#43 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

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If you own a blog, these #43 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for bloggers are a sure way how to monetize blogging,        

if you already have a passion for writing, then how to monetize your blog at the same time certainly won’t hurt!

you’ll be making money from what you are passionate about,  A double win!

It is better to start monetizing your blog as a beginner, but there are many experienced bloggers who only realized they can monetize their blog years later

You may still be missing out on some important information that could earn you 6-7 figures annually within a short space of time with your blog.

There are lots of ways to go about this,  but the most popular one is to be signed up for an AdSense account with Google,

Google Adsense pays you for the traffic that views and converts on the ads they upload on your website.

Still, there is much more to blogging than this.   

while AdSense is a very popular way to go for most bloggers, but I would not recommend it from the negative effects I have heard,

not my personal experience, from my research as you can see I decided against putting AdSense on my blog.

Further research, claims that it causes your site to slow down and lag, overload your site with too many ads,

and basically, it is not worth it for the literal change you are paid!

My research is done with other bloggers also seems to suggest that it is best to wait until you have reached 50,000 sessions per month,

then apply to media vine or Ezoic as the pay is much higher.

Bloggers often overlook affiliate marketing programs in their blog set up, or some simply realize it years after,

that they could have monetized their blog years ago and could have been receiving a lucrative passive income,

The fact is, that a lot of freelance writers and bloggers have made huge passive incomes from subscribing to affiliate marketing programs on their blogs.

Some of them have even confessed that these side hustles pay better than their regular 9-5 jobs!

There are so many stories of regular people eventually leaving their 9-5 jobs,

because their blog was raking in more income than the 9-5 they were doing.

So I am going to give you some of the best affiliate marketing programs that bloggers and websites promote,

these ones make a killing from the promotion! You’ll thank me for this post,

Also, before I give you #43 of the best affiliate marketing programs for bloggers.

let’s discuss affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the mutual understanding between a publisher *(aka) affiliate marketer,

the advertiser (aka) company that owns the products,

and the affiliate network – the middle man.

When you are an affiliate marketer, you basically earn commissions for marketing another person’s product or company.

The choice of product to select or market here solely depend on you.

You must however conduct strategic marketing research on a few factors like the quality of the product,

popularity, and functions of the product among others.

This is to ensure that your efforts wouldn’t be a waste after all.

*also known as

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer as A Blogger

There are many countless ways on how to be an affiliate marketer with your blog,

There are soo many different ways to do affiliate marketing, but the two most common ways for a blogger are:

  • Meet directly with manufacturers to market their products on your website
  • Join established affiliate marketing platforms as an affiliate and market their products to your website’s traffic.

You can meet with the owners of digital or tangible products directly to market their products, services,

or promotions and get paid either a percentage or fixed amount per product, purchased through you.

the second approach is to join popular and established affiliate networks,

register an account with them and begin to market their products while you earn commissions on every purchase made via your link.

Some of these established affiliate networks are Clickbank, ShareASale,  JVZoo, warrior plus,

and hundreds more different affiliate networks.

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#43 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Bloggers

There are lots of affiliate networks and programs for both beginners and professionals.

We have curated the best of these to share with you.

This list contains only those affiliate programs and networks that will earn you a very decent commission.

Some of these platforms also require that you have a certain number of readers on your website per month to sign up with them.

The truth is that it can be very challenging to be an affiliate marketer as a new blogger particularly.

However, my list of programs is beginners’ friendly.

Blue Host

BlueHost is verrry popular among bloggers and website owners alike,

they offer free domain names as well as very competitive prices to their customers,

Bluehost features  –

  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 support
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free domain name+site builder
  • Free domain privacy
  • Beginner friendly, for noobs!
  • One-click install for WordPress

they have a very good affiliate program with lots of different banners of varying sizes for affiliates to choose from,

Blue Host affiliate program offers their affiliates:

  • $65 for each qualified signup
  • Pre-made banners
  • 90-day cookie period







Host Gator

Hostgator, another popular web hosting platform,

has some great offers for consideration if you are building your blog or eCommerce platform,

take a look at their affiliate program payout structure, it’s quite generous.

Host Gator offers –

  • A whopping 45 days money-back guarantee!
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Free advertising credit and Word Press blog tools
  • Unmetered disk space and bandwidth

You can get started with Host Gator for just $2.75/monthly!

here’s a look at Host Gator affiliate offer:

  • 60 day cookie period and pays as follows below:

#43 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs


3094 4941683094






Long-tail Pro

This is one of the most reasonably priced keyword research tools,

especially for newbies just getting their feet in the game of blogging and the world of SEO,

as the name suggests, this tool urges customers to target long-tail keywords for better SEO ranking

and to get more traffic to your blog or website.

their monthly plan starts at $25.90/monthly

their affiliate program pays:

  • 30% commission on affiliate program

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This is a new but very popular email marketing platform, it was created by a web designer by the name of Nathan Berry,

the platform boasts of a very easy-to-use platform it offers increased performance in its deliverability rate,

but for bloggers who promote the email marketing tool,

affiliates who promote ConvertKit can use the free 30-day trial to offer potential customers an opportunity to learn the platform.

ConvertKit affiliate program offers:

  • A cookie length of 90 days as well as a
  • 30% recurring fee to affiliates.
  • 30-day trial and up to 500 subscribers,

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try convertKit button





Astra Theme

I am willing to bet a slice of my favorite cheesecake that you have already heard of the amazing “Astra Theme”

the free version is great, alone and many-a profitable websites,

ecom-stores and blogs were built with the free version alone,

but the paid version is like opening up or renovating an entirely new site! I mean wow…the amount of flexibility,

changes and adjustments you can make are soo many!

too many to list, too many to count but here are just a few, you can change your header or adjust it,

same with footer as well, add more widgets for your personal ads and banners,

I like the scroll to the top link, for long-form content,

it has a LifterLMS integration if you want to offer an online course for additional extra income,

as I mentioned above the features of the paid version are too many to mention here so the link is below

BUT the affiliate program offers:

  • $17 – $210 for every sale
  • you can promote URL by adding your affiliate links







AWeber is another well-established email marketing platform,

it rebranded its affiliate program and called it AWeber’s advocate program instead,

it offers a very decent affiliate program, they pay their affiliate via cheque or PayPal

a free trial period of up to 500 subscribers for new clients to get familiar with the platform.

  • recurring 30% affiliate program
  • AWeber also offers a very lengthy cookie period of 365 days

Try AWeber buttton


Pretty Links

This WordPress plugin is very popular among affiliate marketers, it’s a real-time

saver and automatically creates short links on your domain.

it even tracks your link clicks for you and also makes it easy for affiliate marketers to group and organize their links.

this tool offers a long list of automation, sharing, and link management features

  • 25% commissions
  • 60-day return cookie
  • Pretty Links offers a 14 Day money-back guarantee Free trial.

Pretty Links Ads

try pretty links button





Makes banking and online money management more easily accessible especially for persons living outside of the USA,

Using Payoneer services you can send or receive payments worldwide from or to PayPal,

as well as many other online banking and money transfer services,

including Bank of America and many other international banks,

Payoneer also offers a great reward of $25 to affiliates who refers new customers or client to the Payoneer platform.

after signing up they send you a Payoneer master card that you can use to withdraw funds from banks in your homeland.

Here’s Payoneer’s affiliate reward:


Payoneer button








This is a very popular freelancer platform especially when it comes to creating digital,

eCommerce, and online market products Fiverr is like a one-stop-shop!

the platform offers hundreds of digital items and many for bargain prices,

just be careful as with any marketplace to pick and choose your gigs with caution,

at the same time there are measures set in place to protect both buyers as well as sellers.

some of the offers which can be found on the platform are, Logo and brand identity,

photoshop graphics designs, tee-shirts, and leggings designers,

content marketing, app developments, voice-overs, there are hundreds of great gigs.

Here is Fiverr  affiliate program payment structure:

  • $15-150 depending on what category your buyer purchases from.
  • Referral program – 20% of their first order amount, up to $100





Amazon Associate

Amazon is never reneging on its focus of being the world’s number one eCommerce site in the world and nothing more.

One of the strategies engineered towards this realization is its affiliate program named Amazon Associate.

The program is really easy to use for virtually everyone.

Regardless of the niche you are in, Amazon will always have something for you to promote.

It is a great platform that if someone clicks on your link and ends up buying a different product,

you will still get a commission for it.

We think this is great for you. It is easy to get accepted as an affiliate marketer on Amazon Associate,

but you have to make at least three sales in six months or your account will be canceled. Don’t panic!

you can always apply again with the same approval process.

Worthy of note is that you are not allowed to purchase from your own link.

You will not be getting credits for such sales.

You can read more on how to qualify for this affiliate program here.




After completion of signing up to MaxBounty expect a short phone call to verify your ability in promoting CPA offers,

and to ensure your means of promotions are aligned with the protocols of MaxBounty,

they may ask how long you have been doing affiliate marketing,

what products you like to promote and your preferred method of advertising.

One of the most popular affiliate networks for Cost Per Action is MaxBounty,

most affiliate networks assign you an affiliate manager,

and so does MaxBounty, they make their contact information readily available for you,

if you have need of advice on the best converting products at the moment,

if you have any queries your assigned affiliate manager is whom you would ask.

Sign up to MaxBounty button




Personally, I really like BuilderAll because it is better than it’s competitors, costs less, and gives you at least 3 times more!

it’s like a Swiss Army Knife of online tools for affiliate marketers, email marketers,

funnel creators, the tools offered are numerous!!!

so the Affiliate program is just the cherry on top! for online marketers to use,

So most paid users use the same tools to promote the affiliate version of  Builderall,

building optimized landing pages you can purchase a domain in-house or import your domain to BuilderAll your choice.

the affiliate program offers a two-tier payout system,

to make things easy to understand think if as you’re reading this and decide to click the link and sign up to BuilderAll,

the first month’s payment I will get 100% and for as long as you like the system and stays in Builderall,

paying the monthly fee I will get 30% commission, good!

now – if you sign up someone and they stay in the BuilderAll system using the tools and such,

for as long as they are paying the monthly subscription fee,

you will also get 100% commission of their first month’s payment and 30%  thereafter,

this is where the second tier comes in – affiliates earn 30% commission on clients recurring payments on a 2-tier level

(under affiliates brought in by you).


  • 100% commission 1st client
  • 30%  re-occurring
  • 2-tier commission structure




If you are online creating images for your promotions and not using Canva, you’re seriously abusing yourself,

and if you’re paying for it! What are you doing!!  I mean really! Canva is free sweetie!

and you get the highest quality images and videos to download for your projects…for free!!! Canva will save ya lots of dough!

if you are new to Canva think of it as a new cell phone, it takes a while to get around it and get familiar with it but it is soo worth it,

once you get familiar with it I’m willing to bet it’ll be your favorite online tool.

Canva affiliate structure is:




Awin is formerly referred to as an affiliate window. It is a global affiliate marketing network that empowers advertisers and publishers

to grow their business online regardless of their size.

This platform will normally give you access to nothing less than 13,000 different merchants.

This platform acquired ShareASale in 2017. Although both platforms still run as separate entities and possess different merchants.

You are going to be getting a lot of physical and digital products to market to your website’s traffic on Awin.

Some of the notable big names on Awin are HP, AliExpress, Etsy, StubHub. Gymshark and lots more.

The platform was founded in Germany and so you can expect the market to tilt towards a number of European merchants.

There are also lots of companies from the US and around the world on this system.

The platform makes it simple for beginners that they can pay out as little as $20.

A con to joining this platform is that you have to sign up with a $5 approval feel which will be refunded,

but only if you are accepted,  but lost forever if you are not.

Awin affiliate program pays:




If you want to avoid competition with popular affiliate programs and you think to grow with a different platform that is full of prospects,

Peerly is the way to go, the platform offers you access to more than 3,300 merchants.

The platform has a brilliant looking backend that makes it easy to navigate your earnings.

Further, this platform has a good mix of small and big merchants. You can make weekly payments if you make up to $5000 per week.

application to the Peerly affiliate program takes about 3 days.

Peerly affiliate program offers as follows:

  •  $50 minimum




general EN wordpress square blue

This is a reputable hosting company that I cannot recommend enough.

SiteGround has really tapped into affiliate marketing to promote their business that they have a global reputation as one of the best affiliate programs,

Their customer service is top-notch and it is extremely easy to apply for their affiliate program.

They go as much as providing banners with multiple images and sizes for your use to make things easy.

They have a decent commission rate.

Check out how to become a SiteGround affiliate Here.

Site Ground affiliate program is structured as follows:

#43 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs








Try Site Ground Button




ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network. This means that once you join, you are part of the entire program.

Make sure to search for products that are a good fit for the kind of audiences visiting your blog.

The good thing is that you can sign up for other affiliate programs via ShareASale.

Some of which are Namecheap, Grammarly, StudioPress, Tailwind, and many more.

benefits to affiliates are:

ShareASale itself offers generous commissions:

  • $150 for every qualifying merchant that signs up through your link
  • $30 for every qualifying affiliate that signs up through your link

You can read about how to become a ShareASale affiliate program here.



eBay Partner Network

Just as its name implies, eBay Partner Network is eBay’s primary affiliate marketing platform.

You basically earn a commission on this platform by promoting eBay listing. Listing defines anything that is listed on eBay.

This gives you access to a huge selection of products and niches to promote.

There is however a downside in that eBay’s products are transient due to their auction approach.

The exact commission you will earn here depends on the product category.

You should nonetheless know that you’re a percentage of eBay’s own commission.

The cookie duration on this affiliate platform is 24 hours, but you can still earn a commission even if the auction takes up to 10 days to end.

You can also promote used products which makes this platform unique.

this network offers their affiliates:

You are going to be promoting mainly physical products and you will have the chance to a minimum payout of $10.

A qualifying transaction occurs when an end-user:

  • Makes a purchase within 24 hours after clicking your affiliate link for a “Buy It Now” item
  • Places a bid on an auction within 24 hours after clicking your affiliate link and then wins that auction within 10 days



Walmart Affiliate

Who doesn’t know Walmart? But, do you know Rakuten marketing? Maybe not. Walmart’s affiliate is part of Rakuten marketing.

We can still give it its own section anyway because it makes a valuable contrast to Amazon Associate.

Amazon may be the best eCommerce platform for a physical product in the world because it is on more than 50 percent of US eCommerce,

it lost its affiliate marketing attractiveness when it switched from its old commission-based structure to the new category-based approach.

Since this time, Walmart’s affiliate system became a little more attractive as it offers higher commissions than Amazon in some categories.

Additionally, Walmart’s tracking cookie lasts for three hours. Whereas, amazon’s last for only 2 hours.

You must test this is if your blog is focused on a lot of physical products.




This is a Pinterest scheduling tool that is very useful for every blogger. It is essential for content planning instead of manual pinning all day.

There are two ways to go about affiliates with this;

  • Tailwind credit: If you’re using tailwind, it means that you already have the referral link in your dashboard. With this in place, every time someone clicks on your link to make a purchase, you will get 1 free month each. You can give this a trial by clicking here.
  • You can read more information about Tailwind affiliates via this link.




Another very great, and dependable affiliate program for beginners.

It is easy to sign up on FlexOffers because it has a very user-friendly dashboard.

This network offers lots of products to promote.

The network also offers sales and conversions tracking so can see how much traffic,

you are getting from your offers and make the necessary adjustment to increase conversions and decrease spending.




Yet another great affiliate program for bloggers, especially beginners for two reasons;

  • Once you paste the VigLink code into your website, it automatically scans your site for common product terms and turns them into affiliate links.
  • If you have your application for a certain affiliate program rejected, don’t panic. You can still earn reasonable money through VigLink.
  • For example, if your application for Amazon Associates was rejected. VigLinks will turn your product into affiliate links.
  • You would earn money-making sales with this link but it would go through VigLink instead of Amazon.
  • This means that there is no rejection whatsoever anymore when it comes to signing up for affiliate programs as a blogger.
  • Just pass through VigLink and you are welcome to the affiliate heaven!

You can read from here if you want to know more about joining VigLink affiliate program.




One of the best high-end SEO keyword research tool on the market at the moment,

this tool is popular for researching keywords,

website competitors and setting benchmark goals with your competitors,

it shows you the keywords your competitors are ranking for,

their backlinks, it also does a site audit to expose any technical issues.

their affiliates gets 6 sets of pre-designed banners in various sizes, to assist with their promotions,

they offer a decent payment structure for their affiliate programs.

SEMrush affiliate program pays”

  • $200 for every sale you generate
  •  120 days cookie life
  • $10 for every trial activation
  • 6 sets of pre-designed banners of various sizes





Express VPN

when it comes to Virtual Private Networks, Express VPN is a leading household name, it is trustworthy,

established, and matured company, which has great ratings of speed, ease of use, reliability, and support.

it has 3 plans starting from $8.32 monthly (12months) if offers an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee,

24/7 live customer support among many other features.

Its affiliate program boasts of the highest-paid commissions in the industry, their commission rates are structured  as follows

Our default commissions are:

  • 1-month subscription package – $13
  • 6-month subscription package – $22
  • 12-month subscription package – $36





Millions of people use Wix websites, Wix offers free hosting and your own custom domain name, SSL certificate,

professional mailbox, and a great deal more for running your business and promoting your offers there.

you can read up more on the many features of Wix here and if you care to you can try Wix below.

their affiliate program pays

  • $100 per sale or conversion.
  • They provide creatives and banners
  •  Your affiliate dashboard
  • 30-day cookie period






Big Commerce

If you have an online eCommerce store and you’re not using Shopify, then you are most likely using Big Commerce,

as it is very similar to Shopify, BigCommerce offers you premade banners for your promotions also you can link to their optimized webinars,

their affiliate program offers affiliates a dashboard, where you can view your earnings,

monitor and track your clicks, trials, sales, and commissions.

the program offers their affiliates:

  • 200%  per referral
  • $1,500 per Enterprise referral
  • No commission caps







With Clickmeter, affiliate marketers and bloggers alike can compare monitor,

and optimize all of their marketing links in one place for increased optimization.

promoters can track their views, clicks, and conversions, and also share the data with clients and partners.

you can earn up to $1,000 per sale depending on the size of the subscription purchased.

ClickMeter offers a great affiliate program of:

  • 90%  commission per sale.
  • Unlimited commission cap





This is one of the many popular website and landing page builders among entrepreneurs,

affiliate marketers, bloggers, and online promoters,

it’s a great lead generation tool and also integrate with WordPress, it has a subscription of $25 monthly, and offers a free trial,

it also has drag and drop features as well as free customizable templates

their affiliate program offers:

  • 30-day cookie
  • Affiliate training

#43 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs




This is a large and popular teaching platform for course creators to sell and host their various courses online,

the platform host courses from gardening to sports, to artistic creations.

if you can put it into step by step digital it can be sold on teachable, there are over 100,000 creators on the platform.

their affiliate program offers:

  • 30% recurring for as long as the referral stays
  • 90 Day cookie period
  •  Payment via Paypal





This is a very well known and popular landing page and sales funnel builder as well, it is used by many online marketers,

email marketers and course creators to promote their offers, products, and services.

Click funnels offers training and support via an affiliate Bootcamp and their One Funnel Away Challenge,

the platform is more on the pricey side but once you are making money on the platform then it pays for itself…

their affiliate promote the platform and various software tools as well at a great commission as well as prizes,

TrafficSecrets B 1080x1080 1









The affiliate program offers:

  • 30 day -Sticky cookie
  • $100 commission per referral
  • Training – Bootcamp

Sign up for Clickfunnels button



Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is not very familiar to me, maybe you are familiar with it, but on checking it out I have found it’s new on the scene,

it was established about 2 years ago, but it seems to be making a big hit, and giving the other VPN’s a run for their money!

Surfshark offers 15 Netflix libraries around the world:

  • Kill Switch White List
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Clean Web Unlimited Devices
  • Over 1000 servers
  • Netflix Streaming
  • 30 Day money-back guarantee

also many other features, plus no ads or trackers from interrupting your surfing getting to you.

Their affiliate program offers:

  • Free month with referrals
  • 40% commission
  • Dedicated manager
  • Bonuses For Top Performers



A2 Hosting



Wow…this company really boasts of high-speed hosting which is critical to any website,

the only thing I don’t fancy about this company is that you have to pay for support,

A2 Hosting boasts of 20X faster hosting which increases your website SEO rankings,

lowers bounce rates,  which results in higher conversion rates for website owners!

it does have some other great features here are a few:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Free advertising credit and Word Press blog tools
  • Unmetered disk space and bandwidth

and their affiliate program offers as follows:

#43 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

  • Long 90-Day Cookie Life
  • Monthly Payments on the 15th
  • A/B Tested Landing Pages
  • Triple Redundant Tracking

If you want to sign up to become an affiliate Click Here




Hostinger offers lightning speed with their SSD drives and light speed cache plugins to hyper-charge web apps.

Hostinger offers a variety of different hosting such as Shared Web hosting, email hosting, VPS hosting,

Windows VPS hosting, and finally Cloud hosting,

Hostinger offers –

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • High-speed performance
  • Easy setup
  • Fast websites
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Flexible and scalable platforms

their affiliate program offers:

  • 60% from every hosting package sale
  • 30 day cookie period
  • premade banners

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IP Vanish

These days the internet is tracking everything, we don’t have an idea how secure or how safe we really are while browsing,

IP Vanish provides secure internet protection as you conduct your daily internet routine,

get privacy from internet fraudsters, like hiding your location, connection, and  IP address is encrypted and completely hidden,

for as long as your referred subscriber remains a member you will be paid a commission,

Features of IP Vanish Affiliate program:

  • No maximum cap
  • 35% of all subscription renewals
  • 100% of all new sales generated

image 100228036 14365296



WP Engine

WP engine provides fast and powerful, not to mention managed, WordPress hosting,

WP Engine handles automatic updates, managed upgrades, daily backups,

and continuous website monitoring so you can focus on your business.

their referral program offers:

  • Commission – $200 per referral or 100% of the customer’s first-month payment whichever is higher.
  • Wait time Commissions are paid only after each customer you refer maintains their account for 62 days.
  • Cookies 180 days.
  • Bonuses Earn up to $1,500 in bonus commissions each month.



Liquid Web

This company is a very popular fully managed cloud and web hosting platform, delivering 99.999% uptime!  wow right?

this manages over 500,000 websites, Liquid web offers a $1 free trial if that trial converts you will be paid $150 minimum.

their features includes:

  • 24/7 chat support
  • They capitalize on being helpful to all your hosting needs
  • Pro-active management of your hosting and security

their affiliate program offers:

2 separate programs a “referral” and the “affiliate”

with the referral program, the payout is $50 if you refer a friend or client

while with the affiliate program you get:

  • Ready-made banner ads
  • 150% of sales with a $150 minimum
  • 90-day cookie period
  • Dedicated affiliate managers

Payout Structure

  • From  $02         to $25    =     $125.00  per order
  • From  $25.1      to $40    =     $106.00 per order
  • From  $40.01   to $100  =     $81.00 per order
  • From  $100.01 to $150  =     $50.00 per order


4464 3862974464


Try Liquid Web button4464



Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform, which means they manage all technical aspects of hosting the platform,

which includes support, scalability, security, speed, and daily backups, with 24/7 live chat support.

Cloudways Affiliate Program gives affiliates three income commission structures:

  • 90 day cookie period

Slab –

  • Slab 1 –    1-5 referrals monthly =  $50 per sale
  • Slab 2 –  6-20 referrals monthly =$ 75 per sale
  • Slab 3 – 21-45 referrals monthly = $ 100 per sale
  • Slab 4 – 46 – 75 referrals monthly = $125 per sale

Hybrid –

  • any number of referrals monthly = $30 = %7 lifetime recurring commission

Custom –

  • 81 or more monthly referrals up to $200 per sale


The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platformimp





Spy Fu

This tool is used to track your keyword rankings, drive website traffic,

it has a backlink checker and spy on competitor SEO research tool,

these are merely just a few as they seemingly have all your SEM tools in one place,

Spy Fu offers their affiliates as follows:

  • 40% in monthly recurring commissions
  • 365-day tracking cookie
  • Paid twice a month.

    Get your payouts twice a month through PayPal or wire transfer.



Green Geeks

This platform is engineered for speed, scalability, and security for your WordPress hosting,

this platform has a great many features catering to website speed with the latest in SSD hard drives to store website files and databases,

configured in a redundant RAID-10 storage array.

the platform is environmentally responsible, energy-efficient while producing renewable energy via Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

their affiliate program offers the following:

#43 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs



Get Response

This email marketing platform has been around for ages! it is well known, this platform offers a free 30-day trial,

and many features to boot, along with email marketing, it provides marketing automation, landing pages,

hosting of webinars, conversion funnels as well as Web push notifications as well as many more features.

their affiliate program offers:

  • 120-day cookie life
  • Unlimited commissions
  • Free promotional banners
  • Dedicated support

#43 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs



Click Magic


This platform provides click and conversion tracking for many affiliate marketers, it is used to track and optimize sales funnel,

some of its features are link cloaking, split testing, as well as real-time stats and reports.

the platform also provides 24/7 support and provide knowledge-based tutorials.

Click magic offers a 14-day free trial

their affiliate program offers:

  • 35% recurring commission
  • premade banners and sample emails



Private Internet Access



this is one of the few leading VPN service providers, it provides state of the art,

multi-layered security with advanced privacy protection using VPN tunneling.

it protects all of your applications including your smartphone, not just your browser.

Private Internet Access affiliate program offers:

  • 33% commission
  • an artillery of premade banners!






This platform is another powerful landing page builder, it has some great features such as split testing,

Instapage is great for affiliate marketers, agencies, and influencers to create their unique offers and promotions

Instapage affiliate program offers:

  • 50% recurring for your first year!
  • For every transaction after year one, earn 30%.
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • Creatives and content







Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways you can make passive income without too much stress as a blogger,

you simply set it and forget it! in other words, you put in the hard work today and it pays off for weeks to months even years ahead.

I truly hope these #43 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs proved to be useful to you, in your blogging journey

I understand that this can be overwhelming especially when you are just starting out.

It becomes worse if you don’t know where to begin and what programs to sign up for.

If you can carefully read and follow the leads of the few programs I have suggested above,

you will be well on your way to extra income…providing you have steady traffic on your blog,

if you don’t have traffic to your blog as yet read this post and implement at least two of the strategies TODAY!!!

5 thoughts on “#43 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs”

  1. blank

    This is a very comprehensive list. I will definitely be checking some of them out, as I am constantly expanding my list of affiliates. Thanks for sharing!

  2. blank

    Always looking for great new affiliate links! This is a great list! I’ve struggled in the past to keep up with affiliate links but it’s one of my business goals this year. Helpful post!

      1. blank

        What a thorough list! Some of these I haven’t heard before. Thanks for sharing these affiliate links, I’ll have a look at each one!

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