Builderall review and affiliate program

Builderall Review and Affiliate Program

What is Builderall??

Builderall is an affiliate marketer’s swiss army Knife, it a drag and drop editor for building landing pages and websites,

and a wide array of tools, templates, and done for you funnels to choose from for online marketing, eLearning websites,

webinars, website hosting, e-mail marketing (one-time payment forever) – Awesome!!) you name it! Builderall’s got it!

Builderall Review and Affiliate Program
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Builderall Review

This is a Builderall review of a bonified – Builderall affiliate, I first joined Builderall a few years ago,

but I quit because honestly, there were sooo many tools, I did not know how to use the platform,

and I got overwhelmed, since then the entire Builderall platform has been revamped,

and I joined again I will post my receipt somewhere below.


Builderall Training

The Builderall platform includes dozens of video training on how to become a Builderall affiliate,

how to use the platform, and how to use the Builderall tools to implement and construct other things you may be having difficulties with…

I joined using an affiliate link where my mentor/coach teaches me via zoom,

every couple of days we set up appointments to meet via zoom, he teaches me how to use and monetize the platform,

until I become familiar with it, he also teaches me other methods he uses to make money online passively which I must say is awesome!

All these years doing online marketing I have never seen anyone willing to teach one-to-one, on how to use any online marketing tool!

…and Just for signing up with them!

Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall affiliates are paid via a 2-tier system,

  • Direct Sales – where affiliates earn 100% commission on their client’s first payment to join Builderall
  • AND… a further 30% commissions on recurring payments as long as that client remains in Builderall.

2nd tier sales – where affiliates earn 30% commissions on clients’ recurring payments on a 2 – tier level (under affiliates brought by you).

This affiliate program also offers FREE training via video within the Builderall library,

but it’s nothing compared to the one-on-one training I got via zoom from signing up to Builderall using my mentor’s affiliate link,

which you will also get access to if you invest in Builderall using any link on this page.

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  • How to make money using the Builderall tool
  • How to promote Builderall as an affiliate
  • You will get access to Done for you email templates
  • You will get access to done for your funnels
  • How to use Bing or Facebook to market your products, funnels, and offers.
  • You will also get access to other passive income streams




 Builderall Pricing Plans

When you compare Builderall pricing to its competitors and the sheer number of  tools and features Builderall offers,

the cost is quite reasonable, Builderall pricing starts from $29.90 up to $99.90/monthly –

Click the below image for additional features related to the Builderall pricing plans

How much does Builderall cost

Builderall VS Clickfunnels

One of Builderall competitors is Clickfunnels, which I also joined a few years ago, honestly,

it was always pricey, it was pricey then and it still is now,

Clickfunnels is also  a funnel page builder that offers many tools for constructing websites,

landing pages, webinars and its also used for affiliate and online marketers to

create funnels, email marketing, and promote their offers,

one thing I really like about Clickfunnels is their 14-day free trial,

while Builderall charges $1 for a one-month trial soo, either way not so bad…

in my opinion, when it comes to tools and features Clickfunnels have nothing on what Builderall has to offer

AND to top it off..Builderall has a much better price and value for money – hands down!!!

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Builderall Tools –

Builderall seriously has so many different software tools and features for you to do your online marketing, webinars, and website agencies

and it even boasts of over 200 different entrepreneurial tasks you can do with their provided tools and training,

it also provides over 10 gateway integrations worldwide, to give you and your customers easy payment options.

check out the image below for some of the tools they have to offer,

also depending on your payment level determines your access to all of the tools guys, so bare this in mind ok.

Builderall Review and Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels Tools –

Clickfunnels has a wide array of great tools for promoting offers, webinars, landing pages,

membership sites, and much more… this image below is just a few of the tools they have to offer.

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Builderall Complaints –

  • So many tools can be overwhelming
  • Time to learn the Interface 

Clickfunnels Complaints

  • Interface needs updating

Builderall Pros –

  • Good value for money
  • Regular updates of the dashboard, features, and tools
  • All-in-one website builder and marketing platform
  • Regular interface upgrades
  • A vast array of tools for any niche online marketer
  • Great support especially from the group

Clickfunnels Pros –

  • All-in-one website builder and marketing platform
  • Easy to navigate 
  • Great for new entrepreneurs and people starting out a business
  • Great hyped company – lots of good competitions and prizes


How much does Builderall cost?  Is Builderall worth it?

In my opinion,  and from a cost-effective and economical standpoint… YES!!!

Definitely YES, it has really great value for money, good support, and is a great start for beginners!

what more can you want??

sounds biased? I think I am …little bit : )  but I can’t help it!

I have experienced both, this Builderall affiliate review is to promote my one-to-one offer,

the tools, features, and benefits of using Builderall as well as the lucrative affiliate program

I really like the hype at Clickfunnels but that hype is super costly!

…besides Builderall has their own hype and a really great support group.

I intend to keep this Builderall review and affiliate program updated, so bookmark this page ok!



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