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#5 Ultimate ways to make passive income online-Level up!

How To Make Passive Income Online

This blog outlines #5 different ways not only to make money online,  but to make a passive income online with up-front work setting up content, affiliate links, videos, and then just maintaining the work you put in for a few hours a day after.

I am going to guide you through all the steps from basic to providing an in-depth guide on how to make passive income online,

this would help you get started making money online.

#5 Ultimate Ways To Make Money Online:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Opening a Shopify store
  • Starting a YouTube channel
  • Blogging
  • Selling digital products online.

*Disclosure: This blog may contain sponsored content and affiliate links, which pays a commission, at no additional cost to buyers*

Affiliate Marketing

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First off, for those who have never heard of affiliate marketing before, it a great way to make money online, 

affiliate marketing is the promotion or advertising of someone else’s brand, products, or services for a commission/percentage of the sales.

better yet, much of this page is based on affiliate marketing,  so you can study this page as a great example,

as there are some affiliate offers and links on this very page!

I promote some brands and companies below,  there is NO additional cost to customers, and YES I do receive a commission,

In some cases, the customer may receive a discount when using affiliate links but it never costs more.

Affiliate marketing is…creating passive income, by providing valuable content to customers and visitors to your site,

It is done by creating your affiliate links, landing page, your link trackers and promotions,

advertise, and leave them only just checking in on them from time to time.

With affiliate marketing, it is possible to achieve great wealth but it’s best to have a guide or mentor.

Passive Income

Passive income online jobs allow you to make money online with very little to no investment,  

this method makes re-occurring income with very little to no direct involvement,

some examples are rental properties or real estate, dividend stocks, or a high yield savings account.

The sweetest thing about affiliate marketing is working 3 – 4 hours at home in your pj’s…set up their affiliate pages and links and trackers,

then go and have fun with the kids in the back yard, clean house, and do mommy stuff while making money,

and guess what?… they are making so much more than a decent living!

In my personal and yet humble opinion, it is best to find someone who does CPA or promotes products who are willing to teach you,

some call themselves coaches, be wary though, as some of these “so-called” guru and coaches are blatant thieves! …I’m speaking from experience.

How to make money online with affiliate marketing

Types of Affiliate Marketing

There are so many different types of affiliate marketing, and also many different ways to do it.

Below is a list of 9 of the most popular platforms of affiliate marketing they are:

  • Click bank                                                 Amazon Associates
  • Warrior Plus                                             Avangate Network
  • J V Zoo                                                      ShareAsale
  • Max Bounty                                              Linkshare

except for Amazon Associates, the others are known as CPA or cost per action, these are just a few of the thousands available.

Cost Per Action Affiliate Marketing

Cost per action affiliate marketing platforms consists of Publishers, Advertisers, and Affiliate managers.

this pays a commission to affiliates when a particular action is achieved

It could be a sign-up form, a purchase, getting someone to watch a 3-5 minute portion of a video, or submit credit card credentials.

when a visitor takes any of these actions on a landing page or website, this is a great example of how to make passive income online.


Publishers are persons who owns websites and publish advertisements and promotions on behalf of advertisers.

they drive quality traffic to promotions, via landing pages, or websites geared to convert leads based on a specific Cost Per Action

Affiliates marketers receive a commission at no cost to customers.

However, customers may benefit from better prices and discounts.

Cost Per Action Advertisers

CPA advertisers are creators or owners of products and businesses whether physical or digital or intangible.

On the CPA network, the advertiser/Business owns the Offer or brand and works with the publishers to send quality traffic.

A good example would be of an “iPhone give away” here the Advertisers would be Apple inc.

Affiliate Managers

the main purpose of affiliate managers is to monitor and ensure publishers are driving quality traffic to offers,

to recruit affiliates/publishers and provide the necessary assistance.

Affiliate managers are assigned a quota of publishers to provide assistance to them and recommend brands and promotions which are viable.

I will personally share one of these ways to make at least $50 per day doing affiliate marketing,

this is a simple step by step affiliate marketing

  1. Sign up to Maxbounty
  2. Choose an offer that can promote via Bing or Facebook. basic $5 ad.
  3. You will need to create a landing page, purchase one from Fiverr, or Upwork for $15-20.
  4. Create one on your WordPress website if you have a domain and hosting. But Wix is free to host landing pages.
  5. Link the landing page and the offer, using the given links from Maxbounty.
  6. Promote the landing page on Facebook or Bing for $5 per day.

Seasoned CPA affiliates use link tracking tools to measure their traffic and link clicks,

but when you are new to affiliate marketing you need to actually see proof that CPA marketing works and is rather easy when you get the hang of it.

You can set up a Maxbounty campaign in less than an hour and chill with Netflix and let the dollars roll in literally!

My two cents, there are no free lunches out there, find a decent and credible person to coach and teach you

if you are considering affiliate marketing. This will save you lots of time and money I learned this the hard way and literally got burnt, Cenantasayso!

Making money with a Shopify store

How to make passive income online

Shopify is not exactly passive income but it is very close to, with Shopify you have to maintain your store inventory,

which entails just a couple hours daily, Once the store is up and running it’s just about maintenance and up-keep 3 to 4 hours tops!

Personally,  when I first tried to make passive income online I had a Shopify store that FAILED! yep, my first store failed,  it was a beautiful store but failed for a couple of reasons I’m going to outline for you…

  1. Because it was my first trial store.
  2. I was learning on the go without a mentor or someone to ask questions.
  3. Doing everything on my own while still learning, was not the most beneficial but I learned from that
  4. Poor advertising, I was learning Facebook advertising simultaneously as I was running the store.

Shopify had to be included because it has made many ordinary Jane doe’s into overnight millionaire success,

so even though I tried it and failed, I learned why I failed, and it was certainly a lesson under my belt, I would definitely recommend Shopify to anyone.

I am going to outline some of the benefits of Shopify from my experience for you guys, and some of the cons as well. Here goes…

Benefits of using Shopify:

  1. Their 24/7 chat support is off the hook awesome!
  2. Shopify free two weeks trial offer is great for setting up shop, some people even begin to make money during their trial period.
  3. Its interface is easy to set up and use, just as with a new cell phone you have to get used to.
  4. Shopify can change your standard of living immensely, providing you have the right guidance. Which I will provide in my suggestions below.
  5. The API integrations are easily integrated with a wide variety of different platforms, e-commerce stores, e-mailing responders, shipping platforms…too many to mention.
  6. Mobile responsive, mobile shopping has been trending for many years as more people are shopping online more than ever before,
  7. Shopify stores being mobile responsive is a major plus for shopify merchants.
  8. These are simple only a few to list, easy payment integration is a final mention as Shopify provides many different secure payment options.

Cons of using Shopify:

Now here are the cons, and the first one I really did not like at all!

  1. Seemingly/everything needed a paid app in Shopify, this was a pain in the you-know-what! ….and my pockets too.
  2. Customization is limited to themes and platform capabilities unless you are familiar with CSS.
  3. Personally I did not like that Shopify charged for every withdrawal…not that I had a lot to withdraw with a failed store.
  4. Shopify can run very expensive considering the many apps, monthly fees, and if you live in certain countries you may have to pay additionally for a third-party gateway payment.
  5. Finally, the platform does not offer email marketing/hosting.

Print on Demand

How to make passive income online


One of the most popular platforms for print on demand is also Shopify, and one of the best ways to make passive income online,

its seamless integration with many printing platforms is as easy as exchanging API keys.

The sweetest thing about print on demand is you don’t need an inventory, no physical items or products to stock up, no warehouse or storage headaches.

Thousands of people choose to start using Shopify to integrate with printful in order to print and sell tee-shirts and leggings.

For those of you who are new to print on demand, it’s not very difficult to begin,

However, if you have knowledge of Photoshop that’s half the journey already!

There’s no need to worry if you have no knowledge of Photoshop, there is always Canva and Gimp.

Canva and Gimp are free graphic design apps used by thousands to create and design posters, social media templates,

e-book covers, graphic design for tee-shirts, and other clothing.

the Canva app has an easy to use interface, which is easy for any noob to navigate.

all designs in your store will be printed when purchased from your store by a customer,

your print on demand platform/provider will be automatically notified, print, and ship your item.

Freelance Services

A much easier and faster way would be to hire a graphic designer to do your tee-shirt and leggings design on

Using Fiverr, you can get tee-shirts and leggings designs from $5 and up, the higher you go the better quality and professionalism.

The major benefit of using free-lancer services on Fiverr is that this will allow you to get your Shopify store up and running within a few days.

thus saving you time to design the store, transfer or create your domain name, and to test payment gateways.

so doing research and creating a list of the things needed before beginning your 14 day Shopify trial would be an asset.

some other miscellaneous things needed to be put in place before publishing your store,

to also have your logo and favicon ready, these can be designed on Fiverr as well.

My Print on Demand Platform

Blogger tee shirt

Here is my print on demand site, click here  also a perfect example of what this blog teaches, in each paragraph and every topic,

this is Viralstyle one of the below sites recommended for print on demand,

if you appreciate the content of this blog and would like to support, feel free to purchase a tee-shirt of your choosing,

some are in this related niche, such as Blogger, YouTuber, Affiliate marketer, and a few other designs.

List of #10 Print On Demand Platforms

Ok,  so while Printful is a popular print-on-demand platform, here is a list of some others not in any particular order.

(1) Printify                                                      (6)  Moteef

(2) Custom Cat                                              (7)  Spread Shirt

(3) Viralstyle                                                  (8)  Tee-Launch

(4) Pillow profits                                           (9)  Tee-Spring

(5) Burger Prints                                         (10)  Sunforg

My little advice would be to vett each print on demand platform before deciding which one you are going to choose to sell your products with,

some have better quality printing products, better delivery times, some printing platforms offer ZERO support to designers,

and seemingly make it very difficult to source support of any kind! this was my personal experience with sun frog and Redbubble ….vett, and make good choices.

Bad Experiences with Printing Platforms


Personally, I had two bad experiences with printing platforms which were Sunfrog and Redbubble, with Sunfrog I really liked the store it had clean features but Sunfrog upgraded their platform about three years ago and as much as I tried to learn the platform there were some things I could not find online,

although Sunfrog does have some tutorials online there were old tutorials which corresponded with the old dashboard.

After about four or five different emails to Sunfrog and not a single response, I shut shop!…. I already had uploaded about 24 designs to the platform and couldn’t figure out an issue that kept occurring,

there was no assistance provided, my emails were not answered so I removed my designs from their platform and called that Wally!


My second bad experience with printing platforms was with Redbubble it horrible and daunting!…after uploading more than 20 designs to Redbubble, they completely shut me out!!

I suddenly could not gain access to my Redbubble account one day, and calling and e-mailing them was useless, as they don’t seem to have a phone number,

and the phone number I did find was not working,

the impression I get from some of these printing platforms is that they have no interest in the additional expense of providing support for their platform.

uploading to Redbubble was very time consuming so I dedicated a couple of days designing and uploading to Redbubble,

admittingly I got a warning to remove one of the designs which I did right away, no problem, about two weeks after I could not get into my Redbubble account, I tried everything!

and still, I just could not log in even with the correct password!!…which was soo aggravating!

moreover,  I could not reset the password because when I tried, the system said “we couldn’t find any users with that email address”  the kicker is…I was still receiving promotions from Redbubble to the same email address!! which they’re saying they could not find!

I have sent countless emails to Redbubble for assistance even using a different email address all I got from Redbubble was crickets!  not a single response and all my designs I uploaded vanished with the account.  gone to Redbubble heaven!

as I said before guys, vett these printing platforms do some research before choosing one, and then go for it anything is possible.

Starting a Youtube Channel


How to make passive income online

Starting a YouTube channel as a means to make passive income online is not as easy as it sounds, 

especially for me that is…my hair is never done, I don’t have a background in place, it’s never the right time…and the list of excuses goes on and on…but don’t be discouraged,

I am going to give you great content to get you started on how to make passive income online, and creating a youtube channel is a great start!  

statistics say it takes 21 days to form a new habit…for good practice start recording twice  weekly at a certain time,

A good idea would be to go ahead and do a practice run of talking on camera for a period of 10 minutes to see how you flow,

and if you flow with your content and the information you are providing, just to get the practice.

To start you will need a google account to set up your youtube channel,

start by creating one video per week for 21 weeks (instead of days) if you can maintain this behavior then you will be off to a good habit.

How to set up your Youtube Channel

Are you shy? don’t want your face on camera? Starting a YouTube channel can still be successful,

another solution to that is using a screencast/screen share with voice overs in your video it’s that simple.

  • Have your youtube brand/logo and youtube name ready.
  • Sign in to youtube
  • Click on your profile image
  • Follow the prompts to create your channel name/brand
  • Click create a channel
  • Then  for “myself” or “to manage my business”
  • Verify your youtube account

Ensure you fill out the “about section” and the description and most importantly verify your account

this will unlock other features needed to monetize and optimize your account, which we will discuss below

It is most important to decide on your chosen niche, it doesn’t have to be in the highest demand but popular to some extent is good,

the content should be useful to people searching Google on a regular basis,

Gathering content for at least the next 10 videos beforehand will also assist you with starting off with a bang! …

List of items needed to start a Youtube channel

Creating a list would be a great start to get your channel rolling:

(1)  A plain background

(2)  Great lighting

(3)  Noise-free area

(4)  A decent microphone

(5) Whether you need to screencast or to share your screen

(6) Other miscellaneous equipment you will need.

(7) Camera

(8) Tripod

Also remember, a decent cell phone or iPhone can work until you are ready to upgrade.

How to monetize your youtube channel

How to make passive income online

Alright guys, so now that we have covered creating your channel, creating content, and equipment needed to get started,

let’s discuss how to monetize your youtube channel, after publishing your channel you cannot begin monetizing unless you accomplish:

  • One thousand subscribers (1,000)
  • Your content/videos must generate 4,000 watch time hours in a 12 months period.
  • Have a linked ad sense account
  • Finally, ensure you follow youtube rules and policies.

Once these tasks are accomplished it makes it easier to transition your youtube account to be monetized.

YouTubers who put out clean, clear, and useful content increase their chance of longer watch hours and also more subscribers.

It is very important to share important content of value and interest to your subscribers

also, to know your audience and keep them and updated with the latest trends, fashion, or information

within your chosen niche is like having the “holy grail” your subscribers will see the “light” subscribe and appreciate your sharing.

How to Optimize your youtube Channel

How to optimize your youtube channel, How to write a blog that converts, infograph of increase of traffic

learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will give you great insight into optimizing your channel,

having the name of your channel correlate with your niche is a good start.

Behind Google, Youtube is the second largest search engine, it’s important to ensure that your videos are thoughtfully named in relation to the content

Google purchased youtube in 2006, the great outcome of that is when you upload a video to youtube google immediately indexes it,

Search Engine Optimization with a new page or new website can take months.

Optimizing your Youtube banner with relevant information of the channel is important to ranking your video,

the size of the youtube banner is 2560-1400px, I would strongly advise you to brand your youtube banner with the name of your channel, your logo, related artwork, and your profile image,

also, some people put the days they upload content on their banner, some put their email and contact information,

also their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts

if their subscribers want to follow them on their social platform as well

Youtube description Box

Youtube description box is crucial to leveraging not only subscribers, but also casual visitors to your channel.

Since web crawlers and Google-bots cannot crawl videos they will search description box,

For headlines, captioned videos, tags, and worded text for indexing and optimization.

Your description box is used to inform your viewers of your channel content, and what your channel is about.

Optimize your description box with links to your website, affiliate products, Facebook page, and other social media platforms.

Linking your playlists in sequence, or to your other related videos will also optimize your videos for increased viewing

because when one video is finished the other related video will show in sequence.

Thus assisting you to increase play hours and your SEO ranking.

How to make passive income online

How to monetize your blog

There are dozens of ways to monetize a blog, with just blogging alone there are more than  #5 Ultimate ways to create passive income online,

but I wanted to give you guys different methods that you could try to see what is easier for you to choose from,

#6 ways to monetize your blog

the first and most common is:

Affiliate marketing –  selling or promoting products for another company at no expense to the customer but for commission gains.

Advertisements –  registering with google AdSense or, companies that pay you to advertise on your site providing your content and the advertisement are consistent.

Selling digital projects – writing content giving insightful information, and selling the digital download book or video which gives in-depth information into the content/topic.

Courses – If you have authority in a particular field of work, better if in high demand, but in a particular niche which can be sold as a course by creating a lengthy detailed video giving in-depth and insight into that particular niche, field, or area.

Coaching/membership Sites – similar to the above courses, this offers your expertise in a particular field or niche, via a member-based site where members pay a monthly subscription fee for shared knowledge and your assistance.

E-mail Marketing – collecting emails from persons who visit your site and creating conversions based on products, e-books, courses, or ventures from the related content.

Making a Second Income Online

Using either of these methods to monetize your blog can be the beginning of creating a second income,

although this takes some time before you can actually see money from blogging as it is not something that happens spontaneously.

blogging is certainly not a get rich quick thing, it is not easy, but like everything else, once you are committed and dedicate the necessary hours,

it’s possible you will become one of the 5% of bloggers who are successful.


I encourage you to give blogging your best shot and I wish you much success. it is a great way to create passive income online and also create a second income.

Commit yourself to start blogging today, and stop second-guessing and procrastinating, you can sign up below with Bluehost the same hosting provider I use.

they offer a free domain name and also a free SSL certificate, to get you started faster and easier.

but, this is the company I chose after comparing a couple of other hosting sites.

Honestly though, I chose Bluehost because it was cheaper to get started with, So far I don’t have any complaints,

the 24/7 support is great I love it, as I use their services at 2 and 3am sometimes, so yea I really appreciate this service.

Sign up for Bluehost Click Here   blank

How to monetize your WordPress membership site with Bluehost

however, the final method I would recommend of making money online would be creating a membership site

In addition to sharing your knowledge, authority, and premium content in a particular field or niche

membership sites create a steady income on average, providing they can maintain their monthly subscription fees,

with very few members leaving the community.

It’s always best to continually promote and market your membership site

this will increase your community thus increasing your monthly income.

Five ways to monetize your WordPress membership website

How to monitize a membership site

Sharing your Expertise

Sharing your expertise in a particular niche also builds your brand and authority in that niche, and increase recognition,

This leads to being sought out as a speaker at conventions, hosting and co-hosting of webinars, a consultant for companies and large brands increase revenue.

Paypal Button on Website

Creating a PayPal button on the membership site where members can purchase 1-1 time for personal coaching, discussions, and tutorials.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing of digital tools, videos, and ebooks related to the tutorial/course, sharing your personal experience of using each tool and making recommendations of those that would be most helpful to the members of the community.

Offering Up-sells

Offering Up-sells of more in-depth premium content or packages to community members.

Advertising and Promotions

Advertising and promoting the content being offered within the community on social media and other platforms,

while maintaining the regulars, will also create a steady income.


Affiliate marketing is awesome, it’s like a huge evergreen tree Literally and figuratively with so many different branches, avenues, and ways to do affiliate marketing,

but it is best to stick to one or two niches and master those, choose a niche or two related niches, and become an expert in that field,

with the right promotions across the correct media platforms soon enough customers will be seeking you out, you will receive invites to speak at conferences and seminars.

I really hope these #5 Ultimate ways to make passive income online was helpful to you, I hope it gave you great insight into the affiliate marketing world.





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