marketing service providers currently on the market,

this review of both of these great platforms is as honest as it gets guys,

first off… these two email marketing platforms are the best on the market and it’s a neck-to-neck battle to be the best!!

only good things can come from such fierce competition between these two platforms for their customers,

their customers comes out the winners with all the value, many features, beautiful landing pages, and email templates,

E-mail Lead Generation

This is the process of collecting highly targeted prospective buyers through email marketing and promotions.

Some people do this as a business and sell the leads to b2b companies and other suitably qualified organizations that would gain the most benefits from marketing to these lists.

both AWeber and ConvertKit can be used as autoresponders for the purpose of collecting emails for resale purposes.

If I didn’t know better, I would think these two platforms are trying to out-do each other! ……Ok, let me know what you think in the comments guys.

oh, let’s not forget the competitive pricing and great commissions they offer their affiliates.

many moons ago, I once used Aweber for my affiliate marketing but over the years I stopped using them got into different things,

because with affiliate marketing there are so many different things you can to make passive income in so many different ways,

so lately, I wanted to start email marketing again and wanted to see which were the best email marketing platforms out there,

I did my research and Aweber is still one of the best after all these years!

but wait, there’s new blood in town! ….ConvertKit

Here’s the show-down guys, check it out!

What is ConvertKit?

In 2019, the number of email users globally totaled to about 3.9 billion, so it is safe to say that email marketing is probably one of the most effective digital marketing strategies,

and one of the fastest ways of increasing traffic to your blogs, online business, and connecting with your audience and potential and existing customers.

3.9 BILLION PEOPLE!!…all these people have seen the light when it comes to email marketing guys,

Statistics show that for every 1$ you invest in email marketing you are likely to receive an average return of $42 dollars.

However, as there are a lot of email marketing platforms out there, it’s beneficial to choose the email marketing platform

that best suits your needs so that you can take full advantage of email marketing.

These two pioneers of Email Marketing, ConvertKit and AWeber, literally compete to assist and maintain each and every one of their customers,

by providing the best email marketing services, features, and essentially the best platform for you and me,

So to help you decide which one is ideal for you,

here is an in-depth review and comparison of which email marketing platforms is best.

ConvertKit Review

ConvertKit VS AWeber Savege Review, How to write a blog that converts, how to make passive income online, how to monitize your blog, how to make money online, Convertkit vs Aweber indepth review

ConvertKit came on the market in 2013 it was built to cater to professional bloggers,

it is one of the fastest-growing, modern, easy to use and dynamic email marketing services,

this platform was designed to build and connect with your targeted audience in a smooth and efficient manner.

The creator of ConvertKit is Nathan Berry is a web designer.

According to ConvertKit their main aim is to try and help their users in being able to share their creative process,

helping them build an audience, finding the ideal most niche and build a successful career and income online.

ConvertKit is a bit pricey but still decent, very clean and easy to use email marketing service.

The best part about it is that it is not clustered or cramped with complicated tools that might confuse the user.

It has been structured to target mainly online creators.

One of the best features of ConvertKit is their variety of templates.

which are preferred these days especially over the overly clustered and excessively designed ones.

ConvertKit, in order to make user experience extremely easy, has its interface divided into five tabs, namely,

subscribers, landing pages and forms, broadcasts, sequences, and automations.


One of the most important features of  any e-mail service platform first and foremost is its ability to deliver the highest percentage of emails sent by its customers

here is a report done by the website showing the deliverability percentage of ConvertKit below


64.03 % of 88.740 emails sent with ConvertKit ended up in the recipient’s main mailbox. 33.43 % of all emails were moved from the email providers to the spam folder after successful delivery. 2.54 % of all emails sent did not reach the recipients.


The subscribers’ list allows you to keep track of the people who have subscribed to become part of your email list and keep track of your overall growth.

Landing Pages and Forms

One of the best things about convert Kit is that you don’t have to have a website you can use their landing pages as a webpage and share and promote it just as you would a website! great right?

ConvertKit has a large variety of beautiful and customizable landing pages, also a variety of templates that are included in packages of all the different price ranges to meet everyone’s needs.

ConvertKit Pricing

Compared to AWeber,  ConvertKit is a bit on the pricer side, as shown below, and compared to AWeber’s pricing table below as well,

you will see that while ConvertKit offers $29/mth for 1000 Subscribers, AWeber actually offers up to 2,500 for the same $29 monthly.

Personally, I think this is their major divide between these two great platforms.

ConvertKit VS AWeber Cut-throat Review, affiliate marketing, email marketing, passive income online,


This feature allows you to send multiple numbers of emails according to the pre-set date and time selected by you.

The best thing about both broadcast and sequence emails at ConvertKit is that they can also be customized to the names of your subscribers

this gives the emails a personal touch and a good brand image.


How to write a blog that converts, passive income online, how to make money online, affiliate marketing, email marketing, convertKit vs AWeber in-depth review, how to monitize your blog

A feature that lets you send a one-time email to your entire list. This feature is highly convenient and efficient, email broadcasting it is mostly used for e-mail marketers,

when bloggers have a new post or new recommendations of the promotional tool they think would be helpful to their e-mail list

This feature can be extremely useful if you want your blog post to gain maximum exposure. Check here

this has a great feature that allows you to broadcast while excluding people on the list who was already purchased your offer.


The automation features on ConvertKit are considered to be one of the best in the market.

It functions on the basis of triggers and actions such as “if this” “then that” functionality rules that you would create.

After a trigger, the automation feature automatically sends emails to people on the basis of the actions they have taken.

ConvertKit Affiliate Programme

Yes! ConvertKit has a great affiliate program where subscribers are paid 30%  commission each month,

subscribers can promote ConvertKit to gain new recruits and do the affiliate program as a lucrative business as I have heard,

solely to gain recruits as the continuous monthly commissions add up to a great passive income side hustle.

Another great reason for choosing ConvertKit as this is one of the main reasons lots of people choose the autoresponder platform.


All-in-all ConvertKit is definitely an excellent and modern email marketing service especially for bloggers and content writers in particular.

One of the greatest things about ConvertKit is that it offers free landing pages and a free trial as well,

being able to have access to beautiful free landing page templates if you don’t have a website or blog is a great feature for a starter-upper,

Hence, before deciding on whether you want to choose ConvertKit to fulfill your email marketing needs

how about you give it a trial first to make sure it meets your requirements.

for a more in-depth review of what is E-mail marketing and how to make it work for you, how to grow your e-mail list,

how to make money from e-mail marketing, how to clean your e-mail lists, and

how to maintain a high conversion of your email list, and lots more benefits and information check it out Here

AWeber Review

AWeber email marketing, how to make passive income online, how to make money online, affiliate marketing, Convertkit vs AWeber

Ok,  moving on to the AWeber aspect of this Savage review I am going to continue with the mere facts, about these two platforms,

I hope you guys can see this why I created this ConvertKit VS AWeber Savage review,

these two platforms are vying neck for neck offering great features, great service I honestly don’t know…well it’s really difficult to decipher the best of the two of them!

let me know which one you like best in the comments ok!

Now  AWeber was founded in 1998 based in Pennsylvania and has been in the email marketing world for a while now.

It is considered to be consistently one of the best platforms for the past two decades. Just like ConvertKit,

this platform also offers their customers two versions, a free as well as a paid plan, with limitations on the free version, as expected.

they take great pride in their simple yet impactful and beneficial email marketing.

moreover,  they also claim to do 90% of the email marketing work for their clients and let them get a little creative with the remaining 10%.

If there is one thing that sets AWeber apart from the rest, it is speed. This platform will deliver and get your work done whether it is sending compelling emails,

or creating landing pages and email templates in a matter of minutes.

AWeber offers many unique features on its platform, which distinguishes it from other email marketing platforms.


Here is a table from I got from the website

this table interprets that out of 89.526 emails sent with AWeber, 74.69% were delivered, 23.97% went to spam and 1.34% went to market!

AWeber deliverability table

Smart Designer

Smart designer tool allows the users to design their own unique and stunning email templates in a matter of seconds.

Template Library

There is a vast variety, one of the largest being offered by any email marketing platform, of prebuilt email templates for users to choose from.

Easy Subscriber Management

This enables you to create tags and categorize your list for easier management.

Drag & Drop Email and Landing Page Designer

This tool allows users to build their own custom Email and Landing pages according to their liking and convenience.


AWeber also has the feature of autoresponders through which newsletters are sent automatically to your list of subscribers.

They help you save an immense amount of time and help you gain better exposure and as a result, more income for your business.

AWeber Pricing

when it comes to pricing AWeber comes out the winner, as they have a free version up to 500 subscribers,

allowing you to get an understanding of how the platform works, how to go strategize collecting subscribers,

moving on from the free version the paid version starts at $19 monthly and goes up in increments according to how many subscribers you have on your list.

ConvertKit VS AWeber Savage Review, affiliate marketing, email marketing


Along with these features, AWeber also caters to split testing, reporting, combining with third-party apps and you can also import and host a mailing list.

The best part about AWeber is that not only does it have a free plan in case you can’t afford to invest in an email marketing platform at the moment

but the paid plans are also reasonably priced starting at just $19.00 monthly

AWeber is also designed in a way to be simple, user-friendly, and convenient and has a built-in landing page builder,

which is also highly beneficial for those who do not have a website or blog.

Comparison of the Pros:

The pros and cons of ConvertKit and AWeber are as follow;

Pros of ConvertKit

  • One of the major pros of ConvertKit is that it is structured precisely in a way to the requirements of bloggers, authors and creators.
  • This factor is important as it filters out many unnecessary tools and makes it efficient and easy to use.
  • The fact that it has a very clean and simple structure makes it very beginner-friendly.
  • New affiliate marketers, e-mail marketers and bloggers can take advantage of their free plan until they learn the platform and are ready to level-Up!
  • Another major pro of ConvertKit is that it has excellent support and great targeting along with its own landing page builder,
  • these are all major factors that play in making the email marketing platform highly efficient and beneficial for its users.
  • From experience, ConvertKit does not have an instant chat but they do have a very attentive and quick responding email service,
  • their email service evens checks up with me to make sure I was satisfied many thanks to Arianne.
  • Convert Kit has a great affiliate program that pays 30% commissions of sales (no additional cost to buyers) furthermore,
  • buyers CAN take advantage of this affiliate program to make passive recurring income for themselves! how great is that huh?
  • A free plan is also offered for you to get a feel of ConvertKit before you dive right into a paid version if you choose,
  • with some limited features of course, but it is still great!

Pros of AWeber

  • Since AWeber has been around for a while, their community is incomparable and as they have catered to millions of customers,
  • they gained a lot of experience and expertise in customer relations and support.
  • As mentioned earlier, AWeber has the ability to integrate with third-party apps, which is a major bonus.
  • their free plan provides a free incubator environment for new affiliate marketers, email marketers, and newbies.
  • Another major benefit of using AWeber as your email marketing platform is that they have a huge variety of different templates to choose from.
  • The AWeber email builder is extremely simple and easy to use which is also a great advantage, especially for newbies.
  • Their live chat feature is prompt and instant,  I really looove that feature about AWeber, I have always had a great user experience with their services and platform.
  • Hey, AWeber will even migrate you from another marketing platform 100% FREE of charge…Awesome right…Lol!
  • Would you believe it? they also offer a free plan as well! haha…with limited features of course

Comparison of their Cons:

Cons of ConvertKit

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of ConvertKit is that the options of email templates are highly limited.
  • While that may be okay for people who choose to have simple and minimalistic templates but for others this may be a setback when choosing which email marketing platform to go for.
  • ConvertKit is a tad towards the pricier side, but still reasonable.

Cons of AWeber

  • One of the major disadvantages of AWeber is that some may consider their email templates as a little outdated. People prefer more simplistic and clutter-free templates now and even though AWeber has a vast variety to choose from, many of the templates are a bit clustered and old-fashioned.
  • AWeber also doesn’t have the best automation triggers, reporting & builders which is highly important and a deciding for many people.

Reasons Why ConvertKit is better

  • Due to its simplistic and clutter-free structure, ConvertKit is a lot easier and user-friendly in comparison to AWeber.
  • Since ConvertKit has a very modernistic approach, their email automation is also far more advanced and futuristic in comparison to AWeber
  • From the email templates, sign up forms, landing pages to the user interface ConvertKit is a lot more clean, well designed, modern, fresh, and stylish in comparison to AWeber.

Reasons Why AWeber is Better

  • Not only does AWeber cater to some free of cost packages, the ones that are paid are also a lot cheaper and pocket friendly in comparison to ConvertKit.
  • This is ideal for startups with a limited budget.
  • Since they have been in existence for much longer than ConvertKit, they have a great reputation, a lot more positive reviews,
  • and are known to go out of their way to provide the best customer support.
  • One of the major benefits that AWeber has over ConvertKit is that it integrates with far more third-party apps which can be a major factor
  • especially for people who are deciding on which email marketing platform to choose from.

#9 Benefits of Email marketing

  • Email marketing drives revenue, and traffic to your blog, website or landing page increasing conversions to your affiliate promotions and offers.
  • It is great for taking advantage of impulse shoppers.
  • With good and decent product promotions to the correctly targeted email marketing leads will yield high conversions.
  • It has a much higher rate of conversion, up to 38%
  • More economical than using paid ads, PPC, and CPC.
  • It enables a fast checkout process
  • The audience is already warm and engaged leading to high conversions.
  • The audience is targeted rather than broad, thus saving costs on ad spend and marketing.
  • Email marketing is easy to get started, with no startup costs, especially with free entry into platforms such as ConvertKit and AWeber.


the reason why I chose to do this ConvertKit VS AWeber  Savage Review is that both of these email marketing platforms are currently the best in the market,

and many people especially new affiliate marketers wants to know which are the best email marketing service providers they can choose from the start.

and it was a tough call as to which one to choose,  and while each has their pros and cons, it eventually comes down to which is ideally best for your business needs

which platform you are most comfortable with, for new affiliate marketers any of these would be great choices because of the free plans they both offer.

also,  as an affiliate marketer whether new or seasoned, they both have great affiliate programs as well!… they both offer 30% commission upon payment of new leads,

as an affiliate marketing beginner you can’t go wrong with either one of these email marketing service providers, as they are the best with great offers of both platforms

remember you can use either free platform until you are ready and feel confident.

did I not tell you these guys are not leaving anything on the table, it’s like tit for tat, with these two Lol…but as I said,

you guys are going to benefit from them trying their best to make their customers happy and provide the best for you… so smile,

take action and do something different today! ….bite that darn bullet and get off that Fence! NOW!

Do not leave 2020 the same way you started! 2021…. Here we COOOME!

make a choice between two of the best on the market ConvertKit or AWeber.

ConvertKit VS AWeber Savage Review, email marketing, affiliate marketing

ConvertKit VS AWeber Savage Review

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