#11 Steps to Write and Publish an E-book to Make Money Online(2020)

#11 Easy Step by Step Guide to Make Passive Income from writing E-Books

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#11 easy step by step guide to make passive income from writing E-Books (2020) to make money online will give you not only insight on how easy it is to write an ebook but also to

publishing an e-Book,  but will show you how to get it done, all the while creating passive income while you sleep, this is one of the most addicting things about

making money online, So eBooks are one of those many ways to achieve a second income, they come in all sorts of categories or genres

such as academics, novels, and autobiographies to name a few, available digitally.

eBooks are becoming extremely common and a rapid shift can be seen from printed books to eBooks in recent years,

especially amongst younger generations with the rise of Internet usage.

In the USA alone there was an estimated sale of 335.7 million e-books in 2019.

Whether it’s a novel you’ve been thinking about writing, a motivational book, or an educational book, an eBook is an ideal way to go about it.

Not only are eBooks becoming extremely popular and common they are also an excellent way to make money.

Learn how to write an e-book and create a passive income NOW! get started today,

with these #11 easy step by step guide to make passive income from writing E-Books (2020) to make money online

I am daring you to find your passion, build up your courage! and just do something different!

these e-books are currently one of the best ways to make passive income online,

so what are you waiting for? Get to writing your eBook right away!

Step-by-step Guide on How to Write an Ebook and Make Money

#1. Choose a Niche

How to Write an E-book and Make Money Online in 2020 (Passive Income)

Once you have a good and decent knowledge of the English language, that is all you need to get started, you don’t have to be a professional of any kind to write an ebook,

depending on the topic, you can write romance, fantasy, science fiction, or a hobby you are you know very well,  you do not need a degree to get started.

So to start off your eBook writing endeavor, you need to first sit down and choose a topic that is actually in demand for your eBook.

Not only do you need to make sure that you are interested and can write about a certain topic but you also need to be aware as to what sells and what is popular,

as your main target is to write an eBook and earn money which you obviously can’t accomplish if there’s no one interested in the topic you have written about!

Fiction novel eBooks are extremely in high demand, however, there are many other topics that you could write on.

According to research by Amazon in 2017, the most popular non-fiction eBook categories include religion & spirituality,

biographies & memoirs, self-help, cookbooks, health & fitness, and education & teaching.

It is safe to say that the options are limitless and it’s all about discovering the best popular niche for you.

#2. Do Your Research

How to Write an E-book and Make Money Online in 2020 (Passive Income), how to make money online


A major factor of how to make recurring passive with eBooks is that after you’ve decided on what your niche is,

you then need to do your research and start finding the right content.

You want your eBook if it is non-fiction, to contain the correct material and is 100% authentic.

also you need to ensure that you do thorough research and gather all the necessary facts and information before you sit down to actually write your eBook.

also try not to make it too many pages between 70-100 is decent.

#3. Build an Outline and a Writing Schedule

An important step on how to write an eBook and make money is to start with an agenda, that means creating an outline where you map out,

plan, and structure your entire eBook.  This will make it easier for you to write an eBook and help your creative process,

as you’ll know exactly what you want in your book and where you want it.

While writing eBooks for money is a brilliant idea for a passive income, it’s very easy to get lazy and let this endeavor drag for months on end.

Therefore to make sure that you actually go through it, create a writing schedule, and make sure to stick with it.

Even if you’re having writer’s block or don’t particularly feel like writing,

take at least an hour out of your day to think and jot down ideas relating to your eBook.

#4. Create a Captivating Title

When writing eBooks for money, one of the most important steps you can take to make sure that your eBook is a success is creating a title that is unique and memorable.

It is vital that you make sure that while your title is distinctive, it’s not difficult or hard to remember.

The easier on the tongue your title is, the easier it is for people to remember and recall.

#5. Design a Gripping Cover

Believe it or not, many of us still judge a book by its cover. If the question in mind is how to make money off an eBook, the cover plays a major role.

High quality and refined cover speaks volumes about the writer and content and makes you look highly professional so you definitely want to put some thought into it.

You want to make sure that your eBook cover is impactful and stands out from the crowd.

Your audience is mostly Millennials and Gen Zs so you want to make sure that the design of your cover meets their liking and attracts them.

Minimalism, clean, sophisticated, and classy are highly liked and preferred these days so you could think along those lines for your cover.

#6. Write High-Quality Content

This is probably the most important factor when writing eBooks for money. It doesn’t matter how stunning your cover is or how tempting your title is,

if the content isn’t good enough it’s unlikely that your eBook would be a success.

almost everyone would like to write an ebook but it is most important to learn how to write an ebook to make money online the correct way,

your eBook must be of good quality and give great value and benefits to it readers, so they will make references to it and share it within their forums and groups,

You need to put a lot of effort into perfecting your content for your readers, making sure the facts and information are accurate,

constantly rechecking and proofreading your content, and editing to make sure there aren’t any grammatical errors.

make sure to dot every “i” and cross every “t” as grammatical errors degrade the quality of the book even though it may be of great value and content.

These steps are absolutely necessary in order to outshine your competitors and ensure that your eBook is a success.

Use this blog as an example of high-quality content, these #11 Easy step by step guide to  make passive income from writing E-Books (2020)

is all you need to be able to write an ebook to make money online,

as this blog guides you from the title right through to the publishing of your book, giving you links and references,

making the journey easier for you to follow along as you create your ebook.

#7. Choose an Ideal Platform

#11 Steps to Write and Publish an E-book to Make Money Online(2020)

After you’ve written and proofread the content of your eBook and it’s ready for publication,

you need to choose a platform that will be ideal for your eBook and has the most traffic of your target readers.

This step is one of the major deciding factors on how well you’re able to do when it comes to being able to monetize your eBook.

You need to research as to which platform will be ideal for your eBook and publish your book there.

Some excellent platforms that will help you gain a ton of exposure for your eBook include Smashwords and Amazon Kindle.

#8. Market your eBook

One of the optimal ways on how to make money from an eBook is marketing it the best way possible.

With the amount of competition on the Internet, just publishing a good and high-quality eBook just isn’t enough.

You need to put thought develop a proper marketing strategy and stick to it in order to get your eBook the maximum amount of exposure possible.

Start marketing and promoting your eBook out before it has even been published.

This will create a sense of excitement and frenzy amongst your target readers, which is exactly what you want.

There are many ways through which you can market your eBook. Email marketing is an excellent way to create awareness about your eBook.

If you are willing to invest a little in the marketing process, you can even place advertisements on search engines for your eBook,

which will certainly be highly beneficial and get you the exposure you need.

One of the most effective and fruitful ways to market your eBook is using social media to your benefit.

Using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to market your eBook is not only an excellent way to advertise,

but it is also a place where you can communicate with and get in touch with your potential readers, talk about your eBook, get feedback,

and answer their questions regarding your eBook.

#9. Blog Your Way to the Top

#11 Steps to Write and Publish an E-book to Make Money Online(2020)

Blogs have pretty much become a necessity in this day and age in order to have a significant and noteworthy online presence.

Build a website and get to blogging, this creates exposure and recognition for yourself and your eBooks.

Make sure that you write blogs in ways that the traffic and conversion rates are maximized to ensure that you will see the best rewards,

if you can write and publish an ebook to make money online, then you can certainly blog to help increase the traffic and promotion of the book,

they will complement each other in driving traffic and awareness to each other.

#10. Write a Series

#11 Steps to write and publish and ebook to make money online

What’s better than one eBook? A series of eBooks. If your first eBook was a hit that would be an indication to write another,

creating a series of eBooks,  after realizing how to easily write an ebook, you will realize writing a couple will be a breeze,

ideally, this is what creates not only passive income but a recurring income as well.

after success with the first eBook, this will not only give you the confidence to write another,

moreover, you will have the experience of creating the first one and the process of doing it, making it easier to create a series of eBooks,

Keep continuing the flow of your growing audience and write a series of eBooks ideally around the same theme.

However in order to keep up and maintain the brand image, make sure that you work just as hard and put in the same time and effort in the rest of the books,

making sure that they’re just as good as the first if not better.

#11.  Publishing your Masterpiece

Ok so you have completed the contents of your eBook, and you are ready to publish,

NO! now put that book away! …Lol for an entire day or two even, then you will return refreshed with fresh eyes, at this point read your book aloud to yourself,

Not in your head, this way you will literally hear and sound out any errors while reading,

hopefully, you can find a good neutral friend or family member to criticize the book constructively, and identify any grammatical or spelling errors,

if you care to, you can trust a qualified editor to do this for you, when this process is completed, you need to format or convert your book into an epub.

File, this allows you to be able to edit and adjust your book just the way you would like it to look for Kindle.

DO NOT submit a PDF, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) here is the link for you it is FREEEE…Awesome!  https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/

To convert your E-book from Ms. Word to an e-pub.file there is a free software online name Calibre, download it from the internet,

here is the link https://calibre-ebook.com/  Set up your metadata which is your name and the title of the book,

Go there set up your account, and how you will be paid, etc, once all of that is done then upload your book to the Amazon platform.


This is one post that will certainly assist any blogger to make money online, with these #11 Easy step by step guide to make passive income from writing E-Books (2020)

will help you immensely if you would like to create a passive income stream online. Although eBooks may not necessarily make you a millionaire,

it might ensure a stable influx of money for years to come.  Not only are eBooks a simple, hassle-free, and quick publication,

an eBook will also establish authority for your brand and build trust all the while creating passive recurring income especially if it was published in an evergreen niche,

publishing an ebook can do a lot for your career,  it will certainly look on your portfolio and open up many avenues for you.

As long as you’re passionate about your chosen niche and have an idea as to how you would want to deliver in your eBook,

it is actually quite simple to put it into words and earn money out of it. Writing an ebook is definitely a great way of creating a passive and recurring income online.

See how to easily write an ebook?

Hey thank you for visiting my blog, I wish you a great day/night!  feel free to leave a comment and also your email to receive notifications when I post again. 🙂


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