#11 Proven Tips For Every Affiliate to Up Their Game!

#11 Proven Tips For Every Affiliate to Up Their Game!

Implementing these #11 proven tips for every affiliate to up their game! on a daily basis is like the cogs in your car, to keep it working.

What do you think could make you succeed in your online business pursuit? Hard work? Great communication skills and a charming personality?

As vital as these professional qualities are, they will only be known to you if you have no customers to render your service to.

You may be the best in the service you render; freelance writing, Affiliate marketing, consultation, graphic design or whatever.

It is your clients that will determine your success, and whether or not they will be returning customers

The more your skills and professional dexterity leave your clients satisfied, the better your chance and opportunity of expansion and branding.

The basis of everything lies in a simple question, and it happens to be the most crucial of all,

What’s keeps your customers coming back for more? and how do you attract new ones?

Simple answer… professionalism, attention to detail, and great communication.

Everything is determined with good communication between you and your clients/customers,

The way you express your intentions and what you can do for your clients or potential clients,

determines whether or not they understand you and what you have to offer,

some people only fix the symptoms but not what causes the problem in the first place,

being the person to address an issue like this will guarantee you returning customers and free advertisement for your brand.

Whatever your services will provide to solve their problems and make their lives easier, they need to understand what it is that you will be doing for them

how you will be saving them time and stress by providing your expertise and services, and they will provide the fees in exchange for what you’re offering.

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It is very, very important that there is NO misinterpretation between you and your client, as this could be costly in many ways,

it can cost you time, money or even your reputation! Good communication is a very crucial factor, and can decipher whether you have returning customers or not,

this is one of the many different ways how to get returning customers to your blog or website.

Communication is an integral part of success in freelance business because it’ll give you a better understanding of your client’s core area,

and prepare your mind to approach your job effectively. Affiliate marketing enables you to meet different clients across the globe remotely.

So while there may be differences in language communication, make sure you understand your clients’ requirements and any other challenges they may have before you start to work!…………cenantasayso!

Don’t be scared, to commit to something out of your usual field, this is how you grow! overcome any fears of commitment it’s only the first time that’s fearful anyway,

after you succeed you’ll be up to another level in growth from where you were before.

once I had a client who only spoke Spanish, I love the language but only knew the word “agua” and “hola” but I was not afraid one bit!!….

I closed that deal and found a successful way around it thanks to the free online translation app…lol

Kick fear out the door my friend! dedicated yourself to making your clients happy and everything else will follow,

maintain an effective work ethic, take pride in your work and deliver quality at all times, and customers will definitely come a-flocking!

these qualities are what you’re supposed to possess as a professional anyway, you should know you already have a 50% chance of success in your business.

Pay close attention to the following simple but vital tips that will enhance your chances of success as an affiliate marketer

and don’t be surprised when these #11 Proven Tips For Every Affiliate to up their game! start working for you.

#11 Tips You Should Implement

Have outlined Policies

As a professional affiliate marketer and passive online marketer, having ground-rules and outlines are not only important during business negotiations

but also vital in outlining your business requirements to your clients.

The moment you seal a deal with your clients, the next step is to outline your work strategies and how you intend to accomplish the contract,

this helps in preventing any issues which may arise in the course of the project.  And what exactly do I mean?

All possible expectations from the client’s end must have been appropriately addressed before the project commences.

The client must fully understand your ‘Dos” and “Don’ts”; the best time to communicate, how fast you can respond and so on…

The essence of your policy is to answer and clarify your client’s inquiries. Think of the basic FAQ,  and have a prepared list of answers for them,

provide it for your clients to refer to, this assists in assuring your clients and in making communication easier and effective.

Multiple Income Streams

how to gain authority in a niche

Never ever rely on one source of income!!!…someone just this minute reached out to me,

he desperately wants to get into affiliate marketing but he works at a gas station for very little pay,

So his message was that he intends to save about $1000 and currently he only has $100 saved already, but he also has to eat and pay bills,

so it’s very likely that saved $100 is going to be spent very soon on a bill or food,

I told him he needs to get a second income to be able to sustain himself, to keep his head above water, and still eat and keep the light on!

this is where having multiple income streams comes in very useful and handy, not only as an affiliate marketer,

but also having a regular 9-5 then an extra shift or extra 4 hours somewhere until you start creating a passive income online,

Thousands of people are in this same very position they can see the light at the end of the tunnel but they “just can’t touch it”

For those of you who are doing security jobs, gas station attendants, and minimum income jobs,

you need a second income coming in to be able to save, so you can invest in a good affiliate coach or program that won’t leave you hanging!

Bottom line…you need that second income! to get to the point where you start creating passive income online as an affiliate marketer.

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Be a Giver

how to get returning customers

Share your knowledge, nobody can take your knowledge away from you, always be happy to assist visitors, and customers, don’t focus on selling everything all the time!

Provide your visitors with great content that is of value to them, and this will make them come back for more every time,

this gives you trust, people that trust you, buy from you period…just saying…

every decent affiliate marketer currently creating passive income online are the BEST givers!

this is how they are able to obtain and maintain making money online offering free stuff and bonus and incentives by doing affiliate marketing.

when I go shopping for vegetables, I always shop with one particular seller as she sometimes throws in something extra

like an extra pound of pumpkin, or an extra mango something!

She converted me into a returning customer because she provided more value than the other vendors, also she is very friendly this helps,

this my friend is how you get returning customers and visitors to your blog or website.

Have a professional portfolio

#11 Proven Tips For Every Affiliate to Succeed,

Your portfolio is your selling yourself, your gifts and talents, It has always been the first impression that makes your clients choose you ahead of your competition

because they want to see your previous works and to know how you would handle their projects.

Affiliate marketers and persons who make passive income online, would not usually have a hard copy of their portfolio,

but they can keep a memory stick with their winning projects externally from the computer and also one on a google or cloud account.

Build your portfolio by adding to it each time you complete a project, by adding to your profile with the reviews. It refreshes your profile and makes it attractive.

A well written and updated portfolio will not only attract your client’s attention to read your stuff but also prompt their decision in hiring you.

Have a Budget

passive income online, budgeting, how to make money online, how to blog, how to monitize your blog, how to get traffic to your blog

Never increase expenses without an increase in income, this leads to debt, and you will end up borrowing money and increase credit card debt,

the aim is to avoid bad debt and bad expenses like Covid!

People who come to you for your services will sometimes want a bargain, or the price reduced,

having a budget for your services is knowing the worth and value you offer then charging accordingly,

for affiliate marketers, this budget would mostly refer to ad-spends and their marketing tools,

….meaning knowing your total budget how much you are paying monthly in affiliate marketing tools, as well as the total to run your home, to keep the internet and lights on.

If you consider your high quote as the level of service you render, you must make sure you have the necessary skills to beat the competition.

Do research to know what others charge in your field if they offer bonuses, and whether they give extras, are they cheaper?

this information if very important to clients when deciding whether to purchase your services or your competitor’s.

How to get authority in a niche

Concentrating on one niche has great benefits such as building your brand in that niche, which eventually gives you authority in that niche,

people will associate you and your products with your name, brand, and website or blog.

this will give you popularity and authority in that niche,  This will help you to build a strong authority and reputation in this niche.

Focusing on one niche also makes you an expert on that product or service, you will be able to assist customers with any problems they may encounter with that product or service,

Additional benefits of focusing on one niche also make you eligible for webinars, conferences, spokesperson, or a coach,

this brings in additional affiliate income, and lots of returning customers and visitors.


#11 Proven Tips For Every Affiliate to Succeed, How to write a blog that converts, how to blog, how to start blogging, how to make money online, how to make passive income online,

No matter what, communication and how easy it was for your visitors and customers to understand and communicate with you or your customer service,

will surely determine whether they will be returning customers or visitors,  what is the best and easiest way for clients or customers to reach you,

whether on the phone, via e-mails or at work, some affiliate marketers have a group or forum on Facebook or google plus,

here they have designated particular days to hold live sessions with their customers,

oops don’t forget Zoom, it can be very frustrating for your clients when they cannot reach you especially if they are worried about something

relating to the project you are contracted to do on their behalf.

You need to know your best communication medium; the easiest and fastest way your clients can reach out to you.

It’s ideal as a professional to have multiple means through which your clients can easily contact you.

The most popular one is Email, but Social media is also a good one. Therefore, always choose the one that’s mostly convenient for you and your clients.

The advantage of this is that your clients can easily update you whenever there’s important information regarding their project.

It is very important your clients know where and how exactly to communicate with you.

there are many benefits of great communication for any business whether affiliate marketer, online marketer or brick and mortar.

here are a few benefits of great communication

  • Increased productivity and effectiveness between you and your clients.
  • Happy clients are returning clients
  • Happy clients also do personal public relations on your behalf, they spread the word to their friends of how good a service you provide.
  • Allows for easy turn-around and adjustments to projects.
  • Less do-overs and mistakes, saving time, resources, and money



#11 Proven Tips For Every Affiliate to Succeed

Have you ever been texting with a good friend and got misunderstandings due to the fact that when you are messaging you cannot express yourself fully,

messaging does not show emotions, body language, humor, and other human expressions.

So be very careful and take your time to read and understand your client’s messages before replying ESPECIALLY if it gets you upset.

That message could have been totally misunderstood!

This may look so unimportant, but you will discover how valuable it is when you start practicing it.

Make sure the message being passed across is well understood to know your client’s intentions and they will know yours!

Even if the messages are simply meant to extend courtesy, make sure you reply in kind.

Acknowledge every statement and appreciate the efforts of your clients.

This will build satisfaction with your customers, and it will in-turn make your brand and business increase in the marketing world.

Keep your customers updated on the progress

Personally, I really appreciate it, when I have projects to complete and that business keeps me up to date with how they are progressing with my project,

and I think every client would appreciate being updated as to how their projects are coming along as well.

Depending on the time frame, you may decide to break your project into sections and update accordingly.

Your client should be notified of every completed section of their work. This gives them confidence and the excitement of how their project is coming along.

The advantage of doing this is to provide the opportunity for modification and prevent unnecessary revisions.

this is especially emphasized if it is an online project, as the client is not there in persons to physically see, touch, and feel,

this may leave room for mis-communication and mis-understandings.

Time management

How to write a blog that converts, how to make money online, how to make passive income, blogging, how to blog, how to monitize blogging

You may be a very busy person having lots of meetings and a large clientele,  you may even have many passive income streams, maybe you have staff and an office to run,

whatever it is that keeps you busy,  manage – your – time!

Do you know most millionaires actually manage their time? Yess!  they wake up extra early and have their time-slotted out to do certain things at a particular time,

to increase their productivity during the day, they set daily goals, personally, I set daily goals and it helps me a great deal.

Poor time management has broken up thousands of clients and contracts due to lack of fulfillment, lack of communication, or simply poor communication,

Planners and appointment books/boards for affiliate marketers, bloggers, passive income earners still prove to be important,

as people schedule a certain amount of time to get online projects done, check here for some more detailed time management methods.

any decent affiliate marketer, blogger, content manager, or online agency know very well they can spend hours and hours on the computer.

Don’t think because you don’t put on a suit to go to work daily that these  #11 proven tips for every affiliate to up their game

won’t apply to you and won’t help you greatly! time management keeps you up to speed with all you have to do and helps you to plan your day more effectively

making you more productive and able to reach your daily set goals.

Even if you have to slot in dinner with the family, or what time to cook then do a webinar for the next hour.

Believe me, this helps a lot!


These #11 Proven Tips For Every Affiliate to up their game! are great to implement daily whether you blog,  are an affiliate marketer, or work in a brick and mortar,

these are best to be kept somewhere in constant view, or on a calendar as a daily reminder.

However, these are the necessary factors to be considered when you want to grow and expand your affiliate marketing or any other type of business for that matter.

the benefits of good communication is crucial to the success and stability of any business in your especially if you are creating a passive income online,

The effective use of these tips may take some time before you start seeing the results as they are passive measures,

But I can assure you will not regret implementing them as you grow your business, this is how to get returning customers and visitors to your website and blog,

you will see your brand and authority growth. The advantages may be hidden if you fail to improve on your skills,

but as you implement them you will soon be happy you made the right decision.

Pay attention to your client’s requirements, be clear from the start, and make your opinions and suggestions known.


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