Best SEO stragegies and how to use them

Best SEO Strategies and How To Use Them

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Do you want the BEST SEO tips and tricks??…  Here are the best SEO strategies and how to use them

these are some of the best SEO formulas for growing your blog organically with Google (2021)

learn from the courses and research I have compiled with my many years of experience online!

Let me share what I’ve learned with you.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your webpage,

to make it better in order to increase its chances of appearing on the top page of Google or Bing.

Statistics show that 68% of all online experiences begin at the search engine and the term SEO basically revolves around that.

The more optimized or reformed your website is the greater the chances are of visibility on a search engine (commonly Google)

and consequently, increase traffic on your blog or website.

To add clarity, visibility in terms of SEO means to develop or optimize your website or webpage

in such a way that it ends up on the first page of the search engine and is hence more ‘visible’.

It is important to optimize for SEO if you want your blog on the 1st page of Google or Bing if you think about it,

even you hardly ever go to the third or fourth page of any search engine.

Hence, if you ever plan on hiding a dead body, anywhere from the 2nd and above pages on search engines would be great options. ?

According to statistics, Google basically runs the show when it comes to the search engine market.

In July 2020 Google has owned 86.86% of the market share of the search engine market and it doesn’t look like the numbers are going to change any time soon.

Now, who wouldn’t want to be the king of the search engine world?

How Does SEO Work?

The best SEO strategies and how to use them

Google’s ranking systems are made up of a whole series of algorithms to give the most useful information.

Search algorithms take into consideration your search query, relevance, the usability of pages, and expertise of source.

Source: from Google itself.

Three factors come into play when a search engine is trying to decipher how to rank and score a blog or website using the EAT process.

View Google’s perspective on EAT

“assessing your own content in terms of Google’s  E-A-T criteria may help align it with the different signals that our automated systems use to rank content.”

Source from Google

  • Expertise – suggests for example, that websites or blogs giving out professional medical advice should be suitably qualified in the medical field. But makes an exception for a person blogging on everyday lifestyle and such.  source
  • Authoritativeness –  This refers to how well you are known, respected, and accepted in your field and industry. How well versed you are as a leader and your credibility.
  • Trustworthiness – this aspect of EAT refers to how honest, concise, and accurate your content and information is that you publish online.

as mentioned by

On-Page SEO


Here are a few ways through which you can do On-page  SEO.

start by signing up with Google Analytics, Google Console, and Bing webmaster tools as they will monitor and track the following:

  • All traffic coming to your blog or website.
  • Shows demographics of where the traffic is coming from.
  • Monitors which pages brings the most traffic.
  • Monitors your bounce rate.
  • Audience reports.
  • Conversion tracking.

It’s important to remember, great SEO begins with two main campaigns, On-Page and Off-Page SEO, here’s the breakdown.


#9 Basic On-Page SEO Checklist.

(1) SEO Keywords Research

One of the most important steps when doing SEO is the use of keywords. Keywords are phrases that best define the content of your website.

Keywords are either “short tail” consisting of one or two general words:

example – searching google box for the general term “SEO” or keywords can be “long tail” consisting of around 3-7 words,

which is a more detailed search in google box example:

“How to do On-Page SEO?” which is a more specific search term.

Tip – Longtail keywords are much easier to rank for in Google as it’s less competition than generally broad keywords.

Keyword research is very important as this is how your organic audience from Google will find your blog or website.

Keywords are used to drive organic traffic to your website and improve your visibility and ranking.

Ensure your chosen keywords are thoroughly optimized for ranking

by researching your keywords using keyword research tools such as SEMrush

and see which ones have a high likeliness of appearing in the search engine

and strategically use these keywords as well as variations (LSI) of it in your title, meta description, and your content.

(2)   SEO Mobile Friendly Website

In 2019,  52.2% of traffic came from mobile phones, and this is only expected to increase

as the number of desktop users are depleting day by day as smartphones get more advanced.

People around the world are shifting rapidly to cellphones for literally everything,

as cellphones become more capable of doing a lot more tasks and multi-tasking,

practically just as much as a desktop.

With this shift to cell phones, Google places a lot of emphasis on user experience for both desktop as well as mobile phones,

thus, all websites themes should be responsive to be included in Google’s ranking, you need to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

(3)   SEO Title Tag

Optimizing your title tag is a very important step as this is what entices potential customers to click through to your blog or website,

title tags tell Google and potential customers the topic of your post, what your post is about,

what it entails, and how it may help them with their search intent,

alot depends on how crafty you were with creating your title tag because it cannot be too long or too short,

there is a certain sweet spot when it comes to crafting your title tag,

as title tags have better click-through rates when they are not too long,

as opposed to when they’re too short it doesn’t give the reader enough information on the content to entice them to click through,

a great psychological strategy is when you use power words in your headlines such as Free, ultimate, and most to name a few, 

fortunately, there are a few online apps to assist you with getting it done correctly such as CoSchedule and Sharethrough

these apps gives you a better idea of how your title tag may rate in Google SERPS.

(4)   SEO Meta Description Should be On Point

The Meta description is the text approximately 155-160 characters that you see right under a link when you search for something on a search engine.

When writing a Meta description, a properly structured one can do wonders for your SEO.

Optimize your meta description by using your main keyword, heading or both if possible.

briefly outlining the content of the post, using power words or sympathetic words for added optimization

will automatically increase your traffic and make you stand out from the competition.

(5)   SEO Internal Links

Another easy way of increasing on-page performance SEO is by simply adding internal links.

Which is basically adding links to other related content or posts on your website.

This is not only a quick way to make your audience gain better insight and knowledge about your website,

but also helps search engines such as Google in understanding the dynamics of your website

and that may consequently lead to your website being ranked higher.

(6)   SEO Page Speed Performance

It’s 2021 and quite frankly no one has the time or patience for a slow and lagging website.

One of the most important things you can do for the sake of your visibility and SEO on Google

is to take multiple tests on-site speed checkers Google’s PageSpeed Insights and ensure that your website is fast before you launch it to the world.

A slow and stalling website takes a major hit on the credibility and the authenticity of your blog or website,

it also provides a bad user experience (UX) for customers, increases your bounce rate,

and decreases your conversions not to mention you can be penalized by Google for it.

(7) SEO High-Quality Content

You want your website to stand out content-wise. High quality, in-depth, interesting, well-written,

and informative content speaks volumes about the authenticity and stature of your website

and will also give you more trust and authority amongst your audience.

Chances are they will visit your site more than once and improve your visibility.

To step up your content game you can add interesting blog posts that are likely to convert well,

along with videos, infographics, and giveaways.

This determines the percentage rate of conversions on your blog,

a good example would be to write the content addressing the problems and pain points of a particular topic.

then reveal the offer that will drastically improve that pain point and eliminate the problems of your customers and visitors.

this leads to high conversions of your audience.

Placing more than one call to actions on your site also assists to increase conversions.

(8) SEO Image and Video Optimization (Alt tags)

Extra points for using images and videos on your blog, but are they optimized?…meaning

  • Ensuring your image is not too big
  • Also that the image is compressed
  • Finally making sure that your images are adequately named in the image ALT tags.
  • Strong SEO Call to Action

Optimizing these helps computer users who are visually impaired also assists Google to co-relate the image inline with the content.

(9) Index your XML Site Map

What is an XML site map?…basically it’s a list of all the posts and pages on your website,

it tells Google Search bots where to search,

it’s important to file or index your site map with Google Console as this speeds up the process for Google to find and index your website

for customers to find you on the internet.

If you do not file a site map the process may take several months to a year for Google to find your blog or website content,

Using a sitemap doesn’t guarantee that all the items in your sitemap will be crawled and indexed,

as Google processes rely on complex algorithms to schedule crawling.

However, in most cases, your site will benefit from having a sitemap, and you’ll never be penalized for having one. source from Google 

Benefits of an XML Site Map are:

  • Faster indexing.
  • Sitemaps list all indexable URLs.
  • it ensures every page you want to be indexed is located by web crawlers.
  • Sitemaps ensure your new posts or updates it will be found sooner in the SERPS.
  • Helps you rank faster in the SERPS.
  • Sitemaps place higher importance on priority pages.

What is SEO Marketing?

I think it’s pretty evident by now that SEO and Digital Marketing go hand-in-hand.

It is impossible to market online successfully without incorporating SEO in your content.

When marketing online our main objective is to drive as much traffic as we possibly can to our blogs, offers, and promotions,

so as to increase the number of potential customers and what we have established earlier

on is that correctly done SEO guarantees an influx of organic (free) traffic.

SEO marketing is therefore one of the most foolproof and successful ways to drive traffic to your website.

Here are a few ways through which you can do SEO Marketing.

Use Social Media

Social Media is actually an excellent tool that you can use for SEO Marketing.

Once you’ve built a strong social media following on your choice of platform,

you can share links to your website with snippets from your latest blog.

This will do wonders to the number of visitors to your website and will automatically increase your conversion rates.

Off-Page SEOOff-page Seo Strategies

What is SEO Backlinking?

In SEO, backlinks also known as inbound links can be defined as the process through which one website links to another.

They are classified as one of many off-page SEO techniques (steps taken outside your website to improve ranking and SEO of your website).

You’re probably wondering why in the world are backlinks considered to be an important feature of SEO, it’s fairly simple.

Backlinks are described by many as a ‘vote of confidence, a backlink to your website will make you look authentic and trustworthy,

especially in the eyes of Google and other popular search engines and it is a way of one website vouching for the content of the other.

A backlink might be just the push you need to get ahead of others in ranking as well as visibility.


How Important is  SEO?

It is without a doubt that SEO is absolutely necessary if you want your website to be successful,

and to rank organically with Google and bing search engines.

The majority of your visitors will come to you through one or the other search engine,

which is why it is important that you constantly optimize your website,

this improves its ranking and visibility on search engines.

What is Technical SEO?

this refers to errors that affect the smooth UI of your website such as:

404 Errors –

These errors are broken links on a web page that leads to a dead page or a page which state 404 error,

depending on how the website is set up a broken error may lead back to the home page of the site.

Crawl Errors –

when a search engine such as Google or an SEO tool tries to crawl your site but is interrupted and hindered from carrying out the process of reading your content and indexing your pages.

URL inspection –

these pertain to the individual posts or pages and are easier to fix.

The URL Inspection tool provides detailed crawl, index, and serving information about your pages,

directly from the Google index. Simply enter your URL and Google will show you your last crawl date in Google Search Console,

it will also tell you the date it was last crawl,

whether there are any indexing or crawl errors also the canonical URL for that page.

Source: Google

Responsive Design –

this refers to the fast and accurate ability of your website theme to operate efficiently on a mobile or tablet, basically small devices,

in September 2020 Google launched their crawling of websites with their smartphone Googlebot “mobile-first indexing” for all websites.

So it’s important to ensure your blog, store or website has a responsive design period.

Source: Google

Performance –

this relates to page speed, you can check this on GTMetrix, Google page speed test,

or simply search for it online and get a variety of different choices,

non-the-less page speed is important to Google, as it relates to user experience and Google actually penalizes you for having a slow page speed,

as they want to give the best user experience when people visit websites.

What is schema markup and how does it help SEO?

Schema markup is a small piece of data to add to your posts and web pages,

it assists google in recognizing and choosing rich snippets from your posts to show up in organic search when someone searches Google,

while it is not certain that schema guarantees your content will be chosen as a snippet,

it does seem to assist with improving your site’s visibility in the SERPs.

Where do I Place My SEO Keywords?

Ensure your keyword is in your titles, and your subheadings are related to your keywords,

it is essential that your keywords are incorporated in your text naturally,

and do not look awkward and out of place.

How Expensive is SEO?

SEO doesn’t have to be expensive at all. In fact, there are many free ways of doing SEO that you can do yourself.

You may not get the same level of results as you would if an expert was to do it but with the right amount of research,

you can most certainly do wonders to your website without spending a fortune.

Brief Summary

To briefly summarize, SEO is the steps you take in order to increase your visibility on a search engine.

You can take many steps to do that such as adding keywords, making your website friendly, and adding a good Meta description.

Your main aim should be to optimize your website according to Google’s level and requirements as that is the largest search engine platform.

It is practically impossible to conduct successful digital marketing without the incorporation of SEO in the process.

Backlinking is an important tool in SEO as it improves your credibility in the eyes of different search engines.

I have tried to include the best SEO tips and tricks to get any website aligned with Google search engine,

their policies, and to assist with growing your blog and online store.

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