#13 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Like Crazy!

#13 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Like Crazy!

Awesome, so you have started your blog, now you’re wondering, how to get traffic to your blog?  Or you already have a blog,

using any one of these #13 proven ways to drive traffic to your blog will work to get more eyeballs on your valued content, BUT!

Getting the right kind of traffic to your blog is and should be every blogger’s goal, this will avoid the kind of traffic that visits your blog, skims your post,

and doesn’t read the valued content you have prepared for them, getting the right kind of traffic will eliminate a high bounce rate,

as the right kind of traffic will want or be interested in what you have to offer, the right kind of traffic will share your valuable content with social media,

Pinterest and Facebook, etc. most importantly guys, the right kind of traffic trusts you and convert, they purchase what you have to offer not only because they trust your offer,

but also because it will improve their lives somehow because it will either solve a particular problem, remove a pain point or save them time,

this is where marketing becomes Strategic, it’s not just about getting traffic to your blog or website, but the focus should always be on how to get the right kind of traffic, targeted traffic

here are the best ways to get traffic to your website, blog or promotional offers.

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   Strategic Marketing

I loooved this subject in College, loved the teacher too she was petite but had a very strong presence if you want to drive the right kind of traffic to your blog

you also will love strategic marketing because you will realize you don’t just want any kind of traffic to your blog NO!

You want traffic that loves your content, values what you have to offer, and always opens up your emails this is the kind of traffic you want to visit your site,

This is called niche marketing, it is when you target a particular segment of the market that has a high likely hood of being interested in your content, promotions, and offers,

So it’s important to know who is your target audience, and what you have to offer them correlates to them, for example, iPods for Millenials?

Binoculars for bird watchers, or Viagra for gramps? So let’s imagine you have a great blog offering the latest iPods or Xbox for millennials

but you have all kinds of traffic visiting your blog, pug lovers, the bird watchers, you have gramps, gramps is definitely not interested in Ipods or Xbox,

(the odds are very low) hope you understand, while on the other hand gramps may be very interested in getting some Viagra for date night,

same with the millennials they will be more interested if your blog catered to Xboxes and Ipods rather than binoculars for birdwatchers, (the percentage again would be low)

So guys,  I hope you understand why it’s important why you want to get the right traffic to your blog and not 500,00 per day that has no interest in your content,

this will increase your bounce rate drastically, and we don’t want that, google does not like it either.

Strategic marketing is certainly one of the best ways of how to get traffic to your blog or website.

#13 Proven ways to drive traffic to your blog like crazy!

  • SEO Optimized Posts

Optimized posts are very important in how to get free traffic to your blog, using keyword phrases and specific keywords through-out your post is crucial,

researching your keywords decipher what exactly potential customers in your niche are looking for,

this way you can better provide visitors with the content they seek.

Keyword research is vital to any website especially long-tail keywords which most people will type into the google search engine,

here’s an example of long-tail keywords, “What is the best way to get traffic to your blog?” eg.2 “ how to get traffic to your blog”

examples 1 and 2 are ways people will generally use google search engines, to ask a question,

Using keyword research tools give you great pillar topic ideas for more blog posts.

Another benefit of the keyword tool is using it to spy on your competitor and see their content to better match and rank for that particular keyword.

reference here for other SEO strategies.


  • Social sharing

How to get traffic to your blog

Promote teasing subject headings of your blog topic on social media or Facebook.

Choosing the most popular article on your blog to promote on social media will definitely bring more viewers to your website,

using the enhanced features of Facebook “targeted audience”  will ensure the right viewers/customers visit your site,

Most Blog themes have social sharing buttons for visitors to share via Facebook, Twitter, and such,

encourage your readers to share relevant information to their groups and for their social media followers and friends,

come on guys we all need a hand at some point, “sharing is caring”

another benefit of guest blogging on authority sites is being able to link to your social media accounts, here you can get an influx of traffic from social shares

  • Guest Blogging

This particular one of the #13 Creative ways to get traffic to your blog is one of the most popular contributions among bloggers,

by contributing guest posts for other blogs and websites, this strategy mostly allows you to leave a link within the post leading back to your content on your OWN website,

the main reason for guest posting is to gain popularity, increased traffic through backlinking, and sharing expertise.

Inviting or extending guest posts from other well-known bloggers, coaches, and authority figures is a great idea for your blog,

did you know guest posting increases your online authority by giving you credibility when you post on other authority websites.

these personalities will most likely have groups and teams…meaning more traffic to your blog and more backlinks from other websites.

basically by guest posting on someone’s blog they are pretty much vouching for you, for your trustworthiness.

So,  guest posting is a great way to grow brand awareness, and establish authority and build trust.

  • Sharing or referencing

Referencing other brands and integrating their links into your content may result in the other brands returning the favor and linking to your posts as well,

scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours yea! …. thus increasing traffic to your blog.

it also makes it easier for your readers when you insert reference links into your content for them to simply click which takes them to the information you are referring to.

  • Post Regularly

More content means more keywords your blog will be ranking for in search traffic, so posting regularly will be great for your SEO,

the method of posting regularly then broadcasting your regular posts via e-mail marketing and sharing to social media at the same time,

will certainly bring an influx of traffic to your website.

Research shows that blogs that upload regularly get more traffic than other blogs that only post once per week,

this sentiment is also endorsed by well-known affiliate marketer Neil Patel here if you have a mature blog or an evergreen blog the content will still be relevant years later,

even without regular posting or updating.

  • E-mail Marketing

proven ways to drive traffic to your blog

E-mail marketing is another popular way to utilize your e-mail subscriptions by sending the latest blog release,

also by sending snippets of paragraphs of different blog topics that link back to your blog posts.

collecting e-mails on your blog or website is crucial for email marketing as this collects thousands of emails,

so imagine sending 2-5 thousand emails whenever you release a new blog post or send your list a freebie to download from your site,

and at least half of those emails are opened and clicked through to your blog,

that’s alot of decent traffic to your blog, that’s still 1,000 to 2,000 eyeballs to your website right?  give or take a few hundred.

you may find this Convertkit VS AWeber Savage Review helpful for your choice of e-mail marketing platform.

e-mail marketers have a saying “the money is in the list” some say if their house is burning,

they will save their family then their list! just to give you an idea of how important having an e-mail list is for bloggers,

affiliate marketers, and passive income marketers period.

also if you are interested in starting your email marketing I am an affiliate for two of the best on the market! ConvertKit and AWeber.

I’ll link you guys up to both of them for you to check them out, and they both have free plans for you to begin with and get a feel for what they offer.

so here’s ConvertKit CLICK HERE and here is AWeber CLICK HERE       NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED also remember it’s no cost to you at all.

  • Quora

Quora platform is well known and very popular for asking questions and persons answering by responding with a link to the specific article on a blog for a more in-depth answer,

Many bloggers usually leverage this platform by doing this, it’s also another form of evergreen organic traffic to your blog as long as the question remains relevant

As long as the subject and response remain relevant as well as the number of upvotes the answer gets.

  • Include visuals and Infographics

Research shows that using videos, slides, visuals and any kind of infographic on your website improve conversions by as much as 85%

and visitors stay on your site for longer periods,  did you even know using infographics and videos increases your engagement, enhances your SEO, and also makes your site more attractive?

and I am sure you already know the added benefit of your viewers sharing them on social media creates more visitors and traffic to your blog right?

personally, I won’t want to read a blog without an image…the mere thought is punishment to me…I just can’t.

Companies and organizations use infographics to promote their logo and create brand awareness using their unique colors, shapes, and phrases along with their messages.

  • Engaging with viewers

ways to drive traffic to your blog

Engaging with visitors and being responsive by answering and interacting with customers,  by sharing insight, and giving tips,  tricks, and guidance where ever possible

creates an interactive audience and community, by contributing and sharing with your viewer community helps it to grow,

moreover, you can then create a Facebook group or forum on the website for your growing community,

not only does this gain you trust and authority, but your viewers would certainly appreciate it,

engaging with your viewers not only creates a community that you can mentor and share your expertise with,

this is one of the best strategies of the #13 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Like Crazy!

because an engaged community will be there when you release new posts and promote new products.

  • Increased Website Speed

In 2010, Google introduced a new ranking signal called ‘Speed Update’ check it out here this focuses on the loading time of the page especially for mobile users

Have you ever been to a slow website? It’s like pulling teeth!   do not ever let this happen to your blog,

always make sure your site is fast and responsive at all times!… A blog that takes a long time to load can really hurt your website,

first off google penalizes slow websites, patience has taken a leap through the window my friend, and this is a certain way to lose customers and visitors,

which increases your bounce rate this results in low conversions for your website.

40% of people actually abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.

check out your page speed here with google’s own tool

  •  Famous Interviews

Interviewing prominent leaders in your field or industry will definitely increase eyeballs to your site,

this cements your credibility with your visitors and enhances your authority in your field.

Also gaining more visitors from the interview.

Implementing this strategy is a sure bet in getting new visitors to your blog or website, just a few of these ideas will definitely help to get traffic to your blog

  • AdvertisingHow to drive traffic to your blog

Advertising is the King…the grand-father of getting traffic to your blog, using facebook’s target audience and similar audience are some of the best ways to get traffic to your website or blog,

some may argue SEO and keywords,

which are great points, but with advertising…as soon as you hit that “publish” button on whichever platform you choose to advertise Bam!….instant traffic!

instant exposure to targeted traffic, with all the other methods and different ways of getting traffic to your blog,

none can come close, my mom has a saying “patient man rides donkey” meaning you will get there but the question is when??

SEO and Keyword strategies will get you traffic but when?…these strategies take months before you start to see the results of SEO and Keywords,

so while you implement SEO and Keywords, into your posts also utilize advertising until they kick in. Cenantasayso!

  • Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is always relevant, always in season, always in demand, this is how we should aim to write our valued content, but all content can’t be evergreen,

this has to do with the niche or industry of business we choose, so if your content or business is seasonal and changes regularly,

you may need to update your content on a regular basis so that it remains valuable and contemporary,

with each content up-date, you can promote it via email marketing or social media to keep visitors updated and coming back to your site,

this is yet another method to drive traffic to your blog or website.


So I said #13 proven ways to drive traffic to your blog but I gave you guys an extra one making it #14 instead,

Implementing at least one, even two of any of these methods of how to drive traffic to your blog, you will see a substantial increase in traffic to your blog or website,

these strategies are proven and will definitely increase traffic to your website if you are a website owner into affiliate marketing or any kind of online marketing

better yet if you are a beginner to making passive income online, see which of these strategies you can implement today!

monitor it with your google analytics and you will see an increase in traffic as these are some of the best ways to get traffic to your website or blog.




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