About Us

If you are new to blogging and want to create a passive income online then go ahead and Bookmark this site,

as I post any and everything concerning how to create a passive income online,

in relation to blogging, CPA marketing, affiliate marketing and online marketing in general.

After realizing my female bosses have zero intentions of promoting me even though I am over-qualified for middle management (female issues).

Additionally, the company hasn’t given a raise in over 10 years,

I decided it’s better to have another income, I started studying how to create an online income,

that was over five years ago,

I learned sharing valuable and in-depth content to consumers is most important in marketing and becoming successful online.

a great example my mom always taught me was ” you can’t receive with your hands in a fist” she used a lot of proverbs growing up.

Mission of this Blog

Blueprint Links is all about sharing everything I have learned online over the past five years,

all the courses and coaching I have taken about I will be sharing with you some of which are:

  • Blogging
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Creating digital products
  • CPA Marketing
  • How to create youtube channels,

Blogging, and everything there is to know about making money online you name it I have done it!

Am I a guru? No, I am still learning every day, that’s something innate within me,

I loove learning when I graduated college, I missed the deadlines,

the tons of homework, and the competition to score highest and do well in exams.

Who misses school right!…. so that should give you an idea when I said I love learning…lol

I know you’re thinking I’m crazy for missing that stuff right! as I said before,

I always loved learning even Maths…it was not going to conquer me! everybody has their thing, for me,

it was bring on the challenge!


I have invested in some very expensive courses, as well as some of the cheapest courses lol…

Once I was duped by one of these gurus promising to hold my hands through his course,

that was until he got paid, his advice was crap which left me and a few members lost and bewildered,

then he stopped answering messages altogether.

I think I have been through it all and learned the hard way, hopefully,

I will be able to help you avoid some of these pitfalls

and help you to have a smoother transition into whatever online marketing niche you decide to get into.

Purpose of this Blog

This blog serves to provide solutions as well as informational content on all aspects of creating passive income online,

how to start and giving as in-depth details as possible.

Additionally, blueprint links aims to create a multiple income mindset rather than just the 9-5 work life,

but also an online side income that you can do from home, on the go, or traveling the world as many online marketers do.

Working two or more jobs is a killer to any household, no time for your family,

your children hardly see you and it seems as though they are growing up without you!

Not to mention time to rest and it takes a toll on you physically, mentally and spiritually.




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