Best Digital Marketing Tools For Bloggers And Content Creators

Best Digital Marketing Tools For Bloggers And Content Creators

Bloggers and affiliate marketers have something in common. They are both content creators and marketers,

theses best digital marketing tools for bloggers and content creators are especially for persons in this niche,

bloggers try to share vital information with their audience in their writing niches, while

affiliate marketers seek to share valuable products’ information with you especially regarding how useful

and time-saving those products can be to you if purchased.

Simply, affiliate marketers try to influence your purchase decisions with their content creation skills.

Since both bloggers and affiliate marketers perform similar and related online activities,

they need similar tools to help grow their audience and business.

That said, I will be sharing with you the best digital marketing tools for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

Digital Marketing and Content Creation

Digital marketing is a system of varying online activities that ensures your contents,

offers and brands are being “target” marketed to get the much-needed traction,

attention, and audiences to convert, using the most effective and efficient digital means necessary such as the Internet,

social media, advertisements, etc. – Cenatha Bennetth

The link between digital marketing and content creation is inseparable,

they are interlinked thus one without the other is kinda useless,

So I will be sharing with you the most used and popular digital marketing tools and online apps.

The basic thing you have to know here is that the best of contents created,

may not necessarily get the expected attention if your digital marketing is crap!

Truth is…you may have the best content out there,

but not the right marketing you’re wasting precious time and money my friend, ok

Content is anything you put online, whether texts, videos, images are all examples of what content is.

Most content creators have an intended purpose for their content,

whether it’s for business, pleasure, or to make you laugh or cry!

More importantly, every content creator wishes to earn from the content they have created whether as a blogger,

designer or affiliate marketer. This makes digital marketing, blogging,

and affiliate marketing closely linked activities.

Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Tools 

Best Digital Marketing Tools For Bloggers And Content Creators


…as a blogger and affiliate marketer marketing tools refer to digital software and applications

that will help you to get your target audience on board to read,

digest your contents, and then CONVERT! Otherwise, what’s the point right?

Secondly – any and every tool you decide to use concerning your business should decrease your tasks

and make your online marketing life easier,

not more complicated!

For example, bulk editing, bulk posting, etc. depending on the tool and its purpose.

To make your marketing as effective as possible, these are things that should determine your choice of marketing tools.

A conversion is anything you want your customers to do with your content, on your blog, etc.

Your choice of digital marketing tools as a blogger and affiliate marketer

should depend on the marketing strategy you aim to implement.

there are so many online marketing tools that you can easily get distract.

Aside from this, expectations are very high for modern-day digital marketers.

You are expected to be in a million places all at once, esp. when it comes to social media

There are multiple channels for you to choose from when promoting your content and products.

From social media to emails, search engines, and the list goes on…there are so many different choices

and resources to base your marketing around.

However, all channels require different tools to do their magic.

You gotta know these things to achieve results and success!

Best Digital Marketing Tools for Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers


Best Digital Marketing Tools For Bloggers And Content Creators

 You can approach content marketing as a blogger, graphic designer, affiliate marketer,

or Funnel creator, using a few strategies that include: 

  • Organic and Paid Social Media Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Display Ads and Retargeting
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website testing and analytics
  • Content creation and Curation, among others.

We will explore the best tools based on some of these mentioned strategies.

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Tools for Content Creation and Curation

First, I should make it clear that there are no shortage of digital marketing tools and online apps

when it comes to content creation and curation. You however have to identify what kind of content you are creating.

Is it infographics, texts, videos or images? You have to think through what will resonate properly with your audience.

every content creator is always on the lookout for great content to continually fill up your content calendar,

this is because there is lots of online competition order to keep you up with your competitors

as well as fulfill your audience appetite the best way possible,

to get this done you have to keep on top of what’s trending online.

The truth is that you cannot always have time to put something unique together.

This is the reason you need some content curation tools to help you fill these gaps.

Here are some of the tools you can consider for content creation and curation.


This keyword tool is used to find your competitor’s backlinks, keywords, domain authority,

and a range of other things to benchmark your website or blog, set goals, gather headlines, etc.

Longtail pro

This keyword tool is similar to SEMrush but more economical, especially for new affiliates and bloggers

it is used to research keywords, competitors backlinks, Domain Authority,

and set benchmarks against your competitors to improve your blog and domain Authority

but still all the basics and more.
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This tool is used for creating and sharing lists,

if you are a blogger or online creator you would be aware of how popular lists content are.


This visual curation tool is used for posting content to your products, offers, landing pages,

promotions, and website or blog.


Similar to Pinterest, this tool is all Video curation, it gathers relevant content from Vimeo,

daily motion and YouTube, and is used similarly.


Best Digital Marketing Tools For Bloggers And Content Creators

As the name suggests provides a hub of online activities on one platform, blogging, landing pages,

E-mail marketing, content management, and the list goes on.


Builderall similar to Hubspot but on a higher level, the platform hosts websites, landing pages, email marketing,

you can create an agency inside of Builderall and host your clients on the platform, create videos,

webinars and a looong list of tools for all your content creation.


Warning- I could not believe the monthly fee, so not recommended for newbies to online marketing,

but it’s a popular platform and it does assist in curating and creating content that is trending.

It’s a great platform for businesses to form teams and share ongoing work projects,

it gives you great access to trending topics for content curation. Etc.

for more info on Buzzsumo check them out here: Buzzsumo

Canva (For images and videos)

Canva is perhaps the most popular web-based content creation application in the world at the moment.

If you need images to help your online content stand out, one of the best and most popular tools you can source is Canva.

The good thing here is that the platform satisfies the unique requirements for virtually all social networks,

and you can customize every image from as many templates as you have on the platform.

The platform also lets you create completely unique image from scratch.

Most features on the application is free to use but some of its features attract very affordable payments.

Landscape by Sprout Social

If you are really familiar with the online world,

you can easily tell that different content platforms especially social media

require different image dimensions.

In most cases, you will love to use your branded image on more than one platform.

This presents you with image resizing difficulties. Now, here is a solution.

The Landscape application designed by Sprout Social is one of the best seamless image resizing tools

you can use to achieve a perfect dimension for virtually all platforms.

So, let us agree for a second that you are very busy, and as much as you would like to,

you cannot create your own piece of content by yourself.

This is still not a good enough reason not to have fresh content on your blogs or affiliate links. is a platform that easily pairs you with professionals that can create your content for you.

But, the platform charges flat rates for each content type.

Contents that could be created for you include infographics, ebooks and videos.

However, if you need textual content, you can look up professionals on Fiverr. (link below)


Your blog and affiliate pages need relevant content. Sometimes you can get tired of writing.

Other times you don’t even have the flair for writing a piece.

Similarly, you can go short of creative uniqueness.

All these have a solution when you choose Feedly.

Feedly helps you to curate blogs, publications, and topics that you are interested in

and gather them from recent content from sites into a feed you can monitor.

For optimized usage, you can integrate your Feedly feed with your social tools

and others to continuously share articles with your fans and followers.


This is a very popular tool for bloggers to assist with posting new content and pins to Pinterest on a regular basis.

It saves a busy entrepreneur/blogger/affiliate marketer much-needed time and energy.


Kapost is a content curating application that helps you to monitor every step of your content marketing cycle.

One unique property it possesses is the ability to assign different pieces of content to different buyer personas.

This means that the application can easily show you what stage of the content marketing cycle

that your prospects are most likely to convert to.

Just as its name implies, this is an awesome content curating tool.

It easily scoops and shares content that are unique and relevant to your social networks, affiliate pages, and blogs.

This can easily populate your online presence with the right sets of information and content without stress.

Digital Tools for Video Hosting

Videos are important content for blogs and affiliate pages, as videos produce over 80% conversion,

they are great and more effective for content marketing and branding your business to the right audience.


Vimeo’s popularity as a video hosting platform is never in doubt with over 35 million people already using the platform globally.

You can easily host high definition and ads-free videos on this platform,

and the concept is to drive viewers who are looking for visually-stunning videos for their blog or business to this platform.

Your marketing will benefit greatly if you can harness the powers of this platform with really creative video productions.




This is a drag and drop video editing made easy for newbies or non-techies,

it provides a variety of different video templates that are seasonal as well as easily customizable.

it can be used on social media platforms, youtube, and such.


This platform starts at 39 pounds monthly, it offers hundreds of unique video templates

which are customizable to your needs and the needs of your business,

it provides seasonal templates such as thanksgiving, Christmas, and summer,

and many different themes and styles for you to choose from.


Another really great video hosting platform is Wistia.

This platform seeks to host, customize and share your videos across the web.

One of the best features of this application is its ability to include a customs call-to-action at the end of your videos.

This makes it easy for viewers to get on your landing pages.


Overused but not overrated, YouTube also provides you with a platform where you can upload your videos

and attach its link directly to your website for readers to view. Almost any kind of video can be uploaded here.

This makes it useful for any kind of digital business even outside of blogging and affiliate marketing.

Try creating a creative video and upload your blog or affiliate link to your description.

Your video viewers can easily locate your blogs and affiliate pages from there.

YouTube will also sure to help your SEO, google ranking and organic marketing.

If you can gather massive viewers, you can as well begin to earn money from Google AdSense.

Digital Tools for E-mail Marketing


Best Digital Marketing Tools For Bloggers And Content Creators

Bloggers and affiliate marketers cannot downplay the role of email marketing in their daily business and activities.

In fact, they make use of newsletters, hence email marketing more than anyone else.

Being one of the most productive marketing channels,

there a number of tools that have been created to support email marketing for bloggers and affiliate marketers

to drive even more productivity and results.

When it comes to digital tools and digital marketing, E-mail marketing is HUGE!

roughly 306.4 billion emails were sent daily in 2020

With more software turning up to help you send better-targeted emails to inboxes rather than spam folders,

bloggers and affiliate marketers can expect a greater ROI, thus increased profit margins.


This E-mail marketing tool is undoubtedly a giant in the E-mail marketing world.

However, the beauty of this platform is its usability,

simplicity and flexible price tag that is mostly dependent on the size of your E-mail list.

As a small business or startup looking to get yourself introduced to email marketing,

you can easily subscribe to Mailchimp’s forever-free plan. Whether a newbie or expert,

Mailchimp still provides a great starting point for everyone.


Similarly, Getresponse is an email platform that promotes email automation.

This tool allows you to easily analyze specific trends and behaviors from your mailing list.

You can as well set specific messages and instant autoresponders.

It is simply a definition of a smarter email marketing presence to engage your audience.


Marketo is more popularly known to be a CRM software but yes,

email marketing is one of the biggest modern CRM activities.

So, if you feel ready to take your email platforms to the more advanced level as a blogger or affiliate marketer,

Marketo will be a perfect all-in-one marketing weapon in your arsenal.


A very popular and simple-to-understand emailing automation tool,

it has many features such as customizable emails, email broadcast, unlimited landing pages, and sign-up forms.

It offers a free plan of up to 200 emails as well as a paid monthly plan starting at $29 monthly.


This E-mail platform has been around for a long time and has only gotten better with time

AWeber provides a great economical deal on pricing and has many features such as:

  • A drag and drop email builder
  • E-mail split testing
  • behavioral automation, send newsletters
  • A/B testing
  • Data segmentation

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 Survey tools

Survey Monkey

As the name suggests, this is a platform where you can create surveys for your blog, business or brand,

it has custom made templates or you can start from scratch and build your own templates,

it also provides you with smart logic to change the questions according to certain answers or within a certain range.


Another platform used to conduct surveys on your website or blog, your question can use skip logic,

according to what answers customers choose, this software has recently been updated as well in 2020,

it also provides customizable premade templates to choose from.

 Freelancer tools


This is one of the most popular free-lancer tools online,

you can simply post whatever job you want done,

or you can sell whatever digital skillset you have

it provides safe payments,

not to mention the variety of digital marketing offers they provide on their platform.

You can also find anything to do with marketing to assist your website or business.



This platform as the name suggests is for freelancers of all kinds, it doesn’t matter,

you can post a job you want done, it also has a chat to ask any queries, safe payments and much more.

Website Analytics and Testing Tool

As a blogger or affiliate marketer, you need to be in charge of your Search Engine Optimization traffic

which brings organic – free traffic to your website and offers,

Otherwise, it’s crickets!!  This equals no eyeballs on your products and offers therefore,

no sales pretty soon you’ll realize you have to pay for advertising which can add up in a zippy!!

Website analytics and testing tools allow you to see, how many visitors are visiting your blog or website,

which page they are most interested in, how long they spend on any particular page, and measure their return and conversion rates.

Google Analytics and others

Best Digital Marketing Tools For Bloggers And Content Creators

Google Analytics is the Godfather of analytical tools

It has advanced features that explain a wide variety of information behaviors,

and statistics on your website from a technical perspective.

These tools can give as much information as who your visitor is,

where they are from geographically, and what they actually do on your website.

It also shows which platform your traffic is coming from.

as well as if your keywords and organic strategies are working, which will bring free organic traffic to your website.

These insights altogether would usually help you to know where to improve your website,

and any tweaks you may need to implement to optimize and increase traffic.

There is another really good analytics tool as well.

These are:

Adobe analytics: This is an enterprise-level analytics solution for bloggers and affiliate marketers

who wish to gather deep analytics on their web performance.

This application features a cross channel attribution function,

customer analysis, and predictive intelligence which typically enables you to observe and respond to your audience in real-time.

If you are an affiliate marketer for an e-commerce store,

you can choose Woopra as your analytics tool.

It assists with cart abandonment problems.

This analyzes each step of your checkout process to determine where visitors drop off.

This will help you to take proper real-time actions.


This tool tracks website performance in an effort to increase conversions,

by tracking what visitors do throughout their entire journey on your website or blog.

Sometimes with just a little tweaking, something as simple as a change of color

can drive conversions through the roof!!

There are certain tools that can be used to do these things too. For example:


This is a drag and drop landing page builder that is easily customizable for a blog or website,

it’s used to collect emails, create a split-testing page, and many other features used for testing

which landing pages convert the best on your website.


This is similar to Unbounce, it is another A/B split testing tool used to test different versions of your blog or website

for the best conversion rate on your blog, website, or landing pages,

it allows you to make changes simply with simple drag and drop boxes.

Visual Website Optimizer

Another tool for you to choose from when it comes to A/B testing on your website

by quickly creating and playing with basic elements of your pages such as headlines and images

so you can have a multiple version and see which visitors love more and converts the best.


This tool provides you with a real-time visual record of your visitor’s behaviors

and actions on your website through heat maps they create when on the site, it shows how far down they scroll,

how long they stay on a particular page, the application records a video of their journey on your website via a heat map.

Search Engine Optimization and Support Tools

There is no digital marketing without search engine optimization. No matter what offer you have created to promote online,

in order to generate any kind of decent amount of traffic to your offers and create conversions, SEO is very important.

the next best alternative would be paid advertising

It should be the natural framework on which all marketing activities should rely and be associated with.

In fact, SEO is where most digital marketers, bloggers and affiliate marketers need most help.

Luckily, there are many tools to serve this purpose, all of them having similar features and functionality.

Therefore choices are usually based on which one is more advanced, or more popular.

Examples of SEO tools that are useful for bloggers, digital marketers, and affiliate marketers for keyword research,

analytics, backlinking and other SEO activities include Moz and SEMrush.

You can read from their websites’ “about us pages” to learn more about their features and functionalities

including how they can help you grow as a blogger and affiliate marketer.

As a blogger, or digital marketer, you also need SEO support tools.

There are a lot of these as well for different purposes. Examples are Yoast SEO and Grammarly.

Yoast SEO is usually installed as plugin on the blackened of your WordPress website.

Here, it ensures that your contents are SEO optimized by giving red, green, or yellow light signals in each case and section.

Green means your content is good to go’ yellow says it is fair and red says it is just not ready yet!

As for Grammarly, it helps to correct your grammar and typo errors

to ensure that your readers are not assaulted with numerous spelling errors throughout your blog.

Plus it makes you look good to Google and your readers – more professional.

There are many more SEO support tools but these are the most common.

Customer Service/Support Tools

Best Digital Marketing Tools For Bloggers And Content Creators

As a blogger, you are obviously running a content website and even more likely to be affiliate marketing as well.

In an effort to get your blog and website contemporary and in with the new,

Customer support is useful on your website now more than ever,

visitors feel more comfortable when they can ask questions and get real-time answers while navigating through your website.

Visitors usually ask questions for clarity before they make the final conversion, and they appreciate the instant real-time responses as well.

This assists in conversions as well as maintaining regular support for those who are already clients or customers.

Some of the recommended tools for this service are:

  • Live chat

Live chat starts at $19 per month and has lots of features, some of which are:

  • multiple websites support
  • Canned responses, agent rating
  • it provides a summary of the chat
  • 60 – day chat history etc.
  • it installs very easily and offers a 14 – day trial


  • Zendesk

This platform provides a single dynamic interface for easier customer support from any channel,

  •  It provides data analytics and survey tools to measure reporting and performance and satisfaction,
  • Email, voice, SMS, and live chat support
  • Out-of-the-box reporting, and analytics
  • AI-powered automated answers – up  to 50

Zendesk offers 3 pricing plans starting at $19 for the basic package to get started,

also, you can test out the platform as they offer free trials for all their packages. 

  • Freshdesk

Another Live chat tool used to give customer support, the features of this tool offers four plans one of which is free,

you can get started absolutely free and the second plan starts at $19 monthly if your business needs to upgrade from the free plan.

Some of its features are:

  • E-mail and social ticketing
  • streamline all your customer conversations in one place
  • automate your repetitive work and save time
  • canned responses
  •  Live chat, and automatic responses,

These platforms provide a wide range of customer support ranging from emailing

which also assists to improve conversions on websites. 

Extras: Affiliate Marketing Networks

As a blogger, you can also work as an affiliate marketer by promoting as many brands on your website as you could.

If you want to do affiliate marketing and do it well, you might need additional tools other than just your website. Some of the popular ones are;


If you are looking for an incredible tool for affiliate marketing, VigLink it is.

This has a massive database of contents that are basically provided by publishers.

They can be easily scanned in real-time and add links to the relevant keywords they find.

They typically use contextual advertising which makes it easier to drive sales.

Rakuten Affiliate Network

Rakuten Affiliate Network works similarly to Viglink.

However, it is different in the sense that it advocates for a long-term relationship between affiliates and parent brands.

This ensures that trust is built and that maximum product knowledge is shared.

This makes it easier for almost anyone to use.

CJ Affiliate

One of the most popular, CJ Affiliate has been touted as the master choice for advertisers

that are looking to get their products picked up and sold by publishers.

It has one of the largest networks of bloggers. It is also known for its excellent self-service

which makes it easy to scale up your affiliate marketing efforts.


Marketing is an important aspect of blogging and affiliate marketing. The reason behind this is simple.

In both instances, you either have contents, offers, or products to promote for conversion.

Now that you are selling content and products, you have to be sure that these are reaching the right audiences.

Most of the time, a combination of tools can help you through the process.

However, the tools needed are most times highly dependent on your marketing strategies.

I have therefore highlighted the most important digital marketing tools to help you achieve results with stages of activities involved.

This piece has a lot of information to help you perfect your marketing as a blogger and affiliate marketer.

I am sure you have taken your time to explore these. Now, ensure to use them.

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